Las Vegas Interest Check?

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  1. T Bone
    I never would have thought a pair of Martin Logans - no matter how old - would show up at a Goodwill.  
    Someone is gonna get a buy.
  2. bigx5murf
    Not including me, there's 5 of us here in Vegas. Is it coincidence 5 different people placed bids?
  3. bigx5murf
    Were any of you at North Vegas goodwill this morning, picking up a sony avr and a klipsch subwoofer?
    If so, I'm the guy that was picking up the sony reel to reel.
  4. ARTWO
    If there is interest in Vegas Hifiman will be at the CES show and I would enjoy meeting and or speaking to some locals. We may also be interested in help at our booth. If there is interest reach out to me to see what might be available.
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  5. T Bone
    Private Message Sent!
    I've attended the CES show in 2015 and 2016.  I'd love to meet up.
  6. Dv8er
    Vegas guy here as well - also surprised at the lack of people / stores / general interest, especially considering the amount of DJ's out here.
    I'm not "hifi" yet, but slowly creeping up over time. HE-400i and LZ A4 are my newest additions.
  7. T Bone
    Audio Visual Solutions did a launch party for Sonus Faber last week and it was packed!  We're out here!
  8. Dv8er
    Funny - after posting to this thread I did another search and found on Yelp. Any of you been there?
    I figured they had to exist, probably just didn't look hard enough before. Will have to check A/V Solutions, A/V Boutique (and any others) out.
  9. T Bone
    Thanks for the tip on AV Boutique. 
    I wasn't aware of them.  I'll have to make a trip downtown to check out their shop.  
    You'll like AV solutions, but hang onto your wallet!  They've got some very nice high-end stuff.  When Sonus Faber hosts an event there, you know you're going to spend some $$.
  10. Dv8er
    Haha, I have to hang on to my wallet just browsing these forums! I'm still new to the world of better audio, and every review I see sparks a new interest.
    If you make it there before I do you'll have to report your findings - I'll do the same. We just had twins (4 weeks old today), so it could take me a bit to make it over there. From their FB page they seem to be on a Audeze Sine kick at the moment.
  11. T Bone
    Congrats on the twins!  You won't be bored anytime soon!
    I went down to container park saturday afternoon and we hit the AV Boutique on the way back.  It's waaaay more than a traditional stereo shop.  It's a lot of home furnishing and audio gear friendly furniture.  I think I found a solution to my vinyl storage problem there.  I am pretty certain I will be buying a custom credenza from them with an audio rack and LP storage built in.  
    You have to check them out - lots more than just HiFi gear.  It's a "lifestyle store"
  12. Dutch1Schaefer
    Got another Vegas guy here. Just getting into the headphone, iem game. I had a pair of sennheiser hd 598 my first step into somewhat nicer sounding
    Gear. They were stolen from my car a few months after getting them.
  13. Dutch1Schaefer
    Also, I know of another mid to high end audio shop in town. Premier home entertainment
    They are off 215 and Russell near Fort Apache.

    They have a big showroom with allot of gear hooked up for demoing. They had quite a few sets of headphones about 5-6 pairs on the floor to demo. I also listened to a pair of dali zenzor 7's with a sunfire sub (2.1) and it blew me away. Wish I had the funds to afford that kind of system...
  14. T Bone
    Welcome to the group!
    I'm in the Summerlin area and the closest shop is Audio Visual Solutions at Fort Apache & Sahara. Check them out sometime. They've got some really great gear - including tubes. If you've ever wondered what $4k Focal Utopia's sounds like - stop by and check them out.
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  15. Dutch1Schaefer
    Thanks T bone! So that makes like 6-7 head-fiers
    Here in Vegas now? lol I'll have to check out audio visual solutions. I'm on the west side just out of summerlin 215 and Cheyenne, would love to check out your gear some time if you don't mind. Like I said I just finally have some funds available to dive a little further into the head-fi world. What a cool hobby this is!
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