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LG V40 ThinQ

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by all999, Oct 4, 2018.

Switching from V30

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  2. No

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  1. Alabama
    I've got an 80ohm adapter coming for that but I won't have it for another 2 weeks. Currently using an L-shaped adapter to get it into AUX. I knew it would take a bit of fine-tuning to get to the good stuff and I suppose that's part of the fun. I'm going to have to invest in new tips though as they keep getting left behind in my ears when I try yo take them out!
  2. DaniRojo
    Is there anyone else who have had success in triggering the high gain mode with sub 50 ohm devices? That would be the "trigger" for me to buy one (excuse the pun)
  3. Moses Kwon
  4. Moses Kwon
    If you add little impedance adoptor between extension adoptor, you can enable high impedance mode. High impedance mode sounds a lot better. Here is specific steps;
    1. Headphone code + impedance adoptor + extension adoptor. Then put it to the phone headphone jack. Phone will give you signal that you are connected to high impedance mode (you need to download Hi-Fi Status app to get the signal). However, it is not high impedance mode. You are still in the normal mode.
    2. After few second, you just remove impedance adoptor. You still need to leave extension adoptor connected, then connect headphone code to extension adoptor.
    Now enjoy the music with full functioning quad DAC!

    It sounds complicated, but whole process takes less than 10 second.
  5. DaniRojo
    Thanks for the quick reply, but I'm asking about the trigger because I have the LG V30+ and I would be able to change it just for the lower impedance trigger of the V40 in case it actually is 30 ohm.
  6. DaniRojo
    Is it the V40 V405EBW model?
  7. Mhog55
    If your headphones have removable cables, just plug the cable into the phone before attaching it to the cans. This will trigger auxiliary mode, which should be enough to drive your headphones. If you want high impedance, you can use a 50+ ohm adapter, or a short Y cable. You will need a 50+ ohm headset when using the Y cable.
  8. DaniRojo
    Thank you again guys but what I'm actually asking is if there is anyone else who have gotten the high gain mode trigger for itself with no tricks in 30 ohms as someone else already did.
  9. Chris Kaoss
    It seems to be possible with V40, not with V30.
  10. DaniRojo
    Sorry maybe I wasn't clear enough, yes I meant using the V40. If that was the norm I would change my V30+ for a V40 since it seems much more flexible.
  11. Chris Kaoss
    Sure, could/ should be way more convenient.
    Someone with more knowledge of this would be highly appreciated. :)
  12. Mhog55
    That only works with a handful of certain headphones.
  13. Alabama
    I have the V40.

    I use it with the Sony WH1000xm2 (46 ohm?) and the Campfire Audio Comets (48 ohm?).

    According to the LG Hifi Status app, the Sonys trigger HIM - but I have found that this only happens if the headphones are switched on. Sometimes it takes a couple of attempts, plugging in and switching on in a certain order.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to trigger HIM with the Comets, even thought these are 48 ohm.

    I don't know why one does it and the other doesn't (but it is annoying).
  14. DaniRojo
    Is it maybe due to the exact version? For example, european versus american versions or something like that? What version do you have?
  15. Mhog55
    That's somewhat common with wireless - anc headphones
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