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now that ive heard the japanese pressing, i really want to own it, but unfortunately when i search for it all i find are links to torrent files, which i obviously already got lol but you're right, it sounds amazing, probably easily as good as the MoFi version of Countdown to Extinction, though that might jsut be my preference for the album

It makes me wonder just how many other amazing Japanese pressings am I missing out on. Most Japanese editions have a bonus track or two apparently because of the high price of CDs there, but do they sound better otherwise?
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im with you, i always look at wikipedia, and they always get bonus tracks over there, but im not sure if everything sounds better from japan. I dont usually like bonus tracks, but i just found out that All That Remains, released the bonus track "Frozen" from overcome on their website and i liked it, so i might buy the japanese pressing to see if it sounds any better??

Maybe we should just start buying all our cd's from japan
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Originally Posted by DaveBSC /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The remasters to avoid are the ones for the definitive early Megadeth albums, So Far So Good So What, Rust In Peace, and Peace Sells. They are brick walled and all of the dynamics of the originals are gone. What's worse, some parts are actually re-recorded, and the tone of some songs is just different and not right. Worse in every way. Last I checked on Amazon, the original records are readily available used for a couple of bucks each. In my humble opinion, Peace Sells is the best Megadeth album ever, with RIP a close second. So Far So Good is a bit unfocused.

The remaster for Countdown is a tougher question to answer. The original is good but not great sounding. It's got a lot of bass, but the mids where all of the guitars live seem recessed and too far back in the mix, and the highs stand out a bit too much. It's a somewhat thin sounding record overall.

The remaster brings out the mids and vocals, but its too loud and it sounds a bit bland because the highs have basically disappeared behind the wall of guitars. The Mofi Gold version strikes a nice balance between the two, and is the version to get if you want the best sounding Countdown.

It's not my favorite Deth album, but its much better than everything that followed it, and High Speed Dirt and Psychotron are just damn enjoyable songs. Captive Honour is also a truly great song, and contains perhaps the best Marty/Dave guitar duel.

The more recent albums have been very hit or miss. Youthanasia is mediocre, Cryptic Writings is pretty terrible, Risk is just god awful. I actually like The World Needs A Hero - well most of it. System Has Failed I liked when it was first released but it has aged badly. United Abominations is probably my favorite Deth album since Countdown. Really no bad points, and I love Burnt Ice. Endgame is about half good, half bad.

I actually would argue that Peace Sells and Killing is my Business sounds better remastered than non-remastered... the albums are indeed brickwalled but not that badly brickwalled as to be a major issue. The originals of those 2 albums sound muddy and recessed compared to the remastered... and the way they mixed the bass you'll think that Mustaine really hates Ellefson. So the brickwalling could be a tolerable trade-off. Countdown certainly sounds a million times better remastered than original... the original Countdown had one of the brightest mastering I have ever heard from a metal CD and was completely unbearable, although I haven't heard the japanese mix you praised about. But yeah So Far So Good and Rust In Peace sounds better in the originals than the remasters. The redone vocals in Rust is a real turnoff, but the redone Holy Wars solo was actually an improvement.

I would argue too that The System has Failed is criminally underrated... Die Dead Enough to Tears in a Vial are some of the best songs Mustaine has ever done. While I would hesitate to call it a masterpiece on the level of earlier albums I certainly enjoyed it much more than the other post-Countdown albums.
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Originally Posted by donunus /img/forum/go_quote.gif
any more badass bestial metal recommendations?

What are your favorite bands at the moment? What metal subgenres have you heard and not heard? What did you not like and would like to learn to like? Anyway this is a good starting point, far from the perfect ranking of metal albums but a decent list of metal albums you'll need to check out:

Custom chart - Rate Your Music
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Originally Posted by donunus /img/forum/go_quote.gif
stuff like archgoat, sarcofago, blasphemy, deiphago, etc... Teitanblood is unique for example and I really love it.

Check these bands-albums out Don, for more of your bestial fix:

Vortex of End - In Satan and Plutonium We Trust
Perversor - Cult of Destruction, Demon Metal
Bestial Raids - Reversed Black Trinity
Abhorer - Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt
Corpse Molestation - Holocaust Wolves Of The Apocalypse
Nuclearhammer - Obliteration Ritual
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Procreation - Incantations of Demonic Lust for the Corpses of the Fallen is pretty cool if you like blasphemy. They're from the same Ross Bay scene I believe.
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Originally Posted by donunus /img/forum/go_quote.gif
any more badass bestial metal recommendations?

Gorlock is a good one. Look up their stuff on youtube. They are satanic death metal IMO, but sound very similar.
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Originally Posted by donunus /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I dont see any bestial metal there

stuff like archgoat, sarcofago, blasphemy, deiphago, etc... Teitanblood is unique for example and I really love it.

Blackest music I can think of ATM

Black Funeral (check out album Waters Of Weeping)
Corpus Christii
Koldbrann (check out album Nekrotisk Inkvisition)
Judas Iscariot
Leviathan (album Tenth Sub Level Of Suicide)

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