Linum update and the new Linum Super BaX on tour
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Jun 1, 2015
Hello Head-Fi
Linum® is the brand name of some of the thinnest and most comfortable upgrade earphone cables you will ever find. We have been part of Head-Fi for some time now as sponsor and decided the upcoming release of the Linum Super BaX is a great opportunity for us to engage and contribute a bit more to the community.
Linum redesigned
The first Linum cables were introduced in 2013/14. We have learned much since then, especially with the feedback from you guys, which we appreciate immensely. All our learnings have been summarized and built into the redesign of our Linum cables.
This means, during 2017 new models will be introduced and old ones phased out. The Linum redesign includes an angled jack plug on all 3.5mm TRS versions to ensure higher durability, new Y-splitter and cinch; all contributing to a more appealing appearance. Otherwise the cable is the same.

Linum Super BaX
The new Linum Super BaX is the top model of our cables. Stronger, less impedance (0.75 Ohms), almost entirely tangle free and still very comfortable. With the Super BaX you get access to the purest sound experience. The lower impedance or the more drivers your earphone have, the more you will benefit from the performance of the Super BaX cable.
Linum Super BaX on tour
With the sales release just around the corner (March 31st), we have decided to make a few of the first built Super BaX MMCX and 2Pin cables available for testing/reviews. We will provide first hand access to those who have patiently waited for this version, and who signed up for the Super BaX long time ago! Thank you again for your interest and not least, patience. We have many on the waiting list, yet will open up for a few more here on if interest is there.
So far, the Linum Super BaX is available with MMCX and 2Pin connector and with a 3.5mm TRS angled jack plug.
How do I sign up?
We already have many who signed up for the Super BaX originally who would like to test/review. They will be first in line and need to do no further. Have you signed up for the tour directly to us, you will hear from us as soon as the Super BaX is on your way.
If you are interested in the tour and have not signed up already, you can reply to this thread with username, Country, City, Connector type (MMCX/2Pin) and gear you will test with, then we will contact you should there be a test version available in your area.
Tour will begin February 14th in Europe, the US and potentially Asia. You will thus have the weekend to express your interest if you want to join the tour.
How does it work?
  1. You will have 7 days to audition
  2. We will e-mail/PM you the next address
  3. You ship to the provided address
  4. You e-mail/PM the tracking number to us
  5. You write a review on Head-Fi and link to it in this thread or provide feedback in this thread directly.
By entering this tour, you allow Linum/estron a/s to use your review for promotional purposes. Choosing test persons is the responsibility of Linum/estron a/s. Entering this tour you must accept that we provide your shipping address to another test person on the tour.
Thank you! We appreciate being part of this community, we continuously learn, and primarily do so from your feedback.
P.s. If you have signed up for the Super BaX and waiting for news, you will hear from us soon.
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Username: Dellwolf
Location: Lincolnton(right outside of Charlotte), North Carolina, USA
Connector: 2-pin
Testing equipment: Empire Ears Spartan-IV ADEL w/MAM CIEM, LG V20.

Links to previous reviews? I won't post them unless needed.
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I MAY have signed up for this on your website, but I can't remember. If not, here is my next official throwing in of the hat.

Kansas City, MO, USA

Rhapsodio Solar CIEM
64Audio ADEL U12

theBit Opus#2
Astell&Kern AK120II

given the feature set of my two DAPs, and the IEMs, I would like to test a cable configured like this:
2-Pin, 2.5mm TRRS

Here are a couple other reviews, both of which have made it to the front page of Head-Fi
Review of Meze 99 Classics
Review of Cayin i5
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Username: Ike1985
Location: 42701
Connector: 2-pin
Testing Gear: 64 Audio Adel A12, Chord Mojo

I have done 6 reviews.
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Username: Cagin
Location: Belgium, EU
Connectors: 2pin 0.78mm
Testing gear: Empire Ears Zeus R ciems with Sony WM1A player. Also have Cowon Plenue D and Onkyo DP-X1 DAPs

I hope I'm still on the list for the balanced SuperBaX. More than 2 years but still hoping ^^ I know Heidi Vesth had told its ETA we put on hold.

Although at this point, I imagine it would take quite a while to see one with 4.4mm TRRRS plug, so maybe it'd be better to get 2 SuperBaX and braid em together in helix twist and terminate with a 4.4 of oneself's choice hehe.
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Username: nmatheis

Location: Portland, OR, USA

Connector: either 2-pin or MMCX is fine

Testing equipment:
2-pin: UM Miracle and Maestro
MMCX: TFZ B2M, iBasso IT03, Campfire Audio Orion & Nova
Sources: I've got lots of DAPs I could use. For this purpose, I'd probably use Lotoo PAW Gold.

Previous reviews: I've done many reviews. These days, I'm trying to write up a quick review + YouTube video.
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Thank you for the interest, signup up for the tour is now closed. We will do our best to allow everyone who signed up for the tour the opportunity to test and review the Super BaX 3.5mm TRS (the balanced version is not currently an option, sorry). 
We will start a tour this or next week in Germany, the UK and the US. Please expect some waiting time for the 2Pin as it is quite popular. We will contact you directly approximately one week before the Linum Super BaX will be on its way to you, just to make sure you are ready for it.
The Linum Super BaX 3.5mm TRS 2Pin and MMCX versions will be released for sales on March 31st and available to buy from our resellers.
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Mm..will this superbax be at Canjam Singapore? Interested. Have 2 Linums (3.5 and mmcx) in my cable inventory. Would love to have a Linum terminated with the 4.4 mm in the future.
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Mm..will this superbax be at Canjam Singapore? Interested. Have 2 Linums (3.5 and mmcx) in my cable inventory. Would love to have a Linum terminated with the 4.4 mm in the future.

Good to hear :) We will do our best to make the Super BaX available for testing at Can Jam Singapore and let you know once arranged. Though we currently have full focus on the release of the currently planned versions, we keep an eye on the interest for the 4.4mm and will consider it should demand be high enough.

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