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  1. T Bone
  2. JR Draper
    New member from Henderson, NV. I’m interested in any meet-ups involving high-end gear. My personal inventory includes Shure SE846 IEMs, Chord Mojo, various Silver Dragon cables and interconnects, UE900 IEMs, and Oppo HA-2SE.
  3. Dutch1Schaefer
    What’s up JR welcome!

    I’m always down to meet up. I’m just getting into the hobby with RHA T20’s (iems) and a Schiit stack Magni 3, and modi multibit dac on the way.
  4. pooty
    SW LV here - looking to get back into hi quality headphones and earbuds next year.
  5. Dutch1Schaefer
    Welcome Pooty! Great to have another Vegas headfier.
  6. koover

    Here is Arizona, the Phoenix area, we have been discussing about putting on a LARGE show/event for the 4 corner states.
    The Phoenix meet is getting bigger each time and we have a sponsor! We also have more Vendors each meet that are willing to fly in and join us. We would like to grow this and would love for someone from Nevada to reach out to me @koover or @Coolzo and let us know what you think. The Vegas area is a short 4 hour drive (well at least the way I drive) and our events are 8 hours long. We have food and plenty of space so it would be worth it.

    We also stage the event at the Hilton Garden Inn where we have the option of growing to 4000 square feet of space if need be which is substantial. We're also thinking about having a 2 channel room in a separate area (a hotel room) away from the HP listening area for critical listening for a complete experience. Accommodations are easy peezy as you could stay right at the meet site along with many other hotels/motels within short driving distance.

    It's too late to put something together for our upcoming event on Saturday February 10th but any and everyone is welcome to attend. We're already booked and planning for our next meet/event on Saturday September 15, 2018.

    Let me know what you guys think!

    Greg (Koover)
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  7. T Bone
    I would drive up to Phoenix for the weekend for a meet - that would be cool.
    Not sure I can make this one, but I'll put the September date on my calendar.
    Thanks for sharing!
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  8. Dutch1Schaefer
    Same here. Sounds very cool.
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  9. koover
    I saw there’s like 6-7 of you guys posting on here. Probably many more but just all lurking.

    You guys all need to do a road trip and come out here in September. It’s not that far. It’ll be a great day and it’s pretty big.
    As I posted before, our winter meet is next Saturday on the 10th so if you can cut out and do a weekend away, come out. We’d love to have ya!

    We have 3 venders (this meet) and I’m sure at least 50 Head-fiers. I’m sure more will show up throughout the day. Lots of gear and Food too!

    For September, organize a caravan and do a road trip! Nothings happening out there with meets so come on guys would have fun. Here’s the link to our meet.
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  10. Dutch1Schaefer
    I will do my best to make it to the meet in September, myself and T-bone have been talking about making the drive. I just read the whole thread about the 10th meet and looks to be allot of amazing gear in tow. I’ve never been to anything like this or been able to demo so many pieces of gear. Very exciting.
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  11. koover
    That would be awesome and you and everyone is welcome. We really believe it'll be even bigger in September. We''re trying to get Vegas, New Mexico, even Utah (that's a stretch) and southern California to join us and make it one huge a$$ event so everyone can enjoy. It doesn't look like you guys have meets so why not open it up so everyone close enough can enjoy. We'll do our own AZjam. Each one of our meet gets better and better. You're right, there's a lot of gear and high end too. You have lots of time to chew on it . Hopefully you guys and others can make it. Stay in touch!
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  12. Dutch1Schaefer
    It’s unfortunate that Vegas doesn’t have a greater presence and community in town or on head-fi. I know there are people that buy hi-fi gear here or the few retailers we have wouldn’t exist. My guess is they set up more surround type home systems, and aren’t super passionate about the hobby. Or just too busy for places like head-fi who knows.

    I think it’s great what you are doing, and thanks for reaching out to us in the surrounding states for what seems to be an amazing time all around.

    Being somewhat new to quality personal audio equipment I find the head-fi community incredible and a wealth of information.
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  13. koover
    Hey, what up guys?
    Just staying in touch and keeping this thread alive. Don't forget about September. I know it's still quite a ways away but don't make plans for that weekend except to come out and hang in Phoenix.
    I'm going to secure everyone from out of town some smoking rates right at the Hilton. I'll include a link in all 3 threads (this one, the official and the 4 corners) within the next few weeks hopefully that will take you right to the reservation page for the discount.
  14. alea35
    Just recently moved to Vegas (Henderson specifically, is that still considered "Vegas" by the locals?)

    Would love to attend a meet up if we put one together. I'd volunteer my time and services to help organize the event as well. Is there still interest in 2018?
  15. FangJoker
    Henderson and North Las Vegas are also considered to be part of the metro Las Vegas area. Anything Clark County is Las Vegas really.
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