Less than $300 Over the Ear for my Teenage Son (who wants Beats!)
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Jan 1, 2014
My teenage son just sold his Beats Solos because he wants over the ear headphones.  He hasn't considered anything besides Beats (great marketing is certainly working) so I am trying to open his mind to other brands.  He has saved his money and is considering the new Beats Studios which are $329.99 plus tax here in Canada.  I don't want him to spend that much money on those headphones and am trying to tell him he can get better ones for less, or much better for the same price.  He listens to alternative music and active noise cancelling isn't necessary.  So far, I have the following in mind and welcome any other recommendations:
- Audio Technica ATH-M50 (he thinks they don't look great)
- V-Moda M-100 (likes the look), maybe I should look at LP and LP2 as well?
- Logitech UE6000 (haven't shown them to him yet)
- Sennheiser Momentum (haven't shown yet)
- Bose AE2 and AE2i (up in the air on these)
I appreciate any input and suggestions on how to convert a Beats consumer.  Cheers

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Perhaps let him listen to the responses? 

Having heard both headphones, I can say that my M50's sound far better than the Beats. My brother used to own some Beats he bought on impulse, and they were returned in less than a week. Too base heavy, and mid and upper clarity was lacking.
I haven't heard any of those other phones, so I can't comment on them. 
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I think Sennheiser Momentum would be nice because not only does it sound great, it looks great too. The ATH-M50 is slightly inconvenient as a portable headphone due to its 3m long cable. I'm not too sure about UE6000 because the fact that it's a noise-cancelling headphones makes me feel that you're paying more for the noise-cancelling than the sound quality.
Probably the best way to convince him would be to let him try out the headphones and see which sound signature he likes best. He might be pleasantly surprised that other headphones can be bassy too (such as the V-Moda cans).
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i definitely dont think the ATH M50 would be good. Theyre really not that portable as Dratino pointed out.
Vmoda m100 are a little aggressive sounding overall but are quite good if he really loves bass.
Id also put into sony mdr 1r. Probably one of the most comfortable headphones in the sub 300 price range. Quite good sounding as well. Looks nice in a more mature way than beats.
Another idea if he really wants celebrity headphones, is to look into Sol Republic's Master Tracks headphones. Master Tracks are their over ear mode, fairly comfortable, and honestly quite good sounding at about half the price.
hope this gives you some ideas 

i started my headphone journey considering beats... took a different turn instead. glad i did that haha
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Thanks for the replies.  That is the plan.  I will show him this thread and make sure he at least tries another brand before plunking down so much money on another pair of Beats.  I was not impressed with the quality of his Solos.  He had issues with both cables and customer service was no help at all.  I think the V-Moda M-100s have the best chance so far but he might like the Logitech UE-6000.  The nice thing about them is you can still listen to music if the battery dies, which is not the case on the Studios.
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Perhaps let him listen to the responses? :wink_face:

Having heard both headphones, I can say that my M50's sound far better than the Beats.

He's a teenager. He is under the control of peer pressure and appearances.

How the 'phone sounds is irrelevant. He wants those huge Beats hanging around his neck to impress other 16 year olds.
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Beats are like a fashion statement more than anything. I'm 19 so I could relate. It's hard to break dumb habits. Let's see, teenage son with a little over $300 to spend.

Your options are many.
At first I would say the ATH-M50's but those things are huge and only run you $120, which = $$$ left to be spent. Also these headphones are very balanced and are more geared towards producers and engineers, not head-bobbers.
The V-MODA M-100's are definitely your best choice. They are the perfect price and sound better than the M50's. Also they require little to no amplifying if I'm not mistaken. Also they look really good. Also they have a more, how could I say? Distinct sound than the ATH-M50's, they are more in your face and have great bass. Better quality too.
Tell your son that the Beats are like buying from McDonald's and the V-MODA's are like going to a nice, respectable restaurant. While McDonald's is very popular and looks good, the food is pretty bad. Well, you get the metaphor.
Oh yeah the Momentum's are also a great choice, that's hard when comparing them to the V-MODA's. But I think they're $350 at least? Look in to it, if it were up to me at that point I would just flip a coin. Cheers.
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M-100 all the way.  I just helped a co-worker through the same issue.  Convinced him to take a chance on the V-Moda M-100 with the following sales pitch:
1) Included case and cables are great, and the case is just the right size to throw in a back pack and not worry about getting pushed around.
2) Folding joint and overall build quality are top notch, more good things for teens and young men that tend to throw things around a bit
3) SOUNDS BETTER - and they do, no contest.
4) Upgrade to XL pads and they are just as comfortable if not more so.
5) Personalize when you are ready.  Don't worship a brand, be the brand!
6) Get your girl some M-80s and personalize hers as well, and she can plug into the split cable that is included with your M-100, be a baller.
           6.1 )  ....works better than AXE body spray any day of the week : ) 
... It worked!  His son loves them and now Dad is thinking about a set for himself as well.
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Beyerdynamic DT770 32 ohms probably would be good.

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I will mention the Beyerdynamics as well but have a feeling the V-Moda M-100 are going to be his choice.  We haven't been able to see any of the headphones in person yet but should be able to try some in the next 2 weeks.  I will update this post with his decision.  I apreciate all the replies.
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ATH-ES7 or 700 ?
sound great and everyone loves their look
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The momentum would be the best out of those but still, there are better options:
NOT the M100 (too much bass for alternative)
NOT the UE6000 (too dark, and bassy)

EC FC300: Great allrounder, surpassing the Momentum in neutrality, soundstage, bass quality, comfort, high frequency presence, and price.

AKG K545: Looks great, sound surpasses the momentum also.
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have him try the yamaha pro 400. looks like beats but is far better than other closed headphones I own or have heard. Momentum can sound kinda drab. UE6000 doesn't have a lot of energy. I've written extensively on these in other threads.

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