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Klipsch High End Over Ear-your input appreciated

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by musiqlovr, Oct 27, 2016.
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  1. Slim1970
    Either way, I hope the guy enjoys the HP-3’s and does the right thing with since they are a gift. With that said, I like them better than the LCD-X’s I just got. The HP-3’s are better balanced with equally good bass depth and extension. The bass is not as quick and doesn’t have the slam or thump of the LCD-X’s. But to my ears the HP-3’s do everything else better.
  2. Gambitek
    I've still yet to encounter a TOTL headphone that has the sub bass of the HP-3. Even though I overall prefer my Auteur, damn I wish it rumbled like the HP-3.
  3. Slim1970
    The HP-3’s bass is great and brings a big smile to my face every time I listen to it. It’s really a toe tapping headphone.

    The Auteurs will be my next headphone. I’ve been craving them ever since I heard them at a local meet. They don’t sound like any headphone I have in my inventory which makes them a unique listening experience.
  4. Gambitek
    The Auteurs need an EQ sub-bass boost for sure, but it handles it pretty well. I give it about +5 db at 20-25 hz with a Q of .8 or 1.41 depending on what I am listening to. I do prefer the soundstage width and depth of the HP-3. The Auteur has more airiness between the instruments and feels a bit more open.
  5. omniweltall
    Try TH900. Once EQ-ed, it will be a worthy adversary to the HP3. The things I'm hearing abt HP3's strengths seem to coincide with TH900.
  6. Beagle
    Does anyone know how a Canadian can acquire the Klipsch Heritage HP3? I've encountered nothing but hurdles.
  7. Giallofan
    Did you try Audio46 in New York? The seem to indicate that they will ship to Canada. Have no idea what the price may be or the shipping time.
  8. RichGuy
  9. Beagle
    Thank you. I think I tried Crutchfield via chat and they indicated they don't ship to Canada. Audio46 might work.
  10. RichGuy
    How about Woo Audio they are in Long Island, New York and ship worldwide (outside of USA does have a shipping charge, free in the USA).
    trellus and Beagle like this.
  11. Giallofan
    Good luck. I am very interested in them myself so I would love to hear your impressions.
    Beagle likes this.
  12. Beagle
    Hey thanks. That looks the best yet. Gotta scrounge up some cash now...
  13. Gambitek
    Klipsch HP-3 with a ZMF Pilot Pad (it barely fits, but it does) takes the comfort to the next leather. The leather ear pads get much softer with use, as well.
  14. raindogtrombone
    Apologies if this has been answered before (and if you know it has, please let me know which page), but I have a pair of these and I absolutely love them. I have a balanced setup and it was my understanding that the headphone connectors were 3.5 mm, the same as Denon D7200, Beyer T1, etc. so I picked up a balanced Dyson audio cable. However, it doesn't quite work. I can get sound if it's pressed in halfway, but it doesn't sound great. When it's pushed in fully, I get no sound at all. Did I buy the wrong cable? Where would I get a balanced cable that fits the HP3?
  15. Beagle
    I have the same problem. The DANA cable works fine but the Silver Dragon does not.
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