Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread
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I thought they were Shrute bucks

:etysmile: it takes a The Office fan to appreciate that joke.

On a more relevant note, I'm gonna wait patiently for my bundle of ES and EDSE earphones. I've gone through the Chinese IEM thread and KZ stood out. I pulled the trigger because of the recommendation from SymphonyX7. It should be about 3 more weeks or so before I receive them, but I'm already itching to get the micro rings, ir3 and gr models :)
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kz gr with black filters

The kz se sounds very good, it already satisfys my bass needs. It hits hard and has a lot of quantity. The gr with the black filters sounds pretty bad to be honest, with red filters it already has a lot of bass a touch more than the se. Also I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but these two kz iems have the worse driver flex I have ever encountered.
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Out of my EDSE, ES and DT3, definitely ES for you preferences, but I have only those three. I think particularly a cappella, jazz sort of thing sounded nicer with ES compared to other two... both have overpowering bass. Micro ring and couple others are also recommended here.
Mandatory warnings:
-take with grain of salt
-set expectations for 10 dollar China IEM as they are
-there's probably over-hype for these, popularity is driven by price
Oct 19, 2014 at 8:08 PM Post #1,016 of 64,105
LPS for US$32.20, and there`s also a US$2 coupom, looking for some impressions before anything...

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