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Klipsch S4, Etymotic Mc5 or Head Direct ReO?

  1. alviizphail
    Hey guys my price range is sub 100 bucks and I really want all of these headphones. Can you give me some insight on all of them?
    but which should I get?
  2. kmhaynes
    RE0 - neutral, accurate, detailed, best smooth highs of almost any IEM - might be considered boring to some.
    S4 - colored, bassy & hot trebles, med. detail level - probably considered fun by most, if you can handle the bass & highs.
    MC5 - closer to the RE0, very balanced, but slight leanings toward the more fun S4.
    I've had all 3 and kept the RE0 the longest, mainly because that is my preferred sound signature.  But, TBH, the MC5 is a great option if you want a clean and accurate sound that can be warm and fun enough to keep your interest.
  3. alviizphail
    I listen to a lot of old and new hip hop
    and electronic music/daft punk 
  4. kmhaynes
    Well based on that ^, if you like pounding big bass and hot highs, then I would suggest the S4 -- the highs do tame down some after 60-100 hours.
    If you want a more even sound that emphasizes the vocals just as much as the bass and highs, then the MC5 is for you.
    If you want an analytical approach to your music, then the RE0 is for you -- but it will sound pretty thin if you don't have a higher powered player or portable amp.
    Depends on how you want to hear your music.
  5. alviizphail
    also my player is a Zune HD no amps
  6. ElcomeSoft
    I have the RE-ZERO, a slightly improved RE-0 by all accounts, and I am finding it extremely good on the highs. For example, the vocal elements of songs by Evanescence are excellent and I have listened to a lot of Jamiroquai's tracks on them which are a real pleasure, mixing a nice punchy beat with IEM's that can handle the fast pace and high notes fantastically well.
    I am a Daft Punk fan but feel kind of burned out on them recently, not to mention the program that ripped my CD's decided to get the ID tags completely wrong. As it so happens, Crescendolls (or Digital Love, as it is tagged up) is on my phone and it sounds pretty darn good despite it being a song I have never really cared much about.
    What source will you be using with these earphones? I can only say that my HTC HD2 can drive the RE-ZERO's extremely well. I do not know but it may be relevant for the other earphones you have listed. Someone with more knowledge in that area could help :)
  7. alviizphail
    Any other artists like daft punk?
    I havent ventured far from it
  8. Shinnbone
    I've never heard the RE-0s. But I bought S4s and MC3s (MC5s with iPhone mic) to compare to use with my phone, and ended up returning the MC3s.
    S4s have a ton of bass. Way too much actually for my taste, and  the low-mids tends to be a bit muddy, too. EQing the low frequencies down makes them sound quite decent, though. Of course, if you like a lot of bass, this may not be a problem.The highs can be harsh at first, but they calm down after a couple of days of non-stop burn in. 
    The main reason I returned the MC3s was its mids, which I found very anemic and lacking. Listening to AC/DC, I was almost shocked at how nasal and honky Angus's guitar sounded. A Gibson SG through a Marshal stack (or even a half-stack) does not sound like that at all. Getting a good fit was a huge problem for me, but even when I would force the pieces to stay in a position to get the best sound possible by holding them, the mids were way too lifeless to my ears. Bass is subdued, but the timbre is quite nice. Highs are definitely there.
    The S4s have a bit more "air" to the sound. I can hear the after-attack on the drums, kind of a reverberation, on the S4s. The drums on MC3s were extremely dry sounding.
    S4s tend to give you the music as a chunk rather than individual instruments. Instrument separation is far better on the MC3s.
    The S4s are hands down more comfortable to wear. MC3s hurt my ears after about 30 minutes. This of course depends on the individual.
    The S4s are not great. Far from it. But they were more acceptable to me than the MC3s -- I can live with their shortcomings, whereas I felt the weakness of the MC3s would drive me nuts. Of course, YMMV.
  9. SavageRehab
    So you haven't gone and explored any more electro outside of Daft Punk ? Were do I start! You should definitely listen to; The Prodigy, Aeroplane, The Bloody Beetroots,Deadmau5, Basement Jaxx,Pendulum. Just to get you into the mainstream of stuff and then you can venture off into whatever takes your fancy. Listen to "Tha Trickaz" for a mix of like electro/D&B/Hip-Hop its a pretty cool concept they have going on.. Just send me a message if you want to know any more on electro type music.
  10. alviizphail
    Also is CNET a good site for thier headphone reviews?
  11. Virtue94
    I personally like the Klipsch Image S4s. I have a pair and I can say that they're absolutely wonderful. There may be a little coloration in there but it's negligible in my opinion. 
  12. alviizphail
    can you give me some insight on the durability of the S4's?
  13. Mdraluck23


    Not particularly great.... This site is the best though!
    I've had RE0's and S4's and I love my RE0's. S4's have ridiculous amounts of bass, but lack the truly exceptional levels of detail on the RE0. MC5 seems like a nice middle ground, but I've never heard them.
  14. SavageRehab
    Boy can I... They have ridiculously thin cables. I was scared to bring them outside of my house. Mine Lost sound in the right ear maybe 4 months into purchase. Then the cables seemed to become detached from the housing (and driver). So if you're using this as your earphone for everything outside (Walking, running, General travelling) and they're just going to be in your pocket then don't go for them. Although there sound is quite appealing to my ears.
  15. alviizphail
    w8 are the Re0's good in durability?

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