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Klipsch Image X10i vs. Shure SE425

  1. SBennett
    I've been doing a lot of research on both of these earbuds and the reviews for each are pretty fantastic, but I was hoping someone here on the forums could give some insight comparing these two models as I'm going to get either one or the other. 

    Some things to note:
    Price isn't really a concern, I can get either for around the same price.
    I own a pair of Klipsch image S4's and I like their sound, but I'm open to something slightly different.
    I listen to a lot of older music (e.g. Paul Simon) and Choral (e.g. Eric Whitacre). If I listen to new music it's usually acoustic or soft rock.
    Most often I'm using an iPhone 4 and high bit rate AIFF audio files as a source.
    I know the x10is have the iPhone controls but that's not essential to me and doesn't influence my decision at all.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Avalon0387
    I would go with the Klipsch X10 any day over the Shures for a couple of reasons. If you are going to spend what these cost, then comfort is everything. The X10s are by far the most comfortable universals I own. Also, they are easy to insert and remove as they do not wrap around the ear, if that is important to you. They sound really good and better than some multi-armature IEMs I have.
    I hope this helps.
  3. Fin1211


    I would strongly recommend something such as the fischer audio dba-02, but since sound is totally subjective, may i ask what type of sound are you into? Thick, or analytical? Something such as...earsonics sm3 or westone 4 may suit you better if looking for thick sound.
  4. SBennett
    I'm really looking at these two models specifically because I can get a pretty significant discount on them through the company I work for.

    I might ask you to define "thick" in more detail. If by thick you mean bass heavy then I tend to shy away from that. I usually look for accurate sound, and welcome bass until gets to the point of sounding like the over saturated low-end of a pair of Bose.
  5. SBennett

    What do you think about the dual drivers in the SE425's? It seems like a big advantage over the x10's, though the x10's definitely seem more comfortable...
  6. Avalon0387
    Don't let the number of armatures fool you. The X10 flat out sounds better than some multi-armature IEMs I own. I use new IEMs all the time and I always go back to the X10s for comfort. They are an amazing IEM.
    And they are beautiful and weigh practically nothing.
  7. Pitts Pilot
    I was debating the X10s and the 535s.  I ended up getting the 535s.  After only a few trips out and about, I now really wish I'd gone with the X10s.  The extra hassle of having to deal with getting them in and out and situated, combined with the fact they they look pretty dorky, is enough to outweigh the very slight sound advantage, for me.  I sometimes don't bother bringing the Shures when in a hurry, etc.  After having the Shures for a while, I stopped back into the store and popped the X10s in.  I was like - Wow - these are so cool, so small, so easy to get in/out, and sound damn good - especially if you like a little extra bass.  For walking around, I'm not looking for a monitor to critically analyze, I'm looking to liven up my commute with a little fun.
  8. Fin1211


    Thick does not directly refer to bass heavy, and is not exactly the opposite of analytical. When you think about a phone, say the addiems(apple dual drivers)you think analytical, bass controlled phones. But when you think of thick you dont necessarily think of bass heavy. Think of the Klipch Custom 3's or the Earsonics SM3's as thick. Before i knew anything, i had the bose ies. My main phones now are the custom 3's. So, if you had to choose between the x10s, and the 425s, which you cant really go wrong either way, you might like the x10s more. good luck!
  9. SBennett
    Sounds like Klipsch is the way to go! Thanks everyone for your input, I'll try to post some thoughts once they come in. 

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