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Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bowei006, Sep 1, 2014.
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  1. eric65
    About the Kennerton Odin's FR curves,




    3 to 4 dB more at 30 Hz (debatable)
    3 dB more at 1.5-2 KHz (consensus)
    3 dB less at 3.15 KHz (debatable)
    3 dB less at 5 KHz (not sure, debatable)
    3 dB more at 10 KHz (not sure, debatable)

    and the Odin's FR curve would be perfect.

    Imho, we are looking forward to the FR curve of the Kennerton Thror (new flagship planar) which normaly should get closer to this ideal ...
    The question is open.

    PS : about the HD-800 headphones (FR compared on the previous page), well, 10 dB less at 5-7 KHz ; 2-3 dB more at 2-3 KHz and 4-6 dB more at 30-40 Hz (without distorsion) and the HD-800 FR curve would be perfect ! :beyersmile:


    EDIT : After discussion on the French forum HCFR (*), we are agree that the correction of FR the most important to achieve for the Odin is to add approximately +3 dB between 1.5 and 2 KHz to correct a small dullness of the high-medium noticeable on the right hand of the piano and somes femal voices (soprano).
    Let's hope that the Thror will naturally add this correction of approximately +3 dB at 1.5-2 KHz, for the FR, without going through an EQ.

    (*) http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post179513522.html#p179513522
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2018
  2. eric65
    Hello everyone,

    Renewal in 2018 of the Kennerton headphones range?

    Rumor or real news?

    In the spring - summer of 2018 the Kennerton range should change with the appearance of 3 new headphones which would be in fact older headphone evolutions.

    The Kennerton Thror (this time the official model), a new planar headphones and the new flagship Kennerton, weighing 200 g less than the Odin mk2, with a new lightweight driver including both a carbon fiber frame build (honey yellow painted?) and a new lightweight membrane in "honeycomb" more efficient. New lightweight external T-grid composite material; new cable (less rigid and microphonic?); new suspension headband (more comfortable).
    Official price in France of the Thror: 3600 Euros (including the European Tax VAT of 20%): availability in France, from the end of April 2018.

    The Kennerton Thridi or Odin Thridi, third of the name after the current Odin mk2 (actually at the end of the production) and the original Odin "mk1" (the first fifty copies).
    The Odin Thridi should weigh 100 g less than the Odin mk2, thanks to its new lightened external grid of 100 g (always in chevron, but this time in composite material); the driver will be improved, a kind of hybrid between the driver of the Odin mk2 (keeping its metal frame) but recovering the new lightened membrane "honeycomb" (and higher performance) Thror. Possibly, a new cable (less rigid and microphonic?) and a new suspension headband (more comfortable).

    The new Kennerton Vali which we know just that it will be lighter than the current Vali (with lighter external grids in composite material replacing the heavy grids (zinc?)); new cable? and new suspension headband?

    Otherwise, much later, the very hypothetical electrodynamic headphones multi drivers (with 2 x 19 mini electrodynamic capsules); a crazy project that may be just an exercise in style.

    Can the Kennerton Team confirm (or deny) this renewal of the Kennerton planar and electrodynamic headphones range, in this relatively short time (in 2018), and also at what price (estimate) for the Kennerton Thror (in USD), the Kennerton Odin "Thridi", and the new lightened Kennerton Vali?

    While waiting to see a little clearer, I notice some current or past (recent) promotions current Kennerton Odin (end of the series?) and even sometimes Vali, especially on massdrop.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
  3. eric65
    Oh, now the Kennerton Thror is officially launched ; only 20 copies available (limited edition), with a reduced price for the first ten copies, and with the Kennerton Custom cable (Litz wire) delivered with it (only for these 20 copies)


    Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
    Driver Unit: 80 mm
    Frequency Response: 12-65000 Hz
    Sensitivity: 100 dB
    Impedance: 35 Ohm
    Cord length: 2 m detachable copper cable (6.3 mm)

    (note: Thror sensitivity is 4 dB less than that of the Odin : 100 dB / 1 mW for the Thror versus 104 dB / 1 mW for the Odin; impedance unchanged : 35 Ohm).


    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
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  4. Taverius
    Ordered >_>
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  5. eric65
    Congratulation! :)

    Good investment, just like me (nb: I also ordered the Thror, but in France, with the Custom cable).
    The launch price of the Thror is very interesting: that is, 3/4 of the price of the Focal Utopia and half the price of the Hifiman Susvara, knowing that these three TOTL headphones play in the same league.
    Except that the Thror, like the Focal Utopia, is much more sensitive (and easier) to amplifie than the Susvara ...
  6. Taverius
    My weakest amplifier is 3wpc SET, it can drive Susvara pretty good, but I'm not paying that much for HFM build quality, or lack thereof.

    Also I am a hopeless wood slut and the 6uk$vara is plastic.

