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Legal Question

  1. kool bubba ice
    In my mothers park this guy gets harassed.. He gets called a name that rhymes with rag.. It's so bad he hardly comes out.. When my mother first told me, I thought she was exaggerating a bit.. She told me every time he comes out.. When I took her dog out for a walk last week I seen him by his home.. I was out for less then 5 minutes when I heard shouting.. This guy started calling him names... They are cowards.. They call him names far away.. Sometimes they wait in a vehicle until he comes out, then start verbally assaulting him.. My question.. If he tells the park & they do nothing, are they held liable if something happens? The guy looks like he's going to snap..
  2. Cid
    Having been through a lot of mental abuse in the past... go talk to him as an equal. I'm sure he'd appreciate it, I know I wish someone took the time back then to talk to me. Just don't talk about the people calling him names, if he wants to talk about them, he'll talk to you. All it takes is a friendly chat and you might be able to prevent or at least reduce a lot of the suffering he may be going through.
    This is coming from someone suffering from chronic anxiety and depression, who hasn't left the house in 7 years due to similar things in my past. I don't like talking about my personal life, but if it can help someone else and possibily avoid what I've been going through then great. Obviously the best thing for him is to get out of there, if he can't, he'll start to hide like I did and that's when things go downhill, fast.
  3. revolink24
    Talk to him as an equal, like Cid mentioned. To people suffering abuse from their peers, nothing is more helpful than a friendly face. Simple friendships really mean the world to people. I don't really see any legal leg to stand on, sadly.
  4. sanakaku


    I checked this one sounds like it, but w/o the calling names 
  5. kool bubba ice
    He has put up a wall.. He has a expression like he wants to kill you.. Personally, I'm kind of scared of him.. My mom has befriended him a bit..

  6. Omega
    The simple answer: yes.  A person is responsible for their actions, and if their actions defame or degrade another person, they are liable.
    The real answer: no.  I am going to make the assumption that the offending person's financial assets are small, since they probably are <snicker>.  What's the point of bringing a suit against the offenders just to be awarded punitive damages of "something small?"  Not to mention the difficulty in proving that the transgression took place, etc.
    If you really want to help, make a friend.  If it gets out of hand, call the cops.  They LOVE handling domestic disputes and community hate crimes.
  7. Kirosia

    I knew a guy like that, hell I am a guy like that. Sometimes these people become so jaded over the years of abuse that they have a difficult time trusting anyone at first, especially those who approach with a smile. You may have to find a way to prove to him that you're not an enemy, and it may take time. 
  8. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I can't give a full opinion, but I don't see how the park would be liable from what I know. The best solution - if he knows the identities of the harassers - is to file restraining orders against them. I don't know for sure if they would be granted. But it is worth looking into. If he can get a restrainin order, it would prevent those individuals from coming within a certain distance of him and forbid communication. If they violate the restraining order, the police are obligated to arrest them. If the guy is low income, have him talk to Legal Aid. Anyone who practices family or criminal law ought to be able to help, as well. He can also speak directly to the Clerk at your county's courthouse and he should be able to get a packet of information on how to file for a restraining order.
  9. Spareribs
    To me, it sounds like a poor guy with some type of mental illness and he is being bullied.
    In time, those kids will stop once they get a girl friend or move on in life. Life is like an ocean. Eventually, the sand will smooth out.
    IMO, if the guy snaps out and kicks some ass, I would like that. I hate bullies.
  10. kool bubba ice
    So, if the park allows this to happen they aren't held liable for ignoring it..

  11. kool bubba ice

    Yes, I think he does have mental issues.. Some people dubbed him Bruce wanna be.. He wears the Bruce lee pants & walks around shirtless.. He does have a very athletic & tone body.. Supposedly he knows martial arts.. He also had his numchucks taken away from him.. They are illegal in the state of CA.. Maybe he should have THEM to protect himself..

  12. kool bubba ice
    Things have gotten worse.. Last night someone let of some fire crackers that woke up my mother at 1 am.. My mother seen Scott out his house... He told me a group of teens started to harass him.. He called security & the police.. The security found to of them.. One is his fricken neighbor. I went out also to show support.. 4 police cars came to ask him questions.. The head security man spent 42 yrs in the police dept.. They also carry guns, which I like.. I told Scott I have his back.. This park was rated a 5, now it's in the negative.. There are brothels in the park.. A meth house, & it's common for drug dealers to drive into the park with their pimped out cars.. It's much worse the deeper you go in the park.. Roaches like to hide. We have like 14 or more sex offenders, many are pedophiles.. The Manager doesn't even live in the park it's so bad.. All managers are suppose to live in the park.. People need to get tired & take back their park.. I will throw drown if scott is jumped or attacked by a group of thugs.. I refuse to stand by & let someone get beat.. Gay or not.. It doesn't matter.. No one deserves to be harassed. He bothers no one.. I see this leading to a physical confrontation. I had garbage dumped in my truck once.
  13. Cianyx
    No offence, but that place sounds like an absolute shithole. The place is a lost cause and I'd advice your friend to just leave right now.
  14. ford2
    You meet enough low lifes in this world as it is without living with them,tell him to get out.
    And if I was you I would be getting my Mother out as well.
  15. kool bubba ice

    Non taken.. But my mom is on a fixed income.. I do help her out.. We have a great trust between us.. We have a joint account.. We both put money in & it's ours.. We didn't bicker about how much is mine or hers.. A couple nights ago 12 kids were hanging out infront of my moms house at 3 am! They woke my mom up. She told them to get lost.. Scott refuses to let these punks drive from his home..


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