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Looking for Good Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by shadowss, Feb 26, 2009.
  1. ShadowSS
    Hi, I'm new to the head-fi forum. I'm quite inexperienced in distinguishing good quality headphones and just last night I developed a sudden urge to research on headphones. I was clicking around through google until I stumbled upon this forum and was surprised by the activeness of this forum. After a while I decided that I should buy a pair of headphones, so I was wondering if anyone can give me some recommendations.

    Just to give an idea of what kind of headphones I'm looking for -

    - I'm a college student so I'll be wearing it around the dorm, at the library, and maybe on campus so I'm hoping I can find stylish headphones. Preferably, it should not be too bulky and it will be comfortable enough to walk around in.
    - Because I'll be using it in my room and at the library, it would be cool if sound didn't leak out from them so it won't bother others.
    - I listen mostly to rock but I prefer if it can handle many genres as well.
    - I'll be using it on my Creative Zen mp3 player and my laptop.
    - Also I prefer to spend less than $100, the less the better. My wallet can't take that big of a hit, but if there's anything slightly above, I wouldn't mind taking a look at it.
    -The headphones I own right now is the Koss KSC75 and I have used the Grado SR60 before, both of which I like very much. I don't consider the Grado SR60 to be very stylish and if I purchase a pair of headphones, I'll be using the Koss KSC75 for more active activities.

    Are there headphones that meet these?
  2. Poison Shroom
    Check out Shure's IEMs.
    I know they're not cans, but they work great in the environments you mentioned.
    They're very clear for the price range (IMO) are very sound canceling (not isolating which creates the white noise crap.)
  3. Alai
    HFI-780 is quite stylish and sounds great, especially after modding and recabling.
  4. Nestor
    ATH-ES7 might fit the bill. D1001 might work, too, but it's a little less stylish.
  5. Benaiir
    You can replace the headband/cups on the Grados to make them stylish and leak less.
  6. BobbyChicken
    Hm, I like the Audio Technica A700s for this. It's a closed headphone and has decent sound. It definitely benefits from an amp but will not need one. IEMs are also great, but you have to not mind shoving stuff up your ears.
  7. Suntory_Times
    For you're needs i'd go for som in ears (giving that they don't irretate you like they do to me). [​IMG]
  8. Ishcabible
    He'll want to wear these outside, so A700s are not very good for that.
    x2 for the D1000s.
  9. Almoxil
    My Senn HD205 were $40 + S&H off eBay and have very good sound for their price. They are closed and isolate quite well. They're not overly big and have their own style. Build quality is great. All in all, they're very good budget closed cans. Better than my old AKG K81DJs (IMO).
  10. fjrabon
    Denon AH D1001's might be very slightly out of your price range, but are definitely worth looking at. Great rock headphone, super-comfy, great looking, amazing full sound, straight out of an iPod. Sounds even better with a small portable amp and a LOD.
  11. Foe-hammer
    Anything bose or skullcandy would do the job nicely. [​IMG]
  12. ShadowSS
    I checked out the Hi-Fi780 and it's definitely not within my budget. The Grado SR60 isn't mine and I have no experience so I don't know how to mod it. And the Audio Technica A700 doesn't suit my style although it seems to have favorable reviews. Also I haven't heard anything particularly good about SkullCandy and I haven't read anything good about Bose in the lower budget area.

    Does anyone know how the Audio Technica ES7, the Denon AH AD1001, and the Sennheiser HD205 compare? The prices seem to be separated by $50 each so is the jump between each significant? Any other headphones I should look out for? Thanks for the suggestions so far.
  13. Suntory_Times

    Originally Posted by Foe-hammer /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Anything bose or skullcandy would do the job nicely. [​IMG]

    Thumps head against desk (imitating the joy of listening to skully candy). [​IMG]
  14. Brighten

    Originally Posted by Foe-hammer /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Anything bose or skullcandy would do the job nicely. [​IMG]

    Your on to something Watson.

    I'd say get the Grado SR-80, but you wouldn't be able to use them in the library. They are phenomenal for the price and worth the harassment you'll get for them.

    Hell, if anyone calls you out about your phones, you can just give them a listen. This usually puts them on their knees.
  15. Kenix
    I personally wear open cans in libraries and dorms but my music's volume is usually low. Most people would recommend closed cans for leakless listening though.

    In order of increasing price (I think),
    Senn HD280 (weak bass FWIR)
    MDR V-6 (Have a really old pair of these. Very lightweight)
    ATH M50 (I saw a CNN cameraman wearing these the other day. Looks very sleek and stylish)
    D1000 (Poor isolation but comfy)
    M-audio Q40

    No experience with the Q40s but they're well approved here and I'm tempted myself to give them a shot.

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