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Koss KPH30i thread

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  1. waynes world
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  2. waynes world
    I'll start by sharing a post by @Nick-s-f:


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  3. waynes world
    Nick, you said this in the Portapro thread:

    Do you prefer those Geekria Grado pads with the KPH30i's over the Yaxi pads?
  4. Nick-s-f
    Its a close call. KPH30i is more laid back and wide, but the portas are more exciting, image better and punch harder.

    I like the midrange on the porta pro better than most other headphones, so it wins out..just barely.
  5. waynes world
    Thanks. I have the sportapros (on parts express headband), and it seems that I would probably like the yaxi pads for them.

    And I just received the KPH30i's. I'm going to get used to them before considering any pad changes, but the Geekria Grado pads that you mentioned are interesting.
  6. TheoS53
  7. waynes world
    Well, that's pretty much all that needs to be said about them! :)

    Very nice review.
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  8. flamesofarctica
    KHP30i arrived yesterday, cheapest way to get them in UK seemed to be buying direct from amazon.com despite the shipping & import cost. Still well worth it although it added about £10 to the price, these are excellent. Nice accompaniment to my other Koss's (PortaPro, KTXPRO1 and KSC75). Beautifully laid back open sound, nice amount of detail, I like the slightly wider pads as well compared with the other Koss's. You can pretty much forget you're wearing them as well.
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  9. MisterMudd
    Got mine a couple of weeks ago from the Drop and digging them a lot. Nice addition to my collection. At my age and level of hearing loss I have pretty much given up on expensive headphones and these fill in the gap very nicely. With the KPH30i, Porta Pro, and KSC75 (Parts Express headband with Yaxi pads) I am just back into the music more, and gear less so. How fun.
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  10. waynes world

    Yeah, being in my 50's, my hearing also ain't what it used to be, and it is somewhat liberating to not worry so much about every last detail. But I still know what sounds good to me, and the Koss-cheapo-trinity family fits the bill :)
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  11. MisterMudd
    Just want to say after a few weeks with these now - DAMN THESE SOUND GOOD! One hell of a bargain. Back to my music y’all. Later...
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  12. ilmothedude
    Crazy pad experiment with kph30i!

    Pads are cheap not-genuine Grado G cushions, and they fit quite well actually. Of course little cut for cable would be necessary but these are for my Grados so I won't be doing that. But oh boy how they sound! Much bigger soundstage width and depth, whole sound is more clear since there's nothing covering the grill. Surprisingly sound signature is still pretty much the same but less veiled. Bass is very clean and punchy! I really might have to buy another set of these pads, just for kph30i.
  13. waynes world
    Very interesting! I'd be interested in a link for those pads if you have it. Thanks.
  14. ilmothedude
  15. waynes world
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