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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65
  2. Milan01
    Hello everyone,

    Here is a prototype (probably not the final look) of Kennerton aiming to have the sound of the Odin with these earphones :wink:

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  3. eric65
    Thanks Milan.

    Even more important regarding the choice of technology: this prototype is a "closed planar earphone": a mini orthodynamic IEM!
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  4. Milan01
    Yes, thanks Eric, I forgot to say this !
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  5. Dobrescu George
  6. eric65
    Good !

    And compared with the Meze Empyrean ?
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  7. Dobrescu George
    Well, let's start by saying that since the only Empyrean I can hear is at @dusty.ro , I can only test Thror when I visit Lorin.

    Which I did yesterday, we volume matched Thror and Empy, and we tested both driven from a NuPrime AMP he owns (I always forget the name, but it was a high-end one, able to drive both well)

    My personal feelings were that Thror has a more impactful and punchy sound, more instrument separation, tighter sound, better overall definition of each musical note. Empyrean sounded a touch more wide in the soundstage, where Kennerton had a bit more instrument separation and precison in the soundstage.

    Empy was more comfortable, I give it to Meze guys, Empy is really comfy. Thror has harder earpads.

    The sub-bass rumble is more tight and precise on Thror, more tactile, where Empy has a larger overall bass, with more quantity, more warm. Thror has slightly less overall bass amount, where Empy goes for more bass and a more weighty musical note, more thickness, more lushness,

    Thror is more natural, and has more emotion, especially in the upper midrange, where it can do really fine cymbals and details a bit better, they are easier to notice.

    Imagine the Empyrean as a more thick-ish and lush-ish headphone, while Thror is a more natural take with more emotional upper midrange. Of course, it was just a few songs, and Thror had no burn-in, but on the spot, those were my feelings. I'll do more tests before writing an official comparison and official review :)
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  8. eric65
    Thank you very much for this first comparison between the Kennerton Thror versus Meze Empyrean, that many people are waiting for. :)

    Just a word about the Thror burn-in ; like all the headphones it is necessary, and I think you'll gain both in the bass (as more liberated for the sub-bass) and in the treble, a little more extended up.
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  9. Dobrescu George
    Man, I'm already in love with the sound, if burn-in makes it even better, Thror is a love! :)

    I'm happy to help, I'll meet once again with my friend and we'll have a more in-depth listening session with Thror vs Meze Empy, to give an even more detailed comparison, but so far, those were my overall feelings :)
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  10. Milan01
    Thanks for your feedback about Thror and Empyrean !
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  11. Dobrescu George
    I'm always happy to help! :)

    In my full written review, I'll also be comparing Thror with LCD-MX4, HIFIMAN Jade II , Arya and HE6SE, for those curious about those comparisons as well :)

    Also, if there are other requests, I'm happy to help
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  12. eric65
    Great! Keep us informed. :)
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  13. eric65
    Hello everyone.

    You like Kennerton headphones and listen to the beautiful Russian language, and here is the link to a video (in Russian) of the current Moscow Hi-Fi & High End Show where you can admire, among other things a superb Kennerton Thror headphones wooden in Karelian birch (natural lacquered wood).



    Good Sunday.
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  14. Bergamot
    Hi guys! Let me share with you some impressions about Kennerton Jord. What I really like is that the company produces original products with excellent price/quality ratio. I am very glad that my country has a world-class audio brand. The text of the review is translated from Russian. Please keep that in mind. I hope my thoughts will help someone make the right choice and will be useful. Peace and good headphones. :)

