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  1. JayceOoi
  2. NamelessPFG
    I've returned here since I think I've found my next keyboard in the months to come:
    I've been wanting a split keyboard for a while, and this looks like just the ticket, with the early bird pricing being much lower than an ErgoDox. A split setup would allow for much more room in the middle, all freed up for touchscreens, flight sticks/yokes, racing wheels, or whatever else I want to put there.
    The Kickstarter's got about three days left right now, so if a split keyboard with Cherry MX switches, NKRO and firmware-level reprogramming without any fuss sounds appealing to you, now's the time to get in! Heck, you'll even get some free palm pad cushions since that was part of a stretch goal they just hit.
    My only complaint at the moment is that there's no Cherry MX Clear switch options, but I've come to expect that with most Cherry MX keyboard manufacturers at this rate. If it's a board I really like, I might go through the hassle of swapping in Clears or Zealios down the road.
    Well, okay, make that two complaints: this isn't a split version of the Kinesis Advantage, sculpted straight-line layout and all, like I was hoping for. I suppose that'll come later down the road.
  3. Lv100Pidgeot
    Over the last few years I've had three mechanical keyboards. The first was a wasdkeyboards v2 w/ cherry MX red switches. It always felt unergonomical to me. After a number of months without ever really getting comfortable with it, I switched to a Logitech G610 Orion red. I liked this one a lot better. It wasn't without flaws. Logitech's software is always a little bloaty and the volume wheel squeeked when I used it. My girlfriend "borrowed" this keyboard. Borrowed is in quotes because I haven't gotten it back in more than a year. :thinking: Oh well, at least she uses it every day. My most recent keyboard is a Leopold FC750R. This time around I went with black switches and was glad I did! Turns out I prefer a heavier actuation force. As for the keyboard itself, it's a huge step up from the other two. It's heavier than a brick and the keys feel fantastic. I could shout from the rooftops how much I like this thing. I don't ever want to type on anything else.
  4. Neccros
    You should get a switch sampler of Gaterons. They are WAY smoother than Cherry switches... Their blacks are about the same as far as actuation force goes, but they feel soo much smoother during the keys travel... Cherry's tend to feel scratchy based on the plastics they use in their stems
  5. tens245
    Corsair Strafe here - will probably keep it until I find something significantly better worth the upgrade.
  6. siberianman
    I currently own a Dell keyboard, been using this for 8 years and it is still working properly.
  7. wazzupi
    Thank you for your service.
  8. siberianman
    Yeah! I should thank my keyboard for the years we've been together. Lol! :)
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