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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. zazaboy
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
  2. crinacle
    And on the other side of the fence, KZ fanboys with zero critical listening ability and experience claiming that anyone who thinks that KZ is bad are bad themselves.

    You don't have to believe me. Try the IEMs in the upper tiers and see for yourself (try a lot, don't pick and choose 1 or 2 that you don't like and form a straw man argument based on that). If it will EVER be possible, I can blind test an S tier IEM and pick it against a ZS5 10 out of 10 times. The differences are EXTREMELY obvious to a trained ear.

    That said, I did try out a ZSR just now, and it was veeeery good. How good exactly on my list I'm not too sure, not enough listening time.
  3. Slater
    OK, lemme double check. It was late at night, maybe I got it backwards.
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  4. Slater
    Well, I just checked all of my EDR1s, both visually and listening. I even opened all of mine that were still sealed in the white boxes.

    Sure enough, it appears KZ changed the location of the vent hole at some point. All of the old black cardboard boxed ones had the hole in the back. I have 2 in a new white box with the vent in the back. The rest of the EDR1s in white boxes have the vent in the front.

    So the vent hole is currently not a reliable way to tell the EDSE and EDR1 apart with 100% accuracy. It used to be, but no longer is.

    Both vent locations are the same size and both are BEHIND the driver (ie bass vents), so there is no effect on the tuning of the EDR1 whatsoever. This is why the “old” and “new” EDR1s sound identical.

    What’s different about the EDSE is not the vent hole itself, but rather the different driver used (or at least USED to be used).

    @BadReligionPunk just posted above that his EDSE and EDR1 sound the same, so maybe KZ revised the EDSE at some point and started using the same drivers as the EDR1. Who knows?

    And this is why KZ is so frustrating sometimes; because they quietly make changes to models, and it often becomes impossible to know what you’re buying.

    So here’s the bottom line as far as I can tell:

    1. If you receive an “EDR1” in an old black cardboard box, and it has the vent in the back of the shell (ie behind the wire strain), it is indeed an EDR1 and not an EDSE.

    2. If you receive something that looks like an “EDR1” in an old black cardboard box, and it has the vent in the FRONT of the shell (ie forward of the wire strain), it is an EDSE and not an EDR1.

    3. If you receive an “EDR1” in one of the new small white cardboard boxes, and it says “EDR1” on the front, it is an EDR1, regardless of where the vent hole is.


    4. If you receive a “mystery” IEM loose in a ziplock baggie (ie no box), and it has the vent in the back (behind the wire strain), it is an EDR1. Because all EDSE had the vent hole in the front.

    5. If you receive a “mystery” IEM loose in a ziplock baggie (ie no box), and it has the vent in the front (forward of the wire strain), it could be either an EDR1 or an EDSE. There is no way to know which you received.
  5. HerrXRDS

    If you don't mind a bright IEM or are willing to EQ, ZS6 is still superior to all those. I can't talk about the ed16, haven't heard that one yet. I think the ES4 is overrated, maybe I got a defective one but it can certainly not handle fast and busy tracks, gets too congested for my taste.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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  6. nxnje
    Heard may good things about em, the only problem is thay i have very small ears and some stuff like that would easily pop off. I saw zsa can be good but i see no reviewe about it with comparisons with maybe zsr, ed16, es4 and so on..
  7. SoundSquare
    Bought some ZS6 last week, i've been listening to them extensively since then, and i'm utterly impressed. The iems i'm listening to at the moment are the Oriolus mk2, the A&K Beyerdynamic T8iE, Final FI-BA-SS, Onkyo E900M, Velvet V2 and Campfire Dorado, but i can't get my ears off the ZS6. After a few days i got used to the treble and it's far from being my most treblist iem, actually i love the treble,, and beautiful bass. I'm just shocked at the level of detail the ZS6 can deliver yet remaining a very fun iem, with this punchy bass, a beautifully done V-shaped signature. Incredible price for such quality.
    I run it balanced on a Fiio X7 mk2 or an A&k Kann, the Kann being the best source from the two for these. I just thrashed the includied tips (but they are not that bad actually) and use some Symbio W tips.
    Hook these beauties up with an AK DAC based DAP and close your eyes :)

