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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. Milan01
    Hi everybody,

    Max's new photo on the Kennerton Thridi. Great look! [​IMG]
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  2. eric65
    Hi all.

    Discovery, thanks to Milan on HCFR, of the new external grids of the new headphone planar Kennerton, the Odin Thridi (Odin mk3) (replacing the Odin mk2) using probably for the external grids a lightened composite material (like the Thror) but with a different design from that of Thror (and also that of the Odin mk1 and Odin mk2).
    The cups of theses news Odin Thridi are made of Zebrano wood.
    The drivers take a priori the same high-tech membrane (in honeycomb) of the Thror, but the driver frame is a priori metal like those of Odin mk2 (and not in lightened carbon, like that of the Thror).

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  3. Computer Lounge
    Oooh! It looks like my order - I can't wait!

    // Alex
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  4. Astral Abyss
    Very nice review @Milan01, thank you for posting it. You have one of the nicest looking Sapele Odin's that I've seen.

    Your review mirrors the way that I feel about my Mk2's also. They're the centerpiece of my collection.
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  5. Milan01
    Thanks a lot astral !
  6. Milan01
    Max's new photo on Thror

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  7. Milan01
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  8. eric65
    Thanks a lot Milan !

    Indeed, the best planar headphones ever made, taking into account the quality of construction and the beauty of the object!
    I love it! :):):)
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  9. Computer Lounge
    Kennerton Audio Equipment just posted up some photos of the ODIN Mk3 (Thridi) on their Facebook page.




    // Alex
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  10. eric65
    This new external grids for the Odin Thridi (mk3) (above in photo) are also very successful (like those of his big brother, the Thror): they have character, like the headphones.

    The varieties of wood for wooden cups are also well put value (Sapele wood and Zebrano?).

    To listen with all kinds of music and all kinds of quality amplifiers: tubes; SS amp; DAP?

    (Note: the sensitivity of the Odin Thridi is very good: 104 dB / mW, 42 Ohms ; the Odin Thridi headphones weigh 100 g less than the Odin mk2 (580 g versus 680 g) ; only the Thror is even lighter, 100 g less, in comparison to the Odin Thridi (480 g versus 580 g) thanks to the frame of its driver in carbon (for the Thror), against metal for the Odin Thridi.

    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  11. eric65
    A new (fresh) photo of the Kennerton Thror seen on the Kennerton Audio Equipment's Facebook site.

    Superb! :)

  12. eric65
    Hello everyone,

    It's fun, but on the French forum the tenors of the forum are absolutely keen to make the Odin Mk2 sound like the Odin mk3 (Thridi) and / or the Thror by replacing the original pads of the Odin mk2 by the velvet Dekoni pads for TH900.
    Some enjoy this improvement, others less by losing the original sound of the Odin mk2 (wich is warmer and with more bass, but also darker in the high-mids).

    Anyway, the Odin Thridi (mk3) and the Thror have a big future in front of them: it's like moving from a picture of a full HD plasma screen (1920 x 1080 p), with the Odin mk2, to a larger 4K resolution OLED screen, with the Thror (and to a lesser extent with the Odin Thridi); the difference is most sensitive. We lose a little fun what we gain in precision, aeration and respect of the tone (disappearance of the dullness of the high-mids in particular).

    The Thror and the new Odin Thridi are more open to all musical genres, unlike the Odin Mk2 who excelled in jazz / pop / rock / metal, but were less comfortable on more complex or classical music, especially for respect for the tone of acoustic instruments and the femal voices.

    I am fortunate to have both an Odin mk2 (in Karelian birch wood) and a Thror (in bog oak wood) both amplified by a Viva 2A3 amp; Now the fact is that for several months, after having tasted the Thror, I only listen to this headphone; my Odin mk2 remains under its protective dust cloth to wait for better days.

    What I like with the Thror, in addition to listening the classical Piano and the beautiful voice of the French pop singer Nolwenn Leroy, are all the other musical genres : classical symphonic music, opera music, voice of men and women for jazz, opera, and so-called modern music, not to mention the music of the last CD listened tonight, an orchestral ensemble that I had not listened to in this version (1973) for 40 years ... (see the youtube video below).
    The Thror is excellent for restoring all the details, nuances, expressions, rhythm of these very numerous instruments with string and percussions, and these amazing tubular bells ...

    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018
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  13. eric65
    Hello everyone,

    Here is the link to a new forum (in French) where we also talk about Kennerton Odin mk2, Odin mk3 (Thridi) and Thror headphones.


    (Note: use google translate for better understanding)
  14. eric65
  15. eric65
    Hi all,

    You like the French language (and the songs in French) and you like Russian headphones? Well, on this video of Bernard Lavilliers and the song "Les mains d'or" (golden hands), the headphone Kennerton Thror takes definitively the top over the headphone Kennerton Odin mk2: better aeration, better accuracy, better clarity of the bass, better intelligibility and authenticity of the voice.
    The sound is clearer (the opposite of deaf), sharper and airy.

    See also on the French forum the last comments on the Thror and the Odin.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
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