Little Dot Tube Amps: Vacuum Tube Rolling Guide

  1. rexhu100
    On a side note, the 6SN7 tubes are widely used in various amps. Even if you upgrade to a better amp (WA5, IHA-1, Eddie Current Balancing Act, etc.) later, these tubes will keep improving the sounds on those bigger guys.
  2. unclebrudy
    You're awesome. Thanks for taking the time to write that up!

    I currently have the MK2 with the tubes in my sig, and they're less than 2 hours burned in and I'm missing extension on both ends of the FR, which is contradictory to what I've read about these two sets of tubes. (Mind you, I'm very new to tube-rolling and could have completely read the wrong thing.) If, after a full burn-in, I still feel these tubes lacking, I will look into what you have discussed.

    Thanks again. It's really appreciated.
  3. dobigstuff

    See below for what I have finally settled on for my Little Dot III. This is one of the best combos out there. (I have the HD 700's)


    Little Dot III w/ NOS USA Tung-Sol Tall Bottle 6SN7 GTB Power Tubes and Siemens C3G Driver Tubes
  4. rexhu100
    That's a pretty sick setup. Mine is similar
  5. J Mirra
    Hi guy's I have an MK11 with C3g & 6N6P-IR and love the sound right now.

    What differences would I hear if I bought some 6SN7GTB with the adapters? Can you describe what makes them a better choice than the 6N6P-IR?

    What are the audible differences between brands if any?

    I see some are quite cheap then some are more expensive.

    Thank you.
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  6. gulakpii
    And I ended up with something very similar! :)
    LD Mk4.jpg
  7. OctavianH
    I've seen that everyone who remained on C3G + 6SN7 uses MK3. I tried this combo on MK2 and I was not very pleased.
    And the circuitry of the models is not the same. I remember that I had to change also Gain settings to avoid some unpleasant buzzing on both channels.
    What I try to say: I think that the combo is great, but only on MK3 which is more powerful, on MK2 you might not have the same experience as other users.

    I am very curious to see if someone tries this combo on MK2 and has the same pleasant surprise as those with MK3.
  8. J Mirra
    I get buzzing on the lowest gain setting with the C3G, but any other setting and it is fine, it may be the tube it may be the adaptor.
  9. OctavianH
    Exactly, same here. I set Gain = 5 and all was fine, but I still preferred Voskhods + 6N6P-IR. Most probabily the circuitry was not designed for C3G instead of a tube/adapter problem.
  10. J Mirra
    I had the Mullard 8100 & the 6N6P-IR , I find that the CG3's are much better.

    You can drive them louder than the 8100's without the image becoming shouty .
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  11. dobigstuff
    The best non 6SN7/C3G setup for the Little Dot MK III that I used was this:

    Electro-Harmonix 6H30PI Power Tubes and NOS Telefunken 5654 Driver Tubes.
  12. gulakpii
    While the C3G + Shuguang "coke-bottle" 6SN7 combo is great with my HD650, I experienced some distortions when using my low-Z AKG K712.
    The stock 6H30Pi on my Mk4 performs best with the 6HM5 when I listen to my K712.
    That is just my own experience and YMMV.
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  13. Acapella11
    This agrees with my finding that the 6SN7 does not work with the HE-500 but the 6H30P and 6N6P-IR do.
    Btw., I had 6H30P-DR tubes from 1984 I believe, which outperformed my 6SN7 tubes and they also allow lower Z cans but it is quite a steep price point for those. However, that was my best power tubes (without external power) and they ran with C3Gs.
    The obvious cheap solution to get your MKIII on steroids are 6HM5 with 6N6P-IR.
  14. Caribou679
    Is this also good for the MK IV SE ?
  15. gulakpii
    I have the 6HM5 running with the 6H30Pi. In my opinion, this combo sounds a tad better than the 6N6P-ir which I also have, but again, YMMV depending on what kind of cans you have.
    The 6H30Pi are stock tubes that came with my LD Mk4 (not SE)!

    The 6HM5 is warm and airy which I like much. It probably is the best value for your money before you move onto the more pricy C3g.
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