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LH Labs' gorgeous Vi Dac ( Tube + SS outputs )

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by bmichels, Feb 7, 2015.
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  1. stuck limo
    From what I'm told, yes. I'm waiting on pictures.
  2. marflao
    In addition to that I'm asking myself if Daft Punk is aware that their name is (still) used in the marketing bla bla for the "Source Pro Music Server".
    Guess they weren't even made aware that they "were used" in the IGG campaign.
  3. germay0653
    Jarek, we're now into the first week of September and I assume case units have been produced. Any updates on when something will be built and shipped to backers?
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  4. germay0653
    The silence is DEAFENING!!! :triportsad: The evidence supports that we're getting "Jack Squat" from them!!
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
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  5. M3NTAL
    @stuck limo - who do I need to contact for technical support of my Vi DAC? I have quite a bit of noise on the headphone jack at the bottom of the volume pot and up until it is much too loud for normal headphone listening before the noise disappears.
  6. stuck limo
    PM sent.
  7. Hercules
    Jarek, I PM long time before here for shipping back my Vi DAC Tube for Signature Tube Stage but you keep silent half year for that, please review the case,
    do something you can do now.
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  8. germay0653
    @stuck limo, have any VI DAC's been produced with the new cases yet?
  9. stuck limo
    That's what I've heard but no photos yet.
  10. MikeyFresh
    You've heard what, that there have been Vi DACs produced in the new case, or have you NOT heard that?

    If the former, why would there be no photos?
  11. stuck limo
    Yes, I have heard that there have been Vi DACs produced in the new case.

    Larry has informed me he is waiting on photos from the factory. There's always a factory hold-up in these cases, according to the information I have been given.
  12. germay0653
    @ stuck limo, Is the factory fully assembling the units now, not just producing the case and sending to CA for assembly, as before?
  13. stuck limo
  14. m17xr2b
    You photographed some garbage by mistake I believe.
  15. sjp770
    Certainly not identifiable as vi dac parts.. could be anything
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