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Lets Talk Metal

Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
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  1. markm1
    I wish I could count all the people who have said things to me over the years like, Oh, yeah, I like metal. Back in Black is one of my favorite albums ever-or Dream On and Sweet Emotion are some of my favorite songs in the whole, big, beautiful wild world. Or, Bon Jovi is awesome....and, he's still cute-doh!
    Very sad-any list-the best most difinitive metal list-that has a hint of extremity will send them runninng for the hills.
    Which is why I turn to some of the aformentioned kinds of genreic hard rock and classic rock for my house music and save my hard whisky for the car, HP's or those joyous times when I'm alone. I let a little DM or BM creep in over the loud speakrs and my wife gives me one of those looks-You're really a pscycho and you're hiding dead bodies in the attic, right?
    Run for the Hills-that would make a great song title.
  2. Redcarmoose
    I was actually able to get my Wife to love HIM. Amazingly it took awhile but I would play it in another room and not say a thing.
    Slowly she started asking who is that. Then hay can you play that CD. She loves Bon Jovi so you could imagine what my lifes been like on her side of the music street.
  3. wrathzombie
    LOL!!!! I will do the same thing, once i get married. I wish my wife ends up liking Beyond Creation
  4. Redcarmoose
    I used to have a total metal-head girlfriend in school years. It was great to drink beer with her and listen to Slayer. I should have stayed with her?
    Actually though, it's better if they don't understand your music. Nothing worse than having to hear their opinion about that too! [​IMG] 
  5. Pritolus
    Loving it!
    Hearing metal in DR13 is giving me a very hard time understanding how anyone would ever apply dynamic range compression to something that sounded this good to begin with.
    I have lots of metal I like, but don't listen to very often because the SQ is just too sucky. Stone Sour is one such example.
  6. ferday
    awesome, great EP!
    also really, really enjoying the latest hail of bullets effort.  fantastic death releases right at year end!   thanks again metal-fi....
  7. Asr
    Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills [​IMG]
  8. switchbeat
     You need Symphonic Metal, Neo-Classical Metal, and Folk Metal. Though with Symphonic there is alot of cross over with Symphonic Death and Melodeath I think it should still be regarded as it's own distinct genre.
  9. markm1
     Ha! You may just have a point there my friend. With me that is definitely not a problem. My 14 year old daughter who listens to every kind of pop that is spoon fed to kids is actually more tolerant than my wife. She just  gives me that teen look, Really, Dad?!
    Tho, I think she may have warped view of metal since I do not fit the demographic. She probably thinks DM is something middle aged men listen to [​IMG]
    I tell her-hey, at least your old man has a little swag.
  10. Tom Yum Goong
    Man, these dudes are awesome!
    Super technical tech tech tech....tech music.
    And they are not just some "oh look how fast I can punch my instrument"-folks!
    This album actually has a really nice flow to it and the songwriting is very good.
    Oh and it's instrumental ♥
  11. campj

    Yeah, if I live long enough, I will be a wrinkled old man listening to Ulcerate.
  12. Pritolus
    How can an instrumental tune have good songwriting?
    Either that makes no sense, or I'm just being very dense.
  13. campj

    songwriter: a composer of words or music for popular songs

    Songwriting doesn't have to be lyrical only. The composition of the music itself is songwriting.
  14. Tom Yum Goong
    Jup, that's what I meant :)
  15. macrocheesium

    I think of good songwriting as a nice structure of melodies. More song structure than anything else. A lot of Joe Satriani songs, for example, I would definitely consider to have good songwriting. Even though he doesn't speak that guitar seems to have a voice of its own.
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