LETSHUOER S12 - Next big planar? (Impressions & Discussion)
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Yeah the S15 looks awful. There are plenty of good sounding IEM that look good so there is no need to buy ugly.

In fact I recently gave my original S12 to a friend who was interested in getting involved in the hobby and after finding I missed them I ordered a set of S12 Pro to replace them. I briefly considered the S15 but knew I couldn’t like with the visuals !
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The Sennheiser IE 300, which cost the same as the S15, generally look extremely cheap and feel the same in the hands (I had 3 copies of these headphones). Still, the S15s look much more expensive than the IE 300. One look at their gorgeous-looking cable is enough! Everything about the IE 300 is made of plastic. The S15's box and contents also feel much more premium than Sennheiser's IE 300. So not everything is as sad as you describe here. Still, everything in our world is comprehended in comparison.
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Personally, I'm just crazy about the looks of the S12 Pro! 😍 They look very respectable, without all these turtles, anime girls, bears and other children's stuff on their faceplates. And the dark blue color makes them even more attractive (by the way, this is my favorite color!). These are by far my favorite in-ear headphones, both in appearance and sound at the moment. I still can't find anything that would be better, even if I raised the price to $200-300 🤔
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The only thing is that I had to completely cut off the heat shrinkage so that the shells could be placed as deeply and comfortably as possible inside the ear canal. Because if this is not done, then the heat shrinks constantly push the shells out of the ear, which leads to a weakening of low frequencies (bass) and deterioration of noise insulation. This, in my opinion, is a HUGE miscalculation on the part of LetShuoer! I also had to use a needle to remove the dampers from the sound tubes, which only spoil the sound.
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@LetShuoer Audio

I hope this forum thread is read by official representatives of the LetShuoer company 🙏

The heat shrinks in the earhook area are formed too aggressively which leads to a number of problems
Due to the fact that the heat shrinks in the earhook area are formed too aggressively, the shells of in-ear headphones are constantly pushed out of the ears, so they cannot be seated deeper for better noise isolation and higher quality sound reproduction. And these heat-shrinkers also rub a lot behind the ear, so you can sit in these headphones for no more than 1.5-2 hours. Of course, you can always cut them off or reshape them with a hairdryer, but somehow you don’t really want to do this with in-ear headphones that cost more than 100 bucks. And I'm not the only one complaining about this problem with the S12s! My brother and all my friends and acquaintances who have or had these in-ear headphones said the same thing. I also looked at various reviews on YouTube about your in-ear monitors, in which many reviewers also complained about this problem. You should urgently change something about these heat shrinks in the next revisions of your in-ear headphones! Please fix this problem!!! 🙏
It would be simply amazing if in the near future all LetShuoer in-ear headphones came with wires with memory in the earhook area, like in Sennheiser in-ear headphones (IE 100 Pro, IE 400 Pro, IE 200, IE 300, IE 600, IE 900, etc. ) or Sony (IER-M9, IER-M7, IER-Z1R, etc.). So that I can comfortably shape these earhooks to fit my ears, because everyone's ears are different. The heat shrinks that are currently used in LetShuoer in-ear headphones are formed too aggressively, so they rub behind the ear and constantly push the shells out of the ears 🙁

Below are some photos of the Sennheiser IE 300:




Shure also uses a memory cable in the earhook area. For example, in models such as AONIC 4 and AONIC 5.


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