Looking for a gaming headset
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i was also looking at those, how are they, i kno they are not full size/around the ear but are they comfortable?? My friend had a similar one(sony) they pressed your ear too hard, was hurting after half an hour. How are those?
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to me the pads are comfortable, i can wear them all day without them bothering my ears, in fact they've never bothered me at all. i have a big head too. i can't tell you what they're going to be like for you, but i find them comfortable. i also just like sennheiser products. these headphones are really tuned with gaming in mind, there's a lot of low end and some bass boom for explosions and pretty good thumping impact with gunshots. microphone is pefect for all i know. not saying they're the end all be all, but the price is right and they do what they do well. i listen to music on other headphones that are designed for music (and a lot more expensive). but for gaming i prefer the low end bias of these things, it's a little more theatrical. they're also not fatiguing on my eardrums even over longer periods, meaning the low end bias is easier on the ears than listening to ear-splitting highs all day.
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p.s. if you don't need a ton of isolation from outside noise, i'd probably even check out the pc160's instead. they're basically the same headphone, but they're open canned (vented headphone cups) and they probably sound even better/clearer/more spacious.
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Originally Posted by denl82
Hey, I have the $40 koss r80 headphones. Only problem with them is they break randomly for no reason(mainly after a few years of use). But I think koss has a good warrenty (if they do, this is a good headphone option for you imo). Other than that, for years I thought these were high-end phones. For the money you pay for it, they are as good as my $225 dt770/80
I used them mainly for fps gaming, so sound location was a key, which the headphone handled well; and strong bass was a must for fun, which this headphone has plenty of. I'm pretty sure you can get it within your asking price range. They also cover your whole ear. I highly recommend these cans. Good luck

im having a hard time finding it on ebay, i only found the Koss TD80 : http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-FACTORY-SEAL...QQcmdZViewItem

And oceaneuthiast thnx for ur suggestion/opinion, ill keep it in mind. :p
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Originally Posted by afg34
So far its between Senn 150 and e-Dimensional Force feedback.

What do yall think of Sennheiser HD 500??? 37 at ebay, sounds good

Have you thought about the Beyerdynamic DT234pro? Apparently alot of people prefer this over the PC150/160s. These threads at headphonic might be of use:

The DT234pro is essentially the DT231 with a mic attached (link to DT231) - http://www.headphone.com/guide/by-ma...mic-dt-231.php
I'm not sure where you can get one though. The DT231 costs $59 so if you can't find the DT234, you can always get a clip-on mic.
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I would recommend the pc 160 SK, since it has larger pads and better sound than the pc 150. I've bought the pc 150 and I've found them very VERY uncomfortable, it hurts a lot because they are Sit-on-ears, I couldn't use them more than 15 minutes. I gave them to my brother and never used them since. I'm sure pc-160 are more comfortable, but I haven't tried them. Or what about grado sr60 for 69$? It should be possible to add a mic using a clip. I don't know how good they are in games though.
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I doubt Grados would be good in games...they have almost no soundstage from what I've read

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