Little Dot Tube Amps: Vacuum Tube Rolling Guide

  1. TrollDragon
    I run the exact same setup in my Mk IV, the 6HM5's are a great bang for your buck.
  2. rexhu100
    I like the sound of RCA 5654 too. Really good bass. I was told M8100 is even better in that regard, but I haven't tried it.
  3. Acapella11
  4. Caribou679
    Thanks! I just ordered :
    LOT OF 2 .
    Russian (USSR) triode tube 6N6P-IR for Hi-End amplifying in audio amplifiers.
    NEW/ NOS.
    NOVOSIBIRSK plant.
    Awaiting for Best Offer on 6HM5.

    Not That cheap: $42 US for 6N6P-IR, and about $15 US for 2 X 6HM5

  5. jamesbdh
    Do you have to change any settings from the 6N6P-IR? Looking at these as a cheaper option then redoing all the tubes right now.
  6. gulakpii
    No! You don't need to change any settings to run the 6H30Pi and the 6N6P or the 6n6P-ir.
    If you want to try the 6SN7 etc., you will need adapters, but you still don't need to change settings on the amplifiers.
    In fact, the jumpers on the LD MkII, III, IV are for the driver tubes, not for the power tubes.
  7. rexhu100
    I have a questions about 6HM5. What is the jumper setting on MKIII when using 6HM5 tubes?
  8. OctavianH
    EF95, just like the ones you had when you bought it.
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  9. rexhu100
  10. grig
    so basically the Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV is = 6J1P-EV ? cause i found a russian guy on ebay that sells a pack of 10 6J1P-EV for $20 shipped otherwise for still $20 shipped i can get only 2 6ZH1P-EV...
  11. Oskari
  12. grig
    there's fake on ebay of this tubes, or the price looks allright ?
  13. Oskari
    The tubes are inexpensive, hardly worth faking. Check that you see 6Ж1П-ЕВ in the photos.
  14. grig
    i thought so... they are still in production or it's pretty much all new old stock ?
  15. Oskari
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