1. Neccros
    I been hearing great things about Gateron switches... They are supposedly better quality than the equivalent Cherry since in more recent years, the quality of Cherry switches has dropped a little. Like I hear stories of Cherry Black switches being scratchy, etc 
    Anyone here have experience with Gaterons??
  2. SirIsaac
    Love the white \ blue colour, looks great.
    Are those keycaps PBT or ABS? Double shot or single top labeled?
  3. koven Contributor
    what are your guys thoughts on the corsair K70 RGB LUX? is that worth the retail price or should i be considering less mainstream options in that price range? 
  4. SirIsaac
    Thats a nice keyboard. The higher price is because of the aluminum and their using actual cherry mx switches. IMO totally worth it, you won't be disappointed.
    Just a heads up on backbit keyboards, In my experience they tend to draw more power and work best when connected to a powered usb hub. (Keep that in mind if your computer doesn't detect the keyboard after waking from sleep) 
  5. koven Contributor
    thanks for the advice, i think ill go for the K70! just wanted to check to make sure it's not one of those "nice but overpriced" situations :)
  6. The_Answer
    They are PBT double shot keycaps by Vortex 
  7. SirIsaac
    Sweet, I didn't realize vortex made multicolored sets like that. 
  8. franzdom
    Total noob here, what does doubleshot mean?
  9. SirIsaac
    means, when their made, the mold is "shot" with two colors rather than one. If the key is not a double shot key than the marking on it must be a label or laser engraved...etc 
  10. Vigrith
    Yes. I own a couple Gateron boards, 2 Magicforces and a Whitefox, whilst I cannot attest for their life-expectancy just yet as I've not had them for a long time yet I can tell you they feel better than the latter iterations of Cherry - a lot of people are sceptical but I personally feel that as of right now there's no real point choosing Cherry over Gateron. For the sake of integrity though I will say I only have gateron clears (2x) and browns (x1) on my boards so I cannot attest for how the other colours feel but if they are any indication, I doubt it'll be different.
  11. Neccros
    I got the non-RGB K70 (Dont care for flashy lights) K70 and picked it up on sale for $90
  12. Neccros
    I got my first modern mech keyboard, I've always been into them since I got my first PC in the late 80's/early 90's, and discovered reds are too soft. Also found out the tops of the keys tend to be shaped tighter together cause my fat fingers to drift and make mistakes. 
    I want to try Cherry blacks or the Gateron equal on my next keyboard. One thing I with newer keyboards had was the tank like build quality of older keyboards.... I like heavy keyboards... 
  13. Vigrith
    I like light keyboards and light switches, I use Gateron clears (my favourites) and browns (not as light but still soft) but the old "vintage" cherry blacks and whites are awesome too, shame they're hard to come by nowadays.
  14. Ancipital
    (Photos used from Them Interwebs, not mine.)
    My work machine uses one of those freaky-looking Maltron keyboards with Cherry MX black switches:
    My home machine, which sometimes gets used for gaming, has a tenkeyless Filco Ninja 2 with Cherry MX reds, and silicon dampers fitted:
    Both are amazing- the Maltron is virtually impossible to use if you're not used to it, though. The Ninja, on the other hand, is a bit weird due to more or less forcing you to touch type.. but it's incredibly sturdy, and quick, and generally feels amazing in use. WASD+maus never felt so good!
    The tenkeyless layout is a boon, it preserves the key pitch to suit my slightly embarrassing large hands (no clown shoe jokes!), but gets the keyboard sensibly close to my foolishly huge Steelseries QcK Heavy mouse mat, which takes up far too much desk space. I don't need to have Gibbon arms to reach everything, which is extremely comfy.
  15. Vigrith
    Been a while since I'd seen one of those torture machines LOL

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