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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Djsenjaya

    To me it was sibilance. Soundstage was average. And yes i have 3 pair of zst. 2 rainbow and 1 carbon. Never like them.
    Zs3 was different. On the first time i try it. It blows my mind. This is the earphone that has all aspects nearly perfect. Soundstage, treble was done right, mid and bass has enough quantity.

    Ive tried senfer dt2 plus and i can say zs3 was better than dt2 plus with triple driver.
  2. Griffith
    I concur, the ZS3 has many qualities but soundstage is not one of them. ED9 has better soundstage IMO and the ATE and ZST wipe the floor with either of them.
  3. Griffith
    I can understand why coming from Sennheiser you'd appreciate the ZS3 more than the ZST. Although I love the ZST's sound, it can get tiresome to listen due to it's bright somewhat harsh highs (though that can be alleviated slightly with the silver cable or more so with equalization). In my opinion, the ZS3 one of the easiest to recommend earphones from KZ's lineup, the ZST is a good earphone for people that appreciate fun, forward sounding earphones whereas the ZS3 are a comfortable bassy earphone that can be used for many hours without any discomfort.
    I think that you'd like the ATE more than the ZST if you like Sennheiser's signature sound. The ATE is not as warm sounding as the ZST, nor as forward but it has more clarity than the ZS3, a significantly better soundstage (similar or better to the ZST's) and more recessed but tighter bass, provided you have a good seal on your earphone tips.
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  4. BWAS1000
    Which KZs are Balanced Armature/dynamic hybrid?
  5. To.M
    Only one model so far, ZST. In the near (probably) future another one is supposed to be released.
  6. Mus1c
    kz zst
  7. Djsenjaya

    Actually I have kz Ate, ATR, zst and zs3. I prefer zs3 from all the type. Ate was too soft sounding for me.
    . Zst indeed was make me uncomfortable,and I found out 4in1 was better if one is searching for forward sounding earphone. But kz zst wins the build design. I love the design of zst candy tone
  8. BWAS1000

    Only the ZST?
  9. Drachen1
    looks awesome!
    How did you remove the logo?
  10. VShaft

    I can't really, I'm not at all versed in the technical audio jargon.
    I listen to a whole variety of music, but usually center around metal/rock and its subgenres (prog, death, doom, post-rock, post-metal). Currently I'm again in a post-rock phase, mainly due to the discovery of the band I linked above - Halma. Their music is slow, moody, chill, bassy, meditative, so very well produced. And with the purchase of the ZS2 I have a smile on my face when listening to it, and can't wait for my evening listening sessions of their material.
    So, majestic :D
    And how I wanted my ZS2 to sound? Well, I just wanted to hear dual-drivers, for the novelty of it. Knowing a bit about the ZS2's sound signature, I expected them to be bassier than my ATE-S, but not exactly muffled (or muddy). But that's how they sounded with the stock/starline tips. With the wide bores, however, I'm liking them quite a bit. The bass is not so overwhelming, at the rest of the frequency range isn't so drowned by the bassiness. that's the best I can put it with my limited audio vocabulary.
  11. Degree
    Hey guys, where would be the best place to purchase the ZS3?
  12. To.M
  13. Podster

    Good call To.M[​IMG]
    Where I got mine: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/KZ-ZS3/32680596348.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.vme67T
    Such a loving, sharing, enabling[​IMG] community we have here[​IMG]
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  14. To.M
  15. squallkiercosa
    How did you change it? 

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