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  2. hun009

    Just bought a cheap logitech transporter se, need recommend of amp and headphone...

    Just bought transporter se for $730 after tax. But suddenly found that it don't have earphone output...Could anyone suggest some combinations of headphone and amp(with two earphone output better)? I like rock and new age music. For the headphones, I'm thinking of HD600/650, HE-500, mdr-z1000 or...
  3. terenthia

    Portable Headphones for the ALO Pan Am

    Hi,   I recently purchased the ALO Pan Am and need a well matched portable set of open backed headphones, budget is under £150.   The Pan Am will be used largely in conjuction with my laptop via the USB connection playing WAV files. I already own AKG K702's which sound great with both...
  4. Koukol

    Headphone Results With The Pono (or other DAPs)

    I thought I'd start a new thread so we can gather results from all the Headphones we've tried with the Pono  (good or bad) and any fixes that took them from bad to great.   The other day I got the 650's and gave them a spin on my Marantz CD Player connected to my Little Dot MKIII tube Amp. I...
  5. Andrew LB

    Turned on my LittleDot MKIII heard loud crackling in left channel, saw "lightning" inside tube... help.

    So earlier I turned on my LittleDot MKIII v2.0 with the volume on about 20, and instead of hearing the very faint "tinking" noise, my ears got slammed with horribly loud crackling causing me to immediately rip my headphones off and as I was reaching to turn off the power, noticed the left...
  6. RHythmiie

    Looking for some headphone advice

    Hello to all a ya ;) Hope the days farin well.   I'm in the market for a fresh set of cans/amp , have had a pair of the hd 280's for something like 4 years now, un-amped.   Having spent a fair bit of time browsing and reading, the like, I've still run into a good number of potential...
  7. RogerB

    Joining the Little Dot Family

    I just completed my transaction with David ordering the Little Dot MKIII with an extra set of tubes!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been reading all your threads on these amps and decided the MKIII was my best option for my first tube amp. Man....I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! I will certainly post my review...
  8. rage3324

    New Grados or something else? $1000 budget (new or used)

    First thing first, I love the Grado sound a lot for the music I listen to mostly (rock, classic rock, indie rock, soft rock). I also love large soundstage (AD700, K7xx) as well. While I do like my AKG K7xx for their wide soundstage, I am finding them boring and not engaging. The soundstage, to...
  9. spykez

    I need you to sell me on the HD 600 vs HD 700

    I've been looking at the two non stop for weeks and can't really decide which one I want to go for. I have no problem paying the price of the 700 but they both sound like they're sooo good. I unfortunately live in Madison where the only brands that are sold is Bose and Beats and whatever iDevice...
  10. mAurelius

    The No-Research, No-Hassle, Amazing under-$1,000 Starter Rig

    The No-Research, No-Hassle, Amazing under-$1,000 Starter Rig   Want to build a rig but don't know where to start? Don't have a lot of time to research? Overwhelmed with all the choices and opinions out there? My goal with this post is to give you everything you need in one place to get...
  11. spykez

    New Sennheiser HD700 or Used Audeze LCD-2

    I'm currently using my HD598 but plan on buying some new can's pretty soon.   I got a Little Dot MKIII that'll be here this weekend, and later this month I'll buy the new cans.   These days I listen to more electronic/jazzy stuff. Metal is still mixed in there but nearly as much as it used...
  12. rage3324

    Best sub $200 dac (used or new)

    I am looking for a dac to pair with my Grado Sr325i, AKG K7xx, and Beyer Dynamic DT770 Premium (600hms)   Right now my chain is:   Macbook Air->Little dot i+ and little dot mk iii->headphones   I prefer a USB desktop dac.
  13. DStanizzi

    Best Headphones Under 200$

    Hey Guys and Gals, I'm new to the forum but I have been lurking around Head-Fi for years. I would like to apologize for another "Best Headphone for Under 200$" post I know there a bit cliche but I have yet to find one that fits my situation and needs. I have always like good sounding music. Ever...
  14. Koukol

    Question for AKG Fans.

    I've been a AKG fan for some time. While Sennheisers sound coloured to me AKG sound more natural.   So I want to ask others here who must hear things similar to me.   About a year ago I bought the K601's and love them. I've been using the 240's for many years before. However I just...
  15. gary ocock

    Little Dot MKIII hums

    HELP   I have a new 15 hrs old Little Dot MKIII amp that has a hum. If I turn the volume  down I can still hear the hum. I sent a email to Little Dot, no response yet anyone here have any suggestions?  Thanks   Gary
  16. FourPlay

    New Tube Headphone Amp On The Way + Questions

    After much reading here and online, I have decided that the Little Dot MK III will be my first adventure into tubes. I am excited and cannot wait for its arrival. I am still in need of recommendations for a good pair of headphones, and I am hoping you good people of Head-Fi can assist me. I have...
  17. FourPlay

    Tubes For LD MKIII - Need Help

    Ok, the Little Dot MK III is ordered. My plan is to use the stock tubes for awhile, but I would like to have some extras when I am ready to swap. According to the Little Dot website, there are driver tubes and power tubes. The driver tube will be the 5654 and the power tubes will be 6H6PI. I...
  18. maxxy

    LD MK3 question

    Can someone help me out with my LD MK3: I have finally received the amp - I have restrengthened the grip of the tubes, put both DIP switches at ON 1 (normal 5 setting, for my 250Ohm DT880) and let the amp warm up for 30mins. The music hasn't changed much and sounds *very* distorted. The...
  19. the limp man

    to much choices

    Hi all,   Recently i bought a Little Dot Mk3 to go with my hd595 witch ive had for a long time, and before i knew it, i bought a dt880 and a second hand hd600. I am fairly convinced that the DT880 isnt a keeper, but i love the hd600. My setup looks like this   Sonos ZP90 (ultimo...
  20. Rusty143

    Valhalla 2 review coming soon!

    I have just purchased a Schiit Valhalla 2 amp to power my Sennheiser HD 600 headphones. I am currently running the headphones through an iPhone 5. Yup, high end stuff! I have a good speaker based system and am just growing into headphones. If you are like me, and have read endlessly on these...
  21. sgbwill2

    Little dot MKIII upgrade

    Hi guys, I am considering upgrading my little dot MKIII amplifier. Even though I really enjoy it I would like an upgrade in sound quality and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a noticeable upgrade (for £200, $340 or less) I will be using it as a preamp to my topping T-class power...
  22. vs17

    Quality DAC for DT 880 and Little Dot MK III (< $450)

      I recently bought a pair of DT 880 (600Ohm) headphones and a LittleDot MK III tube amp to go with them, and I was looking for a nice DAC to complete my setup. Any suggestions?   I'm a relatively new audiophile and although I've been doing research for a few months, I haven't picked a...
  23. Pollux113

    Need advice for gear upgrade

    Hi everyone,   Currently I have a Fiio E7, Audio Technica ATH-M50s and I'm thinking about this combo: - Sennheiser HD600 or 650? - HRT MusicStreamer II+ - Little Dot MK III Due to my low bugdet at the moment, I can only buy 1 item at a time, the next one will be 2-3 months. Can anyone...
  24. Giray

    Difference amp and without amp.

    Whats the big difference if you listen to music without and with an amp?
  25. acidogio

    Need advice for upgrading amp, Sennheiser HD600

    As the title says, I am a proud owner of a nice pair of the classic sennheiser HD600. My actual set up consists of: hd600 > schiit magni amp > pre-amp > thorens turntable or hd600 > magni > modi > pc I feel as the magni is a tad on the bright side, and that I could really improve the sound...