    Forced audiophilia with Kennerton Jord. :D


    Everything from each screw to the bowls speaks of a monolithic construction. I can't even pinpoint where they hid the plastic.))) So each node of the structure looks and feels as a whole.
    This is not surprising, given the positioning of the manufacturer Jord as a portable model.
    As you might guess, the fit is also tight with a strong pressure of the bowls to the head. The degree of pressure can be adjusted by simply bending the headband to your liking. The benefit of it is metal and damage it is almost impossible. Fit the headband is comfortable, even weight distribution, soft filling inside that only helps.
    Adjustment of the bowls is made up/down, like headphones from Grado. In any case, it is the models of this company that arise in my head.... :)
    Bowls headphones are compact enough(for overhead), although in reality they were larger than it might seem in the photo.
    Accordingly, ear pads made of natural sheep leather round shape, which is generally characteristic of the premium line Kennerton. They are soft, well kept in shape. Due to the dense planting evenly around the ear.
    The quality of the ear pads(since the first Vali) has improved significantly. This of course is a definite plus. But there's no perfection in the world, is there? Therefore, hence the first, quite a significant minus . And here we turn a little to history:
    How can you remember the old-timers of this forum, me in 2016 was organized a mini-Vali tour on cities of Russia. And despite the rather positive reviews about the sound, many noted the inconvenience of landing headphones due to the round ear pads are not very large(compared to the same Odin mk1). Hence the complaints of discomfort during prolonged use.
    So here this feature, due to the overhead design, is even more felt. So the earphone is definitely not for sissies.)))
    At once I will make a reservation that personally it does not give me special discomfort, besides from-for soft ear pads. But if we compare with colleagues, JVC SW01 plays with Jord in this regard pretty well.
    Two-way L/R channel with 3.5 mm Jack to bowl. The contact is tight, the fastening is reliable.
    Cord of silvered copper 1.2 m in a dense shell, similar to plastic.
    Pretty good for a regular cord, that's just because of the outer braid he always tries to twist.:)
    Of course, for full disclosure of the potential of the headphone cord should be replaced by a custom, that's just because of the differences in the desoldering (probably) none of my laces did not play with them .It's a shame of course, but this is a purely technical point and everything is solved.)
    And now let's move on to the most interesting. :)

    Obeyed all with Cayin N5 MKII/Hiby R3 Not balanced connection of course.
    Material traditionally for me: Hard n heavy/Rock from classic Uriah Heep to Tiamat and Insomnium.
    The headphones were preheated for a week in non-stop mode.
    If you remember, I recently surveyed another interesting headphones Ibasso SR1 and then they seemed to me with a very entertaining sound and very smooth, of course on my hearing/taste frequency.
    So with these headphones is still more difficult..... I certainly heard that the guys were planning to make this model monitor-level, but did not expect to get so clean sound in portable overhead headphones.
    Purity can be described in General everything sounding headphone overall.
    None of the instruments dominates the compositions. Everything is so organically built that any instrument in the composition can be singled out and listened to separately, but everything is built into a single whole canvas.
    Important! No, the headphones are by no means light or bright! As it may seem at once. There's no deliberate faux detail at the expense of elevated treble, as it makes the Ultrasone and the like. And-for the verified tonal balance, the model is extremely difficult to describe in terms of the traditional approach to the evaluation of individual frequencies.....
    Otherwise, it may not be a review, but a report on the success of production in building communism in the language of dry numbers.)))
    The headline of my post also took a reason. These headphones literally force you to forget about musicality, simultaneously forcing you to catch every detail in the melody, as many audiophiles like to do.
    Separately all??? want to mention about speed bass. This is probably the fastest headphones I've ever heard from dynamic.
    The virtual scene
    Here everything is more or less standard for this kind of ears.
    Not a radio, but not HD800 in miniature. It is the expected result.


    Extremely unusual headphones . Their main "feature"-is the lack of such, if this is understood as a game with pseudo-details of many modern manufacturers.
    But due to this originality, I tend to think that many headphones may seem trite boring. Because the person who got used to special effects, it is banal there will be nothing to be hooked if so in a simple way to be expressed.....
    Despite this, I think the model is extremely successful and it will certainly find its connoisseur. Especially if the collection includes headphones with driving flow and prijemnym top. Then both models will complement each other, as in my case with JVC.
    Although of course both can act as the only one in the setup."

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  15. eric65
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