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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. markm1
    Nice. I don't think I'm that wrinkled yet, but I'm inching close to decade 5. I think you'll find many of your metal peers come to their senses in their late 20's. Something about 30 that makes a lot of guys think they have to grow up. I just never got the memo. Old habits die hard
    I always said as long as Motorhead can play music, I can sure as hell listen.
    I really need Lemmy to stick around since he's exactly 20 years older than me. Once he goes I need another role model.
    The guys in Metallica are about my age, but given their recent output, they aren't the best models. Let's see-I like the last couple of Testament and Kreator albums.
    Oh, and I do have the last Ulerate release[​IMG]
  2. Redcarmoose
    Metal is timeless and it will go on forever. Unfortunately there was times when it was maybe a little less than cool. But it can always reinvent itself into a shinny new model of itself.

    Black Metal had to surface do to crap like KISS wearing purple fringe and bands like Warrent becoming mainstream.

    Still I'm almost 52. Call me child like to still listen to DM and not classical? I will agree, smile and not say anything. Much of Head-Fi thinks it is bad to listen to the music you had in highs school? Whatever!

    I just used high school terminology too. :)

    Speaking old old old school


    New album out 11/25/13
  3. Trogdor


    Who said that? That is about the dumbest thing I've heard to date.

    Real maturity is listening to everything, understanding then what you really do love, accepting it (this can be hard for many), and then ultimately just enjoying it.

    For me that's metal. Who's with me?
  4. campj
    Some metal is about as complex as a lot of classical compositions. I don't feel anti-intellectual or immature at all listening to it... bands like Spawn of Possession, Gorguts, Portal, Gigan, Vektor, Meshuggah, (should I keep going?), Ulcerate, and Krallice are creating some pretty heady stuff.

    I took a several year break from listening to extreme metal only to come back in my late 20s/early 30s liking it as much as (or more than) ever. There are some AWESOME bands out there right now!

    (Now when we're talking about stuff like GWAR or Slipknot, I'd almost have to side with the folks who say it's just teensy angst that keeps people listening :p)
  5. suicidal_orange
    Can't say I've ever given rap, country, miltary band or probably a hundred other genres a chance and I'm "only" 28, so I'm not yet mature by your definition.  For me it's much harder to consider that my preference may be invalid than to stand out by liking something society dictates is weird, because weird is actually appealing to me.  Of what I have tried the lighter side of metal is great most of the time but are there obscure examples of other genres that I would also like (or even prefer) that I'll never bother to leave my comfy metal bubble to find?  Probably...
  6. markm1
    Something about late 20's that makes you feel you're older than you really are. I remember at 27 for some reason feeling old. That was 20 years ago....something about late 20's for a lot of guys...you're getting a little older, maybe a little receding hairline, a little age on your face...that's the age a lot of people get married....you're no longer a young adult-boom you feel old. It's an illusion of course. You're just not a kid.
    I never gave up completely, but I remember losing interest for about 10 years-maybe 27-37 and coming back into metal in my late 30's.  I was tired of my thrash and grunge records and I just lost interest. Too bad I didn't have someone who could have hipped me to what was happening in Noraway...that would have been 93-2003
    I had some classic rock and jazz and classical and all my old 80's metal that I was bored with. I knew there must be some interesting heavy music besides Creed and L Park.
    One day, I went into a Border's and I saw a book that caught my eye-a coffee table sized book-The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal by Daniel Bukszpan, 2003. It changed my life.
    38 years old and as I read the book, I realized, this is B.S. My Dad loved The Beatles to the day he died...that was his time. Who am I kidding with my trendy indie White Stripes and Pat Metheny jazz....it all has a place....but, I'm not going to stop liking heavy ass rock music. I just needed to find something cool. That book introduced me to stoner metal and doom which ultimately lead me to post metal, BM, DM and that was it.
    The difference for me is when I was young it was all metal all the time and now I'm becoming much more diverse in my tastes.
    It took me most of my life to put together my love of heavy music and my acceptance of all kinds of other music. Now I just listen to anything that I think is good. Carcass and Civil Wars are two of the better releases I've purchased this year. So-whether it's ugly DM or some tasteful indie folk...it's all good to me.
  7. campj
    By my late 20s I'd been in the military ten years with a wife and two kids, travelled the world, and experienced a lot both in relationships (death, birth, fracture, repair), and in events (war, multiple moves, career transitions)... so I feel kind of old, yeah. :) I'm sitting in Afghanistan as I type this haha

    The thing about metal though, is it's so diverse that I can listen to six types of music in one day and have it all be extreme metal in one way or another. For instance, Horseback and Nasum can't even be compared to each other.

    Not to say other music isn't good. Lyrical hip hop like backpacker rap has some of the best word play I've ever encountered. It's art for sure. JS Bach and Franz Liszt blow my mind at certain times. Shpongle can take a person to another realm (drug free even!). There's just something about a blast beat overlaid with two differing yet harmonious guitar lines and some dude wrenching his vocal chords that thrills me though. :D
  8. Pritolus
    I guess to me the word "song" refers to lyrics. A melody without lyrics is not a song, because it doesn't contain singing. So to me, songwriting means writing lyrics. Creating the melodies and writing music for instruments would be composing. That's why I was confused.
  9. campj

    Now you can broaden your definition :D
  10. macrocheesium

    Yeah, did any of you see when that university in Sydney introduced “And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope” to their classical study?
  11. Tom Yum Goong
    Jup :D
    I think that came a bit as a surprise to the NeO folks.
  12. Trogdor

  13. campj

    Just looked that up and found this GREAT quote from the professor who introduced the song to the class:

    "It is my pleasure to introduce such high quality music making to our students, alongside other music by composers including Beethoven, Gershwin, Steve Reich and Peter Sculthorpe. Musicians deserve to hear the music of Ne Obliviscaris, and the music of many other metal bands, in order to appreciate the compositional complexity that lies within it, no matter what their musical tastes."

  14. Tom Yum Goong
    Give this man a medal!
  15. campj
    Has anyone used Fostex TH600 for their metal listening? This pair is high on my list and I read one person in the TH600 thread say they are great for metal, I'd just like that confirmed if possible.

    This kind of fits in the metal thread, right? Like we can merge music and gear?

    I had Grado SR325is, and liked a lot of things about them, but over time I realized that listening to them at anything above grandmotherly volume levels was like inserting live earwigs into my ear canals. I prefer the Senn HD600 sound a lot more, even though people wrongly say that they're 'too slow' for fast music. Bah humbug to that notion. In any case, I will have a decent chunk of cash Lord willing, and I want to upgrade.
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