LG V10 : New ESS Chipped Flagship Android Phone from LG
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I am betting the messed up the tests.  I am very satisfied with the volume on my 1540's (usually at about 30-35% max volume) which are 46ohm's, although they tend to be power hungry for 46ohm's.  Once I get back home I will use by DT 990 pros (250ohms) and see how the v10 handles them.  If it can handle a 250 ohm, then I am going to call them good for most headphones, especially mobile headphones.
On a side note I have also used the v10 with the RHA s500i, which I have found to be very sensitive.  There is no audible hiss or noise with these IEM's plugged into the v10.  All I can say is LG has just done the Hi-Fi community a wonderful service.
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Hi...I'm looking forward to LG taking my money for this phone.  Just saw the GSM arena review http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_v10-review-1333p7.phpin which they say that the audio quality is clean but low in volume and that it may have trouble driving high-impedance headphones.  This of course contrasts with what I've been reading here, so could anyone confirm why would they say that?  My current phone is an HTC one M8 with faux sound just in case...
I have had the M8 before and IMO the V10 blows it away.
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For those concerned about the ability for the v10 to handle power hungry headphones:
I just ran it through the ringer with my headphones (ranging from 16ohms to 250ohms).  It easily powered all my headphones, minus the 250ohm Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro.  This is, however, not a huge surprise.  While I could reach an adequate volume, it did require amping from an external source to reach the full potential (which I did using the fiio e17k).  The sound was noticeably fuller and refined, especially in the low end.  If I had to hazard a guess I would say so long as you stay below 80ohms you should be just fine.
So in summation you should not be concerned about ample power from the v10 unless you plan on using your studio grade 250ohm headphones form mobile use. 
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Once the DAC/Amp works for Spotify I'm in. Subbed.
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  Yes, at the very least let it work with Spotify, YouTube (without switching the DAC on and off for every song) and the Onkyo player. I think that'll be a good start.

A V10 tester wrote on XDA developers forums that it seems the ESS DAC will be active only with lossless tracks with the stock music player. But this can be bypassed by pausing the track you are playing on the stock app, switching to Poweramp (for example). This tester also found that the only one exception that activates the DAC in addition to the stock player is Google Play Music Local.
Anyway all these "problems" (or useless LG's restrictions) could be solved with some LG updates or by rooting the phone and unlocking the HI-Fi DAC permissions in order to keep it active whenever you want. We just have to wait c:
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I'm surprised the other hifi smartphones with nice DAC chips don't have this feature as well. Meizu, Vivo etc. Hifi feature just through stock players. This is a deal-breaker since a lot of us have our own DAPs and just want an upgrade in sound in our smartphones.

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