    And now the wait begins, June feels a long way away.
  7. eric65
    To console you, think of the waiting time, a certain moment, of the BHSE amp ...
    it was not 2 months of waiting, but 2 years ... :beyersmile:
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  8. eric65
    That said, I myself am very eager to receive my copy of the Thror ordered in France a few weeks ago.

    Like you, I have two powerful amps, an Italian amp, the Viva 2A3 and an American amp, the XI audio Formula S, originally specially made for drive the JPS Abyss headphones ; but as the Thror is presented by some as an "Abyss Killer", I think I would not be disappointed by these two amplifications, largely enough powerful (about 2 to 3 Watt each on the load of the Odin and the Thror : 35 Ohm) to correctly drive this new Kennerton planar headphones.

    Note that the XI audio Formula S amp has two gains that differ by a different negative-feedback of the amp to these two gains, resulting in two sounds slightly different from the amp according to the chosen gain and therefore the chosen negative-feedback.
    The low gain (+ 10 dB) position giving the most transparent, the driest, the fastest sound, with a stronger negative-feedback (and a better damping factor) than the high gain position (+ 16 dB) with a lower negative-feedback and a lower damping factor.

    However, I still expect the best of the Kennerton Thror headphones with the Italian amp, the Viva 2A3, my favorite amp, because I love the sound of this romantic amp that should marry well with the rigor and the precision of the Thror.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
  9. eric65
    Quote "
    We are proud to announce a start of the new model Thror pre-order, which will be limited to 20 units.
    First 10 orders will receive a special price of $3150 and a custom Litz cable by default (6.3mm or XLR on user choice).
    The price for another 10 will be $3450, however they will also receive same custom Litz cable by default.
    Estimated date of shipment: June 2, 2018 "


    Coincidence ?

    June 2 is also " la Festa della Repubblica Italiana "

    Viva Italia ! :) (except for football ...) :beyersmile:
  10. Taverius
    Apparently I'm order #1 for the Thror (on the Kennerton site) so at least it'll be faster than everyone else ^^

    Neener neener neener.
  11. eric65
    And me, the second on the French site, after Pierre Paya, to have ordered this headphones; we will be in the top three to receive this highly anticipated Thror! :)
  12. eric65
    @Sorrodje will surely be very interested in your new headphone Thror to make measurements (and compare it to the Odin mk1 it has already been able to test); I hope he will appreciate this headphones, both in measurements, and especially for listening; the Thror announces himself as enough exceptional ...
  13. eric65
    Hello everyone,

    Did Jude listen to the Thror at Singapore's CanJam?

    In any case, Jude listened to and enjoyed (probably) the beautiful Auris Headonia amplifier (2A3) present (and associated) with this Thror headphones at the same CanJam in Singapore, if we believe the report made by the famous Editor Marcus of Headfonics, in the listening room booked by Zeppelin & Co at this CanJam.


    Positive point, for me: the Thror promises to be more coherent and less aggressive in the top-ends than the Hifiman HE-1000; and I do not even talk about its (very great) dynamics ...

    Just a small note.
    Marcus finds Kennerton's new flagship still a bit heavy (480 g); it is however 200 g less than the weight of the Odin (680 g) (and probably also the LCD4); it is 10 g less than that of the Focal Utopia (490 g); it's about the same weight as the Stax SR-009 (without its cable); who complains about the weight of these headphones?

    Auris Headonia 2A3 and the new flagship Kennerton Thror planar (at left in the photo)

    Jude and the Auris Headonia (2A3) at the CanJam Singapore

    Kennerton Thror, in front of the Auris Headonia 2A3 amp

    Valentin Kazanzhi, the CEO of the brand Kennerton, also present at the CanJam in Singapore (here, with the Kennerton Odin and its new (optional) Custom Litz cable).

    EDIT : Here are three new pictures of the Kennerton Thror made at Singapore's CanJam.



    Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
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  14. Arcamera
    Nice pics. There's Jude listening to a Kennerton! :)

    Also cool to see ZMF there too.
  15. Arcamera
    In my experience, if a headphone fits comfortably, weight is not a problem. In fact, quite the opposite-- I think heavier weights are a virtue! Every headphone I've had or listened to that was heavier, sounded better, and was more sturdy. I know there is not necessarily an exceptionless direct correlation there-- I know some lighter, space-age materials can still be great. Nonetheless, I'll take the heavier weight any day. And it's not hard to imagine the pendulum swinging in the headphone world, back toward greater heft, sturdiness, weight. (Think of Audeze, or ZMF for instance). That's one of the reasons I've liked Kennerton so much so far-- they have embraced, at least previously, greater heft for the rewards of greater durability, aesthetics, and most importantly, sonics. I hope Team Kennerton can keep the option of greater headphone weights open for future customers. That said, I realize this is not the most popular view right now. But I believe there must be a dissenting minority out there that wants it differently!

    In any event, so glad to see Jude experiencing Kennerton excellence (finally?) :)
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