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LFF's Enigma (new from the maker of the Paradox)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by muppetface, Feb 18, 2014.
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  1. ToddTheMetalGod
    Thanks for the information, these sound awesome.
  2. remilio
    It seems I have to change my pants now, it looks soooo beautiful and classy!
  3. LoveKnight
    In my opinion, they look like Power Rangers' headphones. Hah, I am sorry just kidding but they look great no matter what color but my favorite color is red. Wait for more comparisons to Alpha Dog if anyone likes closed back headphone party and interested. By the way, nice first impression comparison between and Alpha Dog and Enigma last page. Keep going guys, thanks a lot.
  4. gelocks
    I need to send my ADs back to Dan to fix one of my plugs (it works, it's just loose) but hopefully this will be my main compare... Enigmas vs Dogs
  5. LFF
    Hey guys!
    Just wanted to update you all as a whole rather than send out individual emails...
    Work is progressing well...extremely well. 
    The majority of those of you who paid, should be receiving your Enigmas in about two weeks, maybe less. Those of you inquiring about the special finishes and time, well, those are in stock and ready to go.
    Thank you all for your patience. [​IMG] 
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  6. themad
    That's great news! I just hope I am in that majority. [​IMG]
  7. ToddTheMetalGod
    LFF, those finishes are truly fantastic... surpassing the quality of many mass manufactured wooden headphones if you ask me :). Truly beautiful, like works of art.
  8. LFF
    Yes, you are.
    Thank you ToddTheMetalGod! I appreciate the compliment. I'm quite proud of the way these are turning out. Lots of love and dedication go a long way. [​IMG] My favorite are the Solemn Blue, Driftwood and Hemo sets as the pictures really don't do them justice. They are extremely hard and time consuming to do right but when done they really make me smile. My family is in love with Suji and Hemo finishes, so much so, I might be redoing some of their furniture when I have time. 
  9. themad
    Hooray then! [​IMG]
  10. michael4321
    The dark winered/brown wood on the left. [​IMG]
    Can someone help me out here?
    How to order them and where ?
    What is the price on these ?
    Which cable options are avaiable ?
  11. Vespertine
    I have just ordered a pair of these. My pair will be unlike any other set that are ever produced. I won't say how right now but wait until they have been made. I have not heard them, however the individual that advises me on my Audio purchases is never ever wrong.
    I feel that I must say one thing.
    LFF is probably the most genuinely passionate person I have ever done "business" with. Loads of people say "I am not in it for the money" when in fact that is exactly why they are in it.
    I have been totally bowled over by his passion and his desire to provide his customers with what they want. To be honest I would much rather put money his way, than to some soulless uber brand.
    It is Artisans like this that really make progress, they are untethered to concepts such as marketing leverage or return on investment, they do it because they love it and ultimately it is for these reasons that they become very very successful.
    So I would say, get in when you can for I have never experienced anything so pure in a purchase, I collect Art also and I have never been treated as well by either an Artist or a Gallery as LFF has treated me and my order.
    I am pleased already and I haven't even heard a single note through them.
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  12. Thujone
    They don't come with a cable. PM LFF for info on purchasing. He also makes cables for an additional fee.
  13. hifimanrookie
    Amen to what u just said..its so true..i bought a unique original Code-X from him (the only black one, with a secret preperation to the wood, of the 20 he ever made!) and found a new friend in Luis (LFF)..

    .he is indeed one of the few (and frank of Toxic Cables and gilbert of Blue Circle Audio) who are so passionate about what they do that its almost not believable! They dont wanna sell u a product..they wanna make u part of their dream...make u buy stuff THEY wanna keep themselves and not sell, DEEP DEEP down inside, as they feel its one of their babies they are selling...lolz
    They all do extra's on ur buy as soon they feel ur just as passionate as they are and they can talk(mail) about what they love and their other hobbies for hours :D
    .... Am lucky i know a few of those kind of people, who are so different then Most of the so-called passionate manufacturers around..
  14. Vespertine
    Thank you! So very well put, it is true that it is almost unbelievable. In fact I didn't believe it when he spent hours doing R&D for my special request and then told me how much extra it would cost, I actually had to question Luis about him low balling HIMSELF! I hope that Luis won't mind, but when I paid for my order, this is the response I got. Now everyone this is a product in high demand. Read this:
    I never for once take for granted the trust and belief you and the rest of my customers put into my work. I really, really appreciate it.
    Says it all really. I have had my ups and downs on Head Fi, mostly because of "The Human Condition" rather than anything headphone or technicality related. I think this experience has renewed my faith that there are new avenues to explore which do not just include people buying something from Amazon and then deconstructing it ad nauseam.
    I have a rule with my Art collecting, I have to meet the Artist and I have to like him or her too. I need to look at the work and see a good person behind it. This is particular to me and not a hard and fast rule for Art collecting, although it has served me well.
    And now I have found a manufacturer of one of my other passions that I can apply the same to. I bet they will sound all the better for it, they after all do already have a soul.
    Interesting that the other pair of high end Artisan In Ear Headphones I bought, have not been out of the box for probably close to 8 months after the thread about them was simply not to my taste.
    Nice to see some bonhomie back on Head Fi :)
  15. hifimanrookie
    No need to thank me..i am just honest...but if i feel how u are:

    Then u will have to check Blue Circle Audio for sure..the owner is of the same cloth (or maybe even worse) as Luis (LFF)... Passion, client satisfaction and extreme perfection is on top of his list..making money looks like of no importance for him..first and most importance is to satisfy his customers..and that goes into extremes..just like Luis does..and then u have frank from toxic cables..that dude is totally nuts when it comes to absolute perfection and making a customers dream come true..no matter how crazy and unreal..if its tehcnically possible and it benefits the sound (amd he wants it himself) he makes it for u...just like Luis and Gilbert do...three men who are on the wrong world..as this world is all about making money nowadays..and thats a shame.

    So if ur in the market to complement ur headphone with a very special dac/ amp or cable...check them out..

    i am like u..i wanna 'hear' and 'feel' passion in my products..and those brands have that in abundance! :wink:
    If only they would join into one brand (or work together) , all with his own specialism, that would be the day :p

    Pa..check my review out in my signature :D
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