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Las Vegas Interest Check?

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  1. Stillhart
    So is there a head-fi community in Las Vegas?  I sometimes feel like I'm the only one here, but there are 2 million people in this town; I suspect there must be more.
  2. BotByte
    Yo~ I was just wondering this myself. I'd be up something if enough people get involved.
    And you know what's also odd? Vegas has no good audio equipment store. There used to be some, but they pretty much died off last I heard.
  3. Stillhart
    I did notice that.  I've actually been thinking of opening one, to be honest.  But the complete lack of reply to this thread has me wondering how much of a market there really is out here...
  4. BotByte
    Ehh, I wouldn't take the lack of replies to this thread to heart. 
    The problem I see with opening a hifi-audio store is that Vegas isn't really a shopping destination and window shopping--for the most part--isn't really big. If you could park yourself in some of the higher end shopping centers like Town Square and that one in Summerlin, you might have a good chance. But that's quite an investment--and you have stock high-end audio equipment as well. 
    Though, if you do something of the like, I'd be greatly interested in checking it out. 
    Now, where's the rest of us at? I'm pretty sure we're not the only 2 peeps in Vegas.
  5. Stillhart
    Well the hope is that, as a niche shop, people would seek it out.  Find some cheap storefront not too far off the highway, etc. 
    The place I work right now is in Town Square above the shops and it's a great location.  But yeah, I imagine it's only slightly cheaper than a storefront at the Forum Shoppes.  Also, there's a Fry's right there... 
    So yeah, where's everyone else?  It's costing me way too much time and effort to buy and sell used just to educate myself sonically!
  6. bigx5murf
    Well guys, you've got a 3rd man in Vegas now lol
    As to opening up an audio shop locally. I just came back from Akihabara, Tokyo, and OMG, their audio shops make our best buys look like dollar stores!
    I'll post some pics later.
  7. SquirtsMcBoom
    Man I wish this would happen someday. I'm just getting into audio and it'd be great to meet some people who have been into it longer
  8. bigx5murf
    I haven't been into it that long myself. But already got a nice little collection of stuff going.
  9. T Bone
    There's a few more head-fi nuts here in Vegas.  Call me #4?
    I have an "all tube" vinyl rig in the living room and a Oppo HA-1 / Audeze LCD-3 system in my office.
    I guess that qualifies me as head-fi nut.
  10. Mikem231
    I also live in Vegas, I know there has to be more.
  11. T Bone
    Looks like we're few and far between out here.
    I see from your signature line that it looks like you've got a Audio GD Master 11 on the way.  That sounds like a nice upgrade over the Oppo HA-1 that we both own.
  12. Mikem231
    I have had the Master 11 for about 10 months now, and yes I felt it was a pretty good upgrade over the HA-1. I noticed a bit more in the mids area with my TH900s, over all I still think the HA-1 is a great bang for the buck. sounded great with LCD 3f, HD650s as well.
  13. Shikarikato
    Hope it alright to revive this thread partially. I guess there's only 6 of us here in Vegas.
    I normally only lurked but I finally got some gear worth talking about recently so I might as well mention myself.
  14. T Bone

    Welcome! Maybe we can shake a few more head-fi'ers out of the shadows.
    What's your current rig?
  15. bigx5murf
    So tell me, are 5 of you all fighting over this?
    I'm considering joining the bidding war.
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