Less than $300 Over the Ear for my Teenage Son (who wants Beats!)
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Thank you for another great recommendation.  The Yamaha Pro 400s are definitely on the list.  I will check out some reviews now and look up your threads on the other headphones.  Cheers :)
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The marshall headphones ive heard have beenfairly unimpressive. I havent been keeping track of them the past year or so though
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I'm digging up an old thread I started.  My son held off buying headphones but is ready to buy now.  He is no longer looking at Beats and really likes the V-Modas.  They aren't available in Canada, other then buying online at Amazon.  We were able to try on the M-100s during a stop in Chicago and he liked the fit (couldn't listen).  He would like to get the XL pads to give more ear room.  Last decision is whether to go with the M-100s or the LP2s.  Any thoughts? 
I have one child off the Beats wagon but my 11 year old daughter wants to update her original Beats Solos with either the new Studios or Solo2s.  I still have some work to convince her otherwise

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Theres also the donscorpio dolphin which can be found on penonaudio
It looks great (especially the luminous ocean one)
Has a fun sound signature
Supposedly has really good isolation
Removable/replaceble cable
Includes case
Headphone daisy chain (you can connect another headphone to the headphone jack to share the audio source)
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I actually got to listen to the UE 6000 and I really did enjoy it! It's like owing two headphones. When you use the active noise cancelling circuit in the unit, you get a very fun V shaped sound, great clarity and powerful bass, which he's going to like. With the circuit off you get a much more balanced sound which he may apprecaite in a few years if and when he starts listening to more... "mature" genres. I assume if he likes beats he may also enjoy a lot of the music that is also marketed at kids his age, if that is the case the V shaped sound of the "active" ue 6000 is going to be to his liking
Not to mention the Headphone is about $100 new 
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I've shown him MANY headphones and the ONLY ones that swayed him away from Beats are V-Moda.  We just have to decide if the M-100s are worth the extra $100 over the LP2s.  Anyone own both to compare?
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V-Moda M-100 is well worth it. Reading from your son's tastes, the M-100 will fit the job perfectly at under $300. It actually was the first headphone I thought of when I read the post title alone, and yes they are well worth the money over LP2. Worth the money over on-ear XS? that's a debatable.
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You should also keep an eye out for the Yamaha Pro 500, you can find them as low as $200 on special (that's how much i got them on amazon).
Especially since your son was originally interested in the Beats and will probably wear them outside the house (they literally look like the beats).
They sound great for a closed headphone and their price range, look great and have a strong clamping force. If he listens to heavy bass music, he will probably love them.
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He's a teenager. He is under the control of peer pressure and appearances.

How the 'phone sounds is irrelevant. He wants those huge Beats hanging around his neck to impress other 16 year olds.

Put the cans on her ears at the store and she'll listen to you mate. Otherwise, marone has it explained for you
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I showed him the Yamahas last year and he wasn't interested. He's finally over the "must have Beats" phase and is now completely committed to getting V-Moda. I can't get him to look at anything else but I'm fine with that now. To those who recommend the M-100 over the LP2, can you elaborate on why? Thanks again for the useful information.
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How about a pair of used HD650? You can find them easily around 250 on ebay. Some new ones are being sold for 380 shipped. 

I don't want to be closed minded or speak for anyone but as I've mentioned before, aesthetic appeal and design matter very much to kids - me included @ 22yo. Those senns don't look as awesome as the v-Modas do. Personally I know nothing about over the ear headphones but maybe Monster DNA will do? Comfort issues with them should be considered though
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Ya Vmodas are good, M100 look cool, are super durable and are a nicely tuned bass heavy sound. Seems like an easy choice, LP2 are a terrible bloated muddy mess. I vastly prefer my Beats Studios to the Crossfade LP2.

Beats Solo 2 are awesome, they remind me of a more refined PortaPro.

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