L> IEMS that are durable and good quality under 100
Jul 3, 2010 at 1:09 PM Post #121 of 128

lol i dont know lol do you mind pointing me towards some real IE7s

Any authorized dealer should have them. Like directly from Amazon
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Well duh. Good things cost money, particularly when they're not Chinese knock-offs.

Pretty much. Either pony up the cash or lower your standards.
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Awesome enjoy them!
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New to head-fi, but not headphones.
I have IE80, UE900, jvc x90, m-80's, ue9000, mdr-1r, turbine, turbine gold, turbine copper, miles Davis, x10, shure215LTD, audiofly, xb700, shure 840, and now Municio SV.
I have had the Municio nine's in the past. I wanted to like them badly; the are some of the coolest and durable iem's out there. But, the bass was trying so hard that they would drown the mids, and then you would quickly tire from their sound. No matter how much a lot of bass is "cool," their sound was just not so!
These Municio SV's on the other hand, are a completely different story!.

Bass hits in a good way. Soundstage is LIVE.. Instruments are separated and distinct without making it robotic. Call clarity on BOTH ends is clear, buttons easy to locate and press, durable feeling, and classy look with the bronze and silver. $100. Do yourself something nice and get these! Without question...

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