LG V10 : New ESS Chipped Flagship Android Phone from LG
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Dec 21, 2004
---------NOUGAT has landed on LG V10!!!!!!!!-------- (TR versions only for now)

Say "Hi" to LG V10 : Probably the BEST audiophile phone on the market

EDIT: Probably the best camera phone as well : LINK


Some highlights:

32 bit Hi-Fi DAC (and also AMP) by ESS Technology(generally known as SABRE in headfi), designers of high-performance audio products for professionals. The LG V10 automatically detects connected devices and provides sound control options which can be customized.

316L stainless steel frame.

5.7” QHD Screen.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 SoC, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of expandable memory via microSD card slot which is compatible with cards of up to 2TB!!! (compatibility for card is same on LG G3

Removable battery.

Full Specs (from GSM Arena)

Announcement (from GSM Arena)

I am expecting great sound quality from this phone, but will see if it could achieve the goal...
EDIT: It achieved and even exceeded the goal!


Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 Processor

Display: Main; 5.7-inch QHD IPS Quantum Display (2560 x 1440 / 513ppi)

Secondary; 2.1-inch IPS Quantum Display (160 x 1040 / 513ppi)

Memory: 4GB LPDDR3 RAM / 64GB eMMC ROM / microSD (up to 2TB)

Camera: Rear; 16MP with F1.8 Aperture / OIS 2.0

Front; 5MP Dual Lens (80 degree Standard Angle / 120 degree Wide Angle)

Battery: 3,000mAh (removable)

OS: Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Size: 6 x 79.3 x 8.6mm

Weight: 192g

Network: LTE-A Cat. 6

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac / Bluetooth 4.1 / NFC / USB 2.0

Colors: Space Black / Luxe White / Modern Beige / Ocean Blue / Opal Blue



---LINKS to Important Posts in This Thread---


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  Hmmm I take it you didn't have the 3.5mm jack issues with the G3? I basically gave up. That said, I do prefer the v10 over the g4. I wonder what size comparison are from g3/g3/v10

No issues at all with my G3. You can compare the sizes, all data inside the specs. From the specs I can tell that V10 is slightly larger and slightly heavier than G3. Not on a deal breaking level though...
I'm interested

looking forward to the release date :wink:
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Got to keep eye on this. My smartphone broke some time ago and if this new LG isn`t going to rip my wallet apart, then going for it ;P
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  Got to keep eye on this. My smartphone broke some time ago and if this new LG isn`t going to rip my wallet apart, then going for it ;P

All the big names release their flagships with a high price tag, but wait for some months and the prices settles (drops actually). At that period we are going to read reviews and may be have a chance to test it :wink:
If you're going to get it with a contract then price shouldn't be a very big problem though...
It seems that the end of the 2015 and the beginning of 2016 are going to be exciting days...
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No OLED screen,so that's not for me.

LG V10 has an IPS Quantum Display...


It reproduces colors 20% better than the LCD screen on the LG G3, meaning you can actually see more colors.

It has 50% higher contrast ratios than regular LCD screens, creating sharp images and immersive movies.

It’s also 25% brighter, which makes things easier to see in bright light and can save your battery.

New generation screen has been created to close-in on the standards used by Hollywood movie studios, dubbed DCI or Digital Cinema Initiatives.
And while no display device can present the full spectrum of visible colour, the DCI colour gamut is a wide array of visible colours that can recreate a rich overall image.
LG says that G4's Quantum screen offers 98 per cent of the DCI colour gamut - with deeper saturation in the reds and blues, some green saturation lost, hence the 98 per cent quota.
In addition we have no in-depth information about the new V10 screen.

Before DCI formed in 2002 the sRGB gamut was prevalent from 1996 - a standard that most screens still aim for. The main difference with DCI is that it includes a wider range of reds than sRGB,

which is the colour that the human eye can see more variation in.Contrast is the other area that the Quantum Display manages to improve, apparently by 50 per cent over conventional LCD screens.

That means deeper blacks, sharper text and improved contrast ratio - which is defined as the difference between possible black and white levels.

This has been achieved by using a UV light photochemical treatment that achieves a 1500:1 contrast ratio, whereas normal LCD offers a 1000:1 ratio.

In addition, Quantum Display can be described as a kind of display between LCD and OLED. It's a highly efficient backlighting tech and offers extreme vibrancy or color gamut, almost to the OLED levels. ​
Now, all you need to know about how Quantum dot( QD) is different from LCD this:​
  1. It's more efficient than LCDs and even OLEDs( more battery life!!!!!)
  2. They produce much higher gamut and hence wider colors than LCD. 
  3. It's an upcoming tech and all else is same as LCD.

I am wondering, what are you going to use your phone for?

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Saw this in the lab thread, glad you gave it its own thread. 
Wasn't even the hi-def audio chip that sold me, or the removable battery and sd card slot in a 2015 flagship (I wish I didn't have to say that as a feature). It was that little screen. Big sucker for cool ideas like that.
But the overall package, damn, will be annoying to readjust to a phablet after using a Z3 compact but too bad. I will have this phone. 
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Thanks for the link.
From that link:
"Finally, a few more technical notes on audio. LG's tossed some serious 32-bit audio playback tech into the V10. It's got an ESS Sabre 9018C2M digital to analog converter chip inside, as well as a 9602C headphone amplifier. (OK, so maybe the V10 is still a little bit about content consumption.) And the chips are positioned at the bottom of the phone, closer to the headphone jack, to prevent "crosstalk," or audio leakage from one channel to another, LG says."
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This one has my attention!  I'm also curious how this DAC and amp compare to other top smart phones out there. I am currently using an iPhone 6 Plus.  Most of my time is spent listening via digital connection to a NuForce iCON iDO.  Sure would be nice to have comparable performance right out of the headphone jack!

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