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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  8. Vestat
    Got My ES4 today.
    Just tried during a short trip on the train. Still no burn time or accurate listening.. just 1 hour on the train.
    My personal impressions are compared to the ZS6 that I own and like kind of a lot.
    - Slightly less punchy than ZS6
    - Definitely less piercing than ZS6
    - Slightly more deep (mid bass, fill bass or whatever you call that).
    - WAY LESS DETAILED.. instrumental separation, definition, is nowhere close to ZS6. will update if burning changes something.
    - Less wide soundstage, but still overall ok.

    Considering the price of less than 15.. It's a bargain.
    I still prefer ZS6 that, after a lot of time, is getting less piercing and is still delivering impressive detail and soundstage.. with some EQ of course.

    ES4 needs little EQ and is very good out of the box.

    Finally, I agree with most of other users opinion. I just feel much more detail and precision in ZS6. At the moment, ES4 sounds a bit confusing different frequencies.

    One very good suprise is the size. It's small and fits perfectly in my ears. It's also very light and comfortable. Build quality is also good even if not as good as ZS6.

    I repeat, costing 15 bucks is worth every penny.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Slater
    I’m kinda glad I’ve held off on all of these new KZs. I am in love with my ZS6 and ZSR. From many of the opinions, I get the impression that the new models would be great for a new ChiFi owner. But for many of us that own numerous KZs, it’s just a sidegrade in a slightly different shaped shell (not that there’s anything wrong with that - the different shells are a great option for those that have fit issues with the ZSR, ZS6, ZS5 v1 etc).
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
  10. HungryPanda
    Then there is the QKZ DM6 with the vent on the front

  11. Deveraux
    Just a really small impression about the ES4 from person not so familiar with audiophile terms :3

    One word: It's overrated for sure. No doubt.

    My ZS5 v1 sounds cleaner in the highs and the low ends got some good high quality feel to it which the ES4 lacks. v1 sounds a teeeny little more airier too (imaging?).

    There's some slight hissing from the highs and cymbals like we hear in low bitrate music.

    For some reason the ES4 fits tooo snug in my ears with the same tips I use on ZS5.

    Definitely worth the 15$ including shipping.

    It looks beautiful too!

    ZS5 v1 is a GEM. Anybody who still has it, keeeep them!

    My opinions are a lot in line with @Vestat . Although I feel both ES4 and ZS5 are both very similar sounding when EQed. ZS5 a little more cleaner.
  12. Slater
    Hmmm, I wonder what the story on that one is? It's likely just repackaged EDR1 or EDSE. The question is - which one?
  13. DocHoliday
    That's quite a compliment based on:

    1) entertainment value
    2) perceived price-to-performance ratios.

    Oriolus mk2 ($800)
    A&K Beyerdynamic T8iE ($800)
    Final FI-BA-SS ($1000)
    Onkyo E900M ($450)
    Velvet V2 ($800)
    Campfire Dorado ($1000)
    KZ ZS6 ($45)

    I have no illusions if actually comparing the ZS6 to the IEMs mentioned above but I definitely think they are thoroughly entertaining and well worth the $45 asking price............and then some.

    20171129_130628 (0).jpg

    P.S. - Before long I should be posting a review of a modified ZS6.....just need more time to sort out it's sound signature.
  14. BadReligionPunk
    Damn. Those are beautiful. I have had a set in my wishlist . Just how crashy is the treble? Any chance you have listened to JVC FXT200 or Audio Technica CKM99 or CKS1000? All of those are too crashy for me despite me loving their sound sigs. I am old and my treble perception is a bit off, but sibilance of any kind usually gives me a headache within a few minutes.
  15. VibrantHarmonics
    Thanks bro. Also, if I change the cable and connect the right to the left earphone, reverse, will it make a difference or not?

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