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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65
    Hi all.

    Well, if you had the curiosity to watch and listen to the entire video above, if possible with a Kennerton headphones (like the Thror or the Thekk to name just two), then you will easily understand why the Russians create such beautiful ballets, compose such beautiful orchestral music, and create such good (and beautiful) headphones. :)
  2. oqvist
    I started to play with the tone controls on my RME ADI-2. It has full equalization but started simple. It has a basic bass/treble +- 6 db control. Now how hard can you push the Magni drivers safely? With Eq you can adjust even more but this is supposed to be a safe level?

    I also tried some sibilant out of time recordings and sure enough they don´t get easier with +6 treble. Still I believe that is more neutral then stock settings on my old ears :)
  3. eric65

    Max SPL for the Magni is : 129,4 dB !!!

    For 94,0 dB SPL the Kennerton Magni need, 0.073 mW (ie : effective sensitivity of the Magni is 105.4 dB / mW)

    Max input power for the Magni is 250 mW.

    You have a bit of leeway for listening at a high level, even in the treble.
    The + 6dB in the treble should not be a problem.
    Just be careful with your ears for the high SPL level. :)
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  4. eric65
  5. NickMimi
    Yesss, so excited for you! Looking forward to my next trip down your way, hope to visit and bask in their beauty. Congratulations on both.
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  6. eric65
    Good morning, everyone.

    I just discovered an excellent review, very complete, of the Kennerton Thror made by Jeff_jacko, in the HCFR test section (French forum).



    (Nb: you can use google translate very easily for non-French speakers)

    I completely approve!

    The "measures" section is also interesting to read, especially between the stock pads and the additional "Odin like" pads.

    Have a good reading of this very good test.:)

    PS: we ask for the same Jeff_jacko's test, but this time with the Kennerton Thekk ! (the Pro version of the Thror).
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
  7. eric65
    Hi all.

    Another opinion than mine, on the Kennerton Thekk, by Franck T, on the French forum.

    Quote Franck T, after translation:
    "After the''New Odin " I must say that I find the new Thekk surprising in more than one way, already a light and comfortable Kennerton headphones is for me a real progress. I've never gotten used to the fixed adjustment of the steel arch (of the Odin mk1 and mk2), but even then, even if I would have preferred an axis of rotation of the HPs, I must admit that it's very well done. Just find its setting with the rotation of the pads and the trick is done, I must say that this Thekk is for me the first Planar that impacts like a good dyn driver. The bass are clean, powerful and defined, it's a real pleasure on electro or rock. You can feel it's well controlled for the low frequencies. It is just revealing enough to make it a real all rounder high level heaphones. Finally I only talk about my experience with this model, I know that many people use their Odin and other Thridi on many musical styles. In short it is a very beautiful headphones, it is deserved in terms of price but it is really a beautiful headphones. It plays really well on the Questyle CMA Twelve Master dac / amp."


    Source: https://musique-o-casque.com/viewtopic.php?p=4456#p4456
  8. eric65
    Hi all.

    Just to let you know the appearance of a new section on the Kennerton website: the "Limited Edition" section for Kennerton headphones in limited series, with generally very beautiful woods for the cups, often unique. :)


    I was thinking in particular of the gorgeous Kennerton Vali in stabilized Karelian birch in red color.


    Not to mention my very special "Limited Edition" version of my Kennerton Thekk, also in stabilized Karelian birch, with very delicate patterns.


    Otherwise, the few comments (in English) of this new section describe well the most often exceptional and unique character of these beautiful Kennerton headphones in "Limited Edition" version.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2019
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  9. eric65
    Good morning, everyone.

    Have you noticed that?

    Why is the Thekk so light, compared to the Thror?

    Thekk weight: 370-390 g
    Thror weight: 480 g

    That's about 100 g less.

    The high-tech drivers are very close and both use a lightweight carbon fiber frame.

    The hoops (headband) are different, but imho alone does not explain the difference in weight of about 100 g between the two headphones.

    The external grids of these two headphones must also be considered: ultra-light composite grids for the Thror and ultra-thin and lightweight aluminium grids for the Thekk.

    But maybe you didn't also notice that the wooden cups of the Thekk are less massive, because they are more fine, less thicker and very probably lighter than those of the Thror?

    Thickness of the wooden cups of the Thekk: 19 mm; those of the Thror are 16% thicker (22 mm).

    You will also notice on these two photos below the even more open structure of the Thekk versus Thror: the external grids of the Thekk are much more apparent and brush against the top of the wooden cups, unlike those of the Thror, thicker and more embedded in wooden cups.


    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
  10. Arcamera
    What was that beautiful limited edition in dark blue leather? Was it Thridi? They were two sets released at the same time, in two different colour schemes. One was like blue and beige, and the other red and...?
  11. eric65
    Hi Andrew.

    Maybe this?


    Kennerton Thridi Red Rocket and Northern Star ! (Limited Edition) :)
  12. Arcamera
    Ah, yes! Thanks Eric. So beautiful. I hope they do those colour combinations again.
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  13. Milan01
    Look at this !


    A new headphone from Kennerton?
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  14. eric65
    Good evening, everyone.

    I just spent a moment comparing, with my Kennerton Thekk headphones, the 3 cables I have at my disposal:
    - 2 m Kennerton stock cable, delivered with my Thekk, with a smooth, black sheath, still rigid, but with a more pleasant and softer contact than the old stock cables that equipped the Odin and Vali.
    - Custom Kennerton cable, Litz wire, 2 m 50, black, nylon sheathed, twisted, ordered with my Thror.
    - Pierre's Vectura C cable, also made of Litz wire, 2.50 m long, beige, nylon sheathed, twisted, offered by Pierre for my birthday.


