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KZ ZS10 vs KZ ZS5

  1. Prim8NChief
    So far both these KZ models interest me. I can get the ZS5 for $25. From what I've heard it has good bass which is one thing I am looking for. I can get the ZS10 for $43. Is the price difference worth it? What are the differences in these two IEMs quality wise?

    If you think another one of the KZ IEMs are better than these two, please let me know which one it is and why.
  2. GREQ
    KZ10 isn't out yet. Only pre-order.
    Nobody will be able to give you a comparison yet.
  3. Prim8NChief
    Some people do have it. I was reading through the KZ impressions thread and people have received there's already. I know one person mentioned getting it from aliexpress.com with the fast delivery option.
  4. domino584
    There is a review, too! http://www.thephonograph.net/kz-zs10-review/

    It sounds quite promising. They fix a lot of the issues from the ZS5 and ZS6. I have the ZS5, and although I'm very impressed by them, they were horrifically uncomfortable. I'm planning on grabbing the ZS10 depending on reviews. I'm currently very impressed by my VSONIC GR07s. I question if they are using the same 10mm driver.
  5. buke9
    After reading the review it might be my next iem have a $50 pre paid Visa left from Christmas as I have the ATE, ZST, ZS3 and ZS6 why not?
  6. Sylaw
    holly hell.. so i came back to the forum after 4 years.

    I have pre-ordered the Kz- Zs10 and i currently have a pair of KZ ZS5 V2s. All this time i have been using my LG V10 as my Go To dac , but sadly the bloody thing broke due to a boot-loop ( hecking LG!!), i had no choice but to get a new phone & i got my Self a Sony XZ Premium. I have to say i hate the audio quality of the phone. it sound pretty dry and lack the coherency of the v10 :'( . Meanwhile i found a local chap to fix the phone for around 40 bucks. to make things more complicated , i found this amazing portable tube amp from little bear called "B4" for 70$

    So my question... should i get my phone fixed and run the Zs10 with my v10 or should i invest on the amp? What will give me more of a noticeable difference? ( given the fact that valves give a real good airy and a warm sound) How do yall think Zs10 will react to amping?
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  7. Dathide
    Considering the ZS10s have a low impedance of 30 ohms, you really shouldn't invest in an amp. It likely won't result in any sound difference, unless you are planning to listen to them at very high volumes or hugely increasing the bass through an EQ. The ZS10s react well to equalization, so if you really enjoy bass, an amp might be worth it. I encourage you to read the ZS10 review by ThePhonograph (http://www.thephonograph.net/kz-zs10-review/) for their experience using an amp with them.

    If it were me, I would definitely get the phone fixed before buying an amp. A better DAC can make a world of a difference.
  8. nofacemonster
    I own the ZS5 and they sounds pretty impressive. I was wondering about the same question, how will it be against ZS10.
  9. nofacemonster
    I don't know much because i don't have many things with me but i bought a little bear b5. It was a total piece of crap; just add more hiss and kills the bass, that's all it did. It's beyond use. I KZ ZS5, ZS3, ZS1, ATR, and some big size over ear headphones from Audio Technica, Panasonic, Sony etc but they all have this problem with little bear b5. I looked or a solution or anyone else who has a similar fate but i couldn't find someone who owns b5. So beware with b4. I don't know how is b4 but i would worry if someone to buy it without knowing.
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  10. Virtu Fortuna
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  11. buke9
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  12. Virtu Fortuna
    Thank you. I'm glad that you confirm my impressions.
  13. serman005
  14. Virtu Fortuna
    Thank you, we're doing our best.

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