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Linum update and the new Linum Super BaX on tour

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by linum, Feb 10, 2017.
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  1. Dellwolf
    See, that's what I'm talking about and why it isn't safe, in my previous post I meant to say that 3.5mm TRS to 2.5mm TRRS is completely fine not the other way around. Yes, those adapters may "work", but over time it could very well end up damaging your device, decrease it's life span, overheat it, and cause reduction in battery life while in use.
  2. nc8000 Contributor
    To make it completely clear.

    You can go from a balanced headphone cable via an adapter to a single ended output from a source or to a different type balanced source output.

    You can not go from a single ended headphone cable via an adapter to a balanced output from a source.
  3. Dellwolf
    I'm not saying that it makes it balanced, ex: you have one cable that you could you with a phone and also with a balanced output player if you have it terminated in 2.5mm balanced and also have a 3.5mm unbalanced to 2.5 balanced adapter.
  4. PinkyPowers

    True. The adapter is only useful in allowing you to use one cable for two devices. The adapter WILL NOT make the headphones balanced. Only the DAC and Amp can do that.

    Headphones are already balanced by the nature of electronics. To achieve that potential, however, you need a balanced cable running out of a balanced DAC & Amp.
  5. nc8000 Contributor

    Yes as long as the adapter has a 3.5mm male trs and a 2.5mm female trrs to use your balanced headphone with an unbalanced source.
  6. Ike1985
    All of this balanced talk...What do you guys think of balanced?  I've heard the ALO CDM (which I own) is one of those amps that would really shows a difference in balanced mode to my CIEMs.  People say it becomes more solid state like, bass tightens up and sound becomes less fuzzy.  I am only going to buy one cable and I'm wondering If I should get it in balanced or not.
    My setup:
    S7edge/Macbookpro --> Mojo --> CDM --> A12/Zeus XRA
    Currently running everything SE.
  7. nc8000 Contributor

