1. EAR Micro T10 Bespoke - Featuring Klipsch Audio

    EAR Micro T10 Bespoke - Featuring Klipsch Audio

    T10 Bespoke
  2. C

    Experts, please advise: Turntable w/ preamp --> Bluetooth transmitter --> Bluetooth headphones?

    Hey folks, I'm brand new to this forum. I've joined on account of my inability to find a solution (not to my own surprise) for my "audio system" and some headphones I've just purchased-- I will explain, of course. As I'm sure most of you have far more complex audio problems to solve, I will...
  3. Flak2

    Apple Airpods Pro vs. Klipsch T5 II

    :) Flavio
  4. K

    SVS Ultra Bookshelf or Klipsch RP-600M. Better value?

    Hello, I need your opinions on this one. Which would you go with? I have both but it's hard to decide between the two. I got a pair of Klipsch 600 for $456, and a pair of SVS Ultra Bookshelf for $1,143. I feel like the Klipsch 600 has a wider soundstage and is airier if that makes any sense...
  5. A

    Upgrade or replacement for Klipsch x12 with similar sound profile.

    I bought my first Klipsch earphone the x10 about 8-9 years ago and just loved it. about 3-4 years ago I upgraded to the x12 it felt pretty similar. unfortunately, a few months later I lost it while traveling. So I went back to using the x10. But it started showing its age a few years later as...
  6. crossidmary

    Help! Please!!

    Apologies if this doesn’t belong here, also if it has been answered before. I vaguely remember someone recommending Shure “olives” over Comply tips for Klipsch X7i. Am I correct, do olives fit the Klipsch iem? Many thanks- “Stay tuned”
  7. zcreto

    Klipsch Hp 3 ~ ether c flows or z1r

    Need help for my longterm to end game closed back portable headphones. i have a simple gear which consists of Fiio m11 topping nx3s amp . may upgrade gear gradually ( xduoo 05 plus . m15 waiting for discount or opportunities) but wanted to start off with Headphones. Headphones in my...
  8. Audio46

    CanJam NYC 2020 Sale Week at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of every brand listed below. Find the best deals from Audio46 all this week leading up to and including CanJam NYC 2020 (Feb 15-16). Discover the exact discounts by visiting us in-store or our table at CanJam NYC. We can make exceptions for private online...
  9. jmmccann

    Klipsch X11i Replacement Tips

    I'd prefer NOT To pay 20.00 plus shipping to Canada for 4 pairs of different sized ear tips. Does anyone have good experience with a different company or generic tips that work as good as the originals? Not sure I want Foam comply tips. I found the smallest size tips from Klipsch worked best...
  10. MrOTL

    The first time visiting CanJam Singapore 2018: ETC (B cuts)

    Noble Audio Klipsch Sennheiser Colorfly There were many requests for revealing even failed photos. Here are them. Hope these help you guys a little bit! Please enjoy! Thank you :)
  11. JustJohn

    Smallish bookshelf (no stands) vs ProMedia

    Background info if you care: I have been using a pair of Klipsch B-2 bookshelf speakers with a Topping amp/DAC, but moved those to the TV where I think they are better suited. They are a little too big for my desk and I felt like the sound was going past me a bit. Main question: What is going...
  12. Bedroomdj

    Suggestions for dorm room computer speaker setup

    Hi i have a budget of lets call it $600 and that is pushing it, i may be able to up it to $7/800 but lets try to not go much over 6. im moving into my dorm which is about 11'x12' and 7'-9' tall. (Due to neighbors i was told that i should just get 2 speakers like the paradigm shift a2's, the...
  13. Musiqlovr

    Klipsch High End Over Ear-your input appreciated

    Hello Head-Fi,   My name is Steve, I am the VP and GM for Digital, Streaming and Portable Audio Solutions at Klipsch.    We are working on a premium line of high end on and over ear HP.  Our current target is between $399-1199 retail.     If you give us some help, we will give you some...
  14. tjohnusa

    Klipsch Woot deal

    Klipsch Image E1 for $14.99....anyone have these? I can't seem to find any reviews but for $15 I can't get hurt that bad buy getting these.....s/h $5.00
  15. rasher

    Terrible feedback with klipsch and iPhone

    I just tested two pairs of klipsch s4i on an iPhone 4. Both sets amplified background noise which negates the noise isolating effect. I could hear the television just as loud as I had no earphones in my ears. This feedback happens during phone calls only. I put down my coffee mug on the table...
  16. Darknyt

    Klipsch X11 or something else?

    IEM noob here, have a couple cheap sets (Klipsch X4, same in sport variant) but nothing over $100 yet. Have enjoyed a set of Senn 555's for going on 10 years now. Did the tape mod and liked the extra bass.   There is a deal today on a set of Klipsch X11 for about $115 (realizing the MSRP is a...
  17. nutzzz

    Most comfortable neckband headphones?

    I have a 22 hour flight to Asia coming up soon and I'm planning to watch movies most of the time, so I'd like to pick up a very comfortable pair of headphones. I like the neckband style because it's compact and I find them more comfortable than earbuds for extended use. I currently have a pair...
  18. DroidArmy

    Klipsch R6 filters

    Hey guys! I need some help with my Klipsch R6 iems today. Recently, the filter that protects the drivers from dust got clogged with wax. When I tried to clean them, the filter on one of the buds came off. It also happened to the other bud. The issue I'm having is the sound signature. I think I'm...
  19. imackler

    Consumer Electronics Show CES 2013 (January 8-11) Post News and Pictures Here!

    The CES show often has lots of headfi news and sometimes headfiers are there to give impressions and take pictures. Maybe others will value a single thread for this news as much as I will!
  20. Ripkabird98

    Need IEM Assistance!

    Hello! I've been lurking around here and wanting to take the jump into high end IEM's for a while now, but never did. However, I really am now. I had made this account and then never asked for help, but I am simply getting tired of the poor performance of the earbuds you find at Wal-Mart.  ...
  21. stationwagon

    Klipsch X7i

    Hey   Does anyone know details about the New Klipsch X7i with the ceramic design?   And how it pairs with the X10i's   Thanks again!
  22. isaacsultan

    Budget IEM's, Please Help

      I am looking for in ear headphones that cost under $80 but still have good sound quality, a comfortable fit and are not going to break to easily.    I don't really care about mic's or volume controllers.   I have heard good things about the Sound Magic E10 and the Klipsch S4. Which...
  23. Timfenne

    Need help choosing , need quick response

      Hello , I was first thinking of buying a pair of vmoda crossfades but i think they will be a bit expensive and i want to have some spare money in case i need something.  I was thinking of buying a pair of Sony mdr-xb700's since i can get those easily in Holland ( a lot of brands are not...
  24. bmeat

    ultimate ears vs klipsch

  25. C.C.S.

    HifiMan RE-Zero Review

    Introduction   I've spent many a day on this forum sitting back, reading about different kinds of portable audio gear in an attempt to gain a higher understanding of just how good the sound of something as simple as just an ordinary iPod can get. After multiple years listening to lackluster...