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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Shadowsora
    Hi, i don't have ED2 but i have EDSE and mh1, comparing them to mh1, mh1 has a punchier style of bass fast and responsive also the highs are a bit better, EDSE is a bit inferior in terms of sq but i personally use them over mh1 because of the cable and the music i listen too, you can get a very good result with EDSE on every genre of music, also to my ears EDSE is more smooth overall.
    So now take on account that ED2 is a bit bassier than EDSE(haven't heard them myself but other members said so).
  2. B9Scrambler
    "Dear friend, KZ - CM9 because has been sold out, no stock
    We will send you KZ - ED3, two products same price, similar functions"
    RAWR! The CM9 continues to elude me. From what I've read I will certainly like the ED3 though, so there is one positive [​IMG]
    If anyone knows where to get a CM9 at around the magic 10 USD mark, with free shipping to Canada, please feel free to drop a link.
  3. ilikeiem
    How about this?
  4. B9Scrambler

    Thanks, but that's the seller I tried from. They're out of stock :frowning2:
  5. ilikeiem
    How about this?
  6. Ira Delphic
    You also said the same thing about the ED8. And to my ears they have fair resolution, muddy bass and plastic sounding treble. I see the hype train has started! Has anyone else, other than ilikeiem tried the ED9? 
  7. ilikeiem
    What source gear (DAC) are You using for listening and comparing?
  8. B9Scrambler
  9. souvikdas95
    I know most of you will not like this but if you are not interested in buying a separate source, you can actually boost your computer/laptop's sound card to a great extent simply by using some softwares and their configs. I am using Razer Surround Pro with Kraken ( for Over-the-ear ) and Hammerhead ( In-the-ear ) configuration for my respective (different) headsets. Plus, I am using VLC media player for playing the sounds by changing the audio codec and resampling properties in it. Serves good to me. I don't own much expensive earphones. So, I did not have the need to buy a high quality / sophisticated sources / amplifiers.
  10. EISENbricher
    You should try raw sound too... Try Foobar2000 with wasapi plugin and from foobar preferences select wasapi (event) as output. Let me know if you try this.

    Oh btw for super budget conscious people imo ELE DAC D01 with Topping NX1 is a very good deal.

    Anyway, any kind of sound is awesome if you enjoy it :)
  11. EISENbricher
    I'm amazeballs over the looks, and since it's still at fairly low cost I pulled trigger, haha. I don't believe at all the specifications listed on product description page, but if it's KZ who is making this it's not going to be too disappointing... I hope.

    Waiting for the ED9....At least a month to go!
  12. B9Scrambler
    I pulled the plug on the ED9 as well. This is getting to be an "expensive" week, but in a good way :D
    EISENbricher likes this.
  13. ilikeiem
    I used to buy DIY IE800 before. It looks exactly as geniune IE800 but sound quality doesn't even come close.  I hope TUNA-ED9 is not a DIY ED9. 
  14. EISENbricher
    Seller of Tuna ED9 says that this is original KZ.

  15. BigGearHunter
    As a KZ veteran, I can assure you guys that Tuna and KZ are the same. It seems KZ's model is to initially overprice their models and wait about a month and often less until they slash the prices mercilessly and they often reach the "below $10" mark. I wouldn't worry about Tuna ED9 being a fake.
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