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Does anyone recognize the song in this video? It sounds like it could be a cover of a classic heavy metal song, or perhaps just an original composition.

Ethan Meixsell - In the Shadows, very similar to early George Lynch (Dokken / Lynch Mob) :thumbsup:
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Hey guys, I haven't been post much here lately, but I still lurk to see what's up. I just posted my top 50 albums of 2017 over at M-F. A little late to the party as I picked up crazy amounts of music over the last few weeks to assimilate. Here's my list sans album writes ups:

50. Akercocke/Renaissance in Extremis

49 Undergang/Misantropologi

48. Impetuous Ritual/Blight Upon Martryed Sentience.

47. Subetroth/Agnozia (EP)

46. Suffering Hour/In Passing Accession.

45. Inferno/Gnosis Kardias (of Transcension and Involiton)

44. Wiegedoed/De Dodden Heben Het Goed II

43. Solstafir/Bredreyminn

42. Bellwitch/Mirror Reaper

41. Profane Order/ Tightened Noose of Sanctimony-EP

40. Heretoir/The Circle

39. Satan’s Hallow

38. Circle/Terminal

37. Foscor/Les Irreals Vision

36. Royal Thunder/Wick

35. Igorr/Savage Senusoid

34. Satyricon/Deep Calleth Upon Deep

33. Paradise Lost/Medusa

32. Godflesh/Post Self

31. Dead Cross/S/T

30. Cavernlight/As We Cup Our Hands and Drink from the Stream of our Ache

29. Sun of the Sleepless/To the Elements

28. The Obsessed/Sacred

27. Pyrrhon/What Passes for Survival

26. Emptiness/Not For Music

25. Triumvir Foul/Spiritual Bloodshed

24. Ben Frost/The Centre Cannot Hold

23. Converge

22. Black Anvil/ As Was

21. Immolation/Atonement

20. Venenum/Trance of Death

19. Boris/Dear

18. Phrenelith/Desolate Landscape

17. Amenra/Mass VI

16. Junius/Eternal Rituals for the Accretions of Light

15. All Pigs Must Die/Hostage Animal

14. Ufomammut/8

13. Incantation/Profane Nexus

12. Kohti Tuhoa/Pelon Neljas Valtakunta

11. Opiuchi/Bifurcaria Bifurcata

10. Aosoth/V: The Inside Scriptures

9. Tombs/The Grand Annihilation

8. Necroblood/Collapse of the Human Race

7. Ragana/You Take Nothing

6. Integrity/Howling for the Nightmare Shall Consume

5. Couch person/Contempt

4. Chelsea Wolfe

3. Loss/Horizonless

2. Ruins of Beverast/Exuvia

1. Primitive Man/Caustic

Happy New Year to everyone
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That is an AWESOME list, my dude. Brilliantly done. I can't even make one yet because a CRAZY number of albums all came out recently and I'd hate to forget!

Here's my current obsession, though:

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Who else heard the new Blut Aus Nord? That's my top 2017 metal album and I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it. I already shared it twice, so won't post the link again.

Oddly enough I haven't actually listened yet. BAN has never quite gripped me. I'll give it a shot tonight though.
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