    I'm running all my main phones balanced and then have a selection of pig tails to other terminations including single ended. To me that's the best way of covering all bases with the same headphone cable. And yes I find balanced to be worth it and give the kind of improvements you mention
  8. Brummyboy71
    Review: Linum Super BaX on tour
    The guys at Estron Linum have asked me to review their new flagship cable Super BaX.
    Never really thinking about the cable connection between my earphones and my source device before attending CanJam and Indulgence Shows in London last year.  Being more leftield with my purchases (I love unique products), I stumbled across Linum Bax (MMXC) samples being displayed by The Sanctuary.  I was quite intrigued by the product as compared to the other custom wires at the show and was amazed that it was so thin. Coupling this with my Shure SE846 I experienced a world beyond. There improvements in audio I couldn’t imaging possible.
    Estron Linum, I discovered was a small, but established company in Denmark supplying ultra thin cables to the AV industry and now recently appearing in audiophiles armory as the go-to cable for portability and in my opinion stealth. Their technology screams the over engineering which can only come from Nordic countries.
    I was sent their Super BaX cable which is their new premium offering, as part of the cable tour currently happening in the UK, Europe and US.  I am testing their flag ship model Super BaX cable which is a newer, stronger and with an even lower impedance, and Linum claim, tangle free.
    My set up:
    Astel & Kern AK300
    iBasso DX50
    Cowon Z2 
    Fiio E12 (Although I didn't use it much)
    64Audio A8 (8 driver version) custom IEM
    Packaging & Build
    The Linum cable came with an elegant and functional case. Suitable for both cable and IEM. This was welcome as I have been using my Pelli 1010 case to transfer my CIEM which is some time cumbersome and heavy.
    Ascetically the cable itself presents itself as silky smooth, but well-built and as advertised incredibly tangle free.  It is more tactile in the hand compared to the standard Linum cable which was super thin and subject to tangle which was annoying.  You can feel that you have a premium product.  The L shape phono connector is plastic and not one of the fancy Neutrik type as you see with some of the custom cable out there. 
    The overall build quality of the cable is first rate. The phone plug and the 2 pin connector are both sealed so there is no risk of oxidization that occur with some cables that have.  I personally think this is a brilliant move. It gleams from the company of confidence in their overall product build.  
    I understand the need to use very discreet materials which I agree adds to the stealthiness of the product.  I have seen a few cables and they scream bling sometimes.  Nice if you want to make you IEM stand out, but if you are more discerning and discreet then this may be for you.
    I tested the cable with no burn time (being the first to receive it on the tour) the first impression were that they had an openness that I have never heard before in a cable.  The sound stage was wider compared to my stock cable.  I was using my custom 64Audio 8 driver IEMs.  
    Vocals seemed to be so much clearer and pushed forward than my stock cable.  For me I have never really known this much clarity.  It would be described as very warm though as the base and sub-base seem to hang for longer.  On certain dance tracks the brightness was immense and sometimes overwhelming.( I would say that the production of the track would play a part in this, but the cable would in fact add more colour where there was already colour.  When I listen to D&B and sought to find the hidden frequencies that you have in most tracks the cable was able to do that.  Sub-base protruded through even without using an amp.
    Treble are crisp and makes instrumentals clearer.  Compared to my stock cables which make mids quite flat, the Linum brings the individual component forward and adds to the music composition.  There is no harshness in the presentation.  Nothing is lost in the background of a composition.  I tested with a few vocal house tracks.  The clarity again was outstanding. 
    Sound-stage and Separation
    The Super BaX performs better in terms of width, but it has a significantly deeper stage with recreation of a cleaner picture overall. This stage depth difference makes Super BaX to have a better layering qualities to.
    There were cleaner and clearer distances between instruments on a larger space with a spatial presentation overall.  Additionally, Super BaX has a better separation by creating more controlled and tighter notes.  Paired with any multi driver IEM makes the Super BaX the ultimate  go-to-cable.  With my IEM (64Audio 8 driver), the separation is immense.  Each driver sparkles and this is without any amps.  The sub base is super low, but not dirty base you can get with some cables. The subs are warm and add to the layers of any track.  Each sound frequency are well represented.
    The good the bad the ugly
    The Linum Super Bax adds a richness to sound that I have never experienced before.  Adding detail where I wouldn’t look and in some cases would not find under normal circumstances.   The level of quality of the cable is immense if not outstanding. The construction,(being one of the thinnest cables on the market) is an engineering marvel in itself.  It is a no fuss great looking cable that delivers.  If this cable came from Porsche Design I would say that I wouldn't be surprised. 
    The coolness of the cable lies in its construction and design. Its not like the woven cryo cable’s coming from the east.  Its better than that.  Its understated well thought out engineering.  The Nordic countries excel with engineering , design and functionality.  There is no compromise with this cable.  This is what Europeans love and appreciate.  It’s super cool.
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  9. Land-O-The-Free
    We'll see if I am too late for this tour!
    Wenatchee, WA 98801 USA
    Westone W40/60
    Sony PHA-3
    Oppo HA-2
    FIIO Q1
  10. Sappy
    First of all a big thank you to the team of Linum for making this tour possible. I have been waiting to test this cable for more than a year now. Why the Super Bax? I started IEM madness with buying the SE846 which I still love for its terrific bass. Chasing the ultimate sound I tried a used toxic virus cable with it and while I don't remember the exact effect on sound I do remember that it was heavy uncomfortable and not fun to use. I sold the cable and the SE846 going for the A12 which I still used. Looking for other cables to be used with my CIEM I got aware of Linum and their series of comfy and thin cables. They just started to give updates on the Super Bax so I decided to wait. Now I had the opportunity to test it and I am not disappointed.
    comfort and every day usability
    As mentioned above this is my main main focus for every cable I will connect now and in the future to any iem I use. I am listening to music mainly on the go, public transport, in the office and at home while working. for the high price of around 300 Euro they had to be at least better than my stock cables and I can say that the Super Bax really does shine here. I never thought of the stock cable to be hard and sturdy but compared to the Super Bax it is. it is considerably thinner, wraps very soft around the ears and is easily forgotten. storing it is easy to I never had problems with it tangling while I do have those often with the stock cable. I just didn't understand how the Super Bax coils itself back into its preformed shape. I did it like described and it somehow worked but the circles it coils were to big for my liking. Hope, this is understandable...
    another thing: I am used to memory wire around the ears for holding the cable into its place. The Super Bax doesn't have some which I had problems in the beginning. It is very light so there is no weight pushing the cable down, so it needs to be placed tight around my ear to be comfortable. But I am used to this now and as I am wearing glasses the missing memory wire is an advantage.
    last thing not concerning sound is the looks. it looks so much better than my black stock cable. overall it is just a cable but if it stays oxidation free as promised by Linum I will enjoy those looks for quite a while. 
    the sound
    I am not a golden ear that can tell you in romantic words how sound changes. Indeed I had a hard time concentrating and comparing the cables while switching very very often (about 40 times). I felt the sound to have more clarity, a less bloated bass and more dynamics. It is not a night and day difference but it feels like a clear improvement to me. others with better trained ears have described this in better detail.
    My verdict
    Let's make it short: I kept it, although I should save the money for our first baby next month. I haven't heard of another high quality cable focussed on comfort while not sacrificing sound. it feels robust and like a long term investment and is what I wanted the Super Bax to be.
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  11. Dellwolf
    Just checking in, has the cable been received by whomever I shipped it to?
    It is showing delivered.
  12. Matte82
    I believe so. I just received one earlier today with the 2-pin configuration to demo. Haven't spent much time with it, but so far at the very least loving the ergonomics of it.
  13. Dellwolf
    Great, I hope you enjoy it. It's the best cable I have ever used, I'm looking into purchasing one as soon as I can.
  14. Linum
    Thank you all for your positive and valuable feedback on the Linum Super BaX, we appreciate it immensely. With your feedback and the increasing interest for the Super BaX we have experienced the last couple of months, we have realised that the volume potential is considerably higher than we had first anticipated.

    Based on the new volume potential, we have decided a new retail price: EUR 199.00 ex. VAT. We will of course still offer the 10% introduction discount, and thus hope the Super BaX cable will be an attractive choice for many more head-fi’ers wanting the best possible music experience.

    For all of you guys who already purchased the Super BaX during presales or testing, we will contact you as soon as possible to make you an offer. Have you purchased it through limited presales from one of our resellers, please contact them directly for further information.

    So, when can you get it? As promised, we will release the Super BaX for sales next week on March 31st. Due to the great interest and many pre-orders, we expect delivery time up to 6 weeks in the beginning.

    Listen, feel and enjoy! We hope you will be as excited as we are.
    The entire Linum Team
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  15. maniac2003
    That is great news, I'm looking forward to the release.
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