Nov 21, 2005
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Enjoying God's ride(aka life) shotgun stizzle

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    Enjoying God's ride(aka life) shotgun stizzle
    Quake 2, computing.
    Gaming, computing!
    Headphone Inventory:
    Own: Beyerdynamic DT 150, Panasonic RP-HC75-S ear buds

    Sold(in ascending order of preference): k701, DT 880'03, DT880'05'250

    Thanks to The Lord, these are the headphones I've given away (in ascending order of preference):

    sr80: excellent clarity and detail once heavily equalized, ime.

    HD555: A can with moist mids, detailed and fast bass, along with great comfort.

    HD280pro: Closed, with a wide soundstage, and deeeppp bass.

    Equation Audio rp-22x: Well built, smallish soundstage, but very fun, if bloaty bass.

    DTX900: Another Beyerdynamic gem. Very comfortable, light weight, and well built. Excellent sound quality - details highs, tight and tuneful bass, but most of all, a very natural and airy soundstage.

    DT770/80-A gamer's delight. Bass that goes BOOOMMMMMMMMm. Soundstage to die for. Highs can be a bit unrestrained, but for the price? Bang-fer-buck if you asked me.

    JVC Victor HP-M1000: One sexy looking can. Very detailed and sparkly highs, supplemented by bass that makes me go WOW!!

    ATH-A700, Yuin PK1
    (didn't hear these last two!!).
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    own: Pioneer VSX-305
    owned: Corda headfive
    Source Inventory:
    On-board audio: Realtek ALC850
    Music Preferences:
    Electronic mostly. Drum and bass makes up 99% of my listening material, but I listen to everything, from drum and bass, to bossa nova jazz, to classical, to easy listening, to video game music, r&b, and rap, to reggae, to calypso and soca, to parangue, to salsa, to Chinese Folk, to(am I missing something? JK h3h=])
    I'm just hanging in there
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