    Listen with the Thekk, but also a little bit the Thror, on the Viva 2A3 amp.

    The cable I like the least is the 2 m kennerton stock cable, delivered with my Thekk, because:
    It is a little too short (20 to 30 cm to short so that it is not stretched on my sofa)
    It is the least pleasant to touch (although it has improved significantly compared to the first Kennerton stock cables) and it is still quite rigid, although a little more flexible than the first Kennerton stock cables.
    It is the least transparent in the treble and sounds a little more cluttered than the other two cables.

    So, a Kennerton Custom Litz wire cable or Vectura C Litz cable , for the Thekk?

    In fact, it depends on your tastes and especially on what you expect from these cables.

    For the Thror, I prefer the Vectura C cable, which gives a better presence in the high treble for a headphones that has less presence in the high-treble range than the Odin, and which has a significant level of presence in the medium, but also at the hinge frequency of the upper-mids and lower treble at 3.5 KHz.
    For the Odin mk2, I also prefer the Vectura C cable, also for its better presence in the high treble, even if the Odin has a peak presence in the midle treble, and also to "degrease" a little its bass and give more legibility to the mids and the high mids of the Odin.

    For the Thekk, well, I'm going to surprise you (after surprising myself) I'll put the two cables at the same level of transparence but with a different tone: the Custom cable from Kennerton (transparent and neutral) and the Vectura C cable from Pierre (just as transparent, but brighter and more colorful in the treble).

    It all depends on what you're looking for.

    If you are looking for a certain brilliance in the treble, which is also accompanied by an increase in clarity, legibility and aeration of the sound, well you have to take Pierre's Vectura C cable ; but with the Thekk, there may be a problem with this Vectura C cable which can reinforce whistling (sss) (if present), which are comparatively more present with the Thekk than with the Thror due to a small peak in the high frequency, around 8-9 KHz, a little more pronounced.
    Thekk on the other hand attenuates the 3.5 KHz presence peak of the Thror, but it has the same presence peak as the 8-9 KHz Thror, which can be perceived as a little more present than with the Thror, especially with the Vectura C cable.

    If you are looking for the highest tonal accuracy, without highlighting the treble (and the 8-9 KHz peak of presence of the Thekk), then the Kennerton Custom cable will be better suited than the Vectura C cable.

    I used 3 CDs to test the best tonal accuracy of the Kennerton Thekk headphones with these two cables: the mixed voices of the female trio L.E.J accompanied by a cello (acoustic or electric); the voice of Nolwenn Leroy (folk women singer) and the accompanying guitar in his latest album Folk, and the Folk guitar of Paco De Lucia and his famous "Entre Dos Aguas".
    To my ear, all these female voices, and the two acoustic guitars, as well as the cellos, sound more fair (true), have better timbre and less colourful in the treble with the Custom cable from Kennerton than with the Vectura C cable from Pierre.
    With the Thekk, the Folk guitar is comparatively too bright and the cello sounds a little too high, and the female voices are a little too clear with the Vectura C cable versus the Kennerton Custom cable.

    I think that a sound engineer will be more satisfied with the sound of the Thekk with the Custom cable from Kennerton than with the Vectura C cable, because tonally perceived as more fair (true), and the Thekk is also perceived tonally as more fair (true) than the Thror, if we ignore this small peak of presence in the treble at 8-9 KHz, also found with the Thror, but perceived more easily with the Thekk, especially with a cable highlighting the treble as is the Vectura C.
    After that, this result is not surprising, considering that the Thekk is the pro version of the Thror, and that it has been "tuned" to be the most fair (true) tonally, using, I suppose, Kennerton's Custom cable (their best cable at their disposal).

    The Vectura C cable is comparatively more colorful (especially in the treble) than the Custom cable from Kennerton, more neutral, but this coloring of the Vectura C cable in the treble brings a flattering brilliance to the ear (provided it does not fall on the Thekk's 8-9 KHz presence peak, otherwise, beware of whistling, if present), by also reinforcing the impression of definition and aeration of the sound.

    In short, if you want to get the best sound with your Kennerton Thekk headphones, you may need to invest, in addition to the stock cable, with, for example :
    - A Kennerton Custom cable made of Litz wire and/or the Vectura C cable from Pierre (in addition) (according to your taste of the day: neutrality or brilliance?).
    - A very good amp, whether it's the one listened to by Franck T (Questyle CMA Twelve Master) or I also imagine a Chord Hugo 2 and Chord Hugo TT2, not to mention the top of the pyramid, most probably the Viva 845 amp, which would be perfectly adapted to the Thekk to make it sing at the highest level, if possible with a neutral and transparent cable, as envisaged above.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  15. eric65
    Thank you Milan for this scoop! :)

    It is a planar headphones that takes up the cups and headband of the new Odin 2019, except that the (wooden) grids are now one with the cups of the same wood; very original and bold. :)


    Planar Headphones
    #kennerton #headphones #hifi #highend #woodworking #woodwood #customcable #beautiful #sound #audiophile #fischeraudio #audio #planarmagneticheadphones #hiend #handcrafted #spb #engineering #highend #soundengineer #highendaudio #leather #softtouch

    The coating of the pads (perforated) and the headband look like Alcantara or more probably suede (overturned leather).

    The drivers are either those of the new Odin 2019 (i. e. also those of the Odin Thridi) or those of the Thekk.

    I would bet more for the drivers of the new Odin: a Custom version of the Odin, more comfortable (and original) than the new Odin 2019?
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