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Discussion in 'Music' started by zackp, Jan 3, 2009.
  1. tkcha
    Hi metal heads I am an old metal head, Any Iron Maiden Fan? Last black friday shoping I bought few 80s heavy audiophile Reisued metal vinyls they are sound amazing . 20171127_195808.jpg
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  2. SomeGuyDude
    Hell yeah. Up the irons! I actually caught Megadeth live recently and Dave ****ing killed it.
  3. tkcha
    Yeah Megadeth and 80s Thrash Metal Rules Man. 20171127_232332.jpg
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  4. Fsilva
    For fans of Brutal Death with a dissonant vibe i would like to share my bands latest album, hope you guys enjoy it!

  5. Fixxer6671
    Anybody get the hi-res maiden? Is it any good?
  6. SomeGuyDude
    Holy hell dude, this is top notch. O___O

    EDIT: Purchased. Damn well worth the money.
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  7. Fsilva
    Thanks for the support!
  8. Music Alchemist
    Relapse Records' latest sampler. 35 tracks. Name your price.

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  9. wrathzombie
  10. Music Alchemist
  11. Deftone
    That capital vaults remaster is far better than the 2004 remixes
  12. tkcha
    yea but just dont care now Metallica Rule 20171204_212308.jpg 20171121_182835.jpg
  13. SomeGuyDude
    Anyone up for doing an AOTY lists? I'm definitely gonna be trying to compile one. 10-15, somewhere in there.
  14. Deftone
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  15. Music Alchemist

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