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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. slowpickr
    You get the mod of the day award lol! When you removed the ear guides, were there holes in the housings that you had to fill?
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  2. Slater
    Thanks guys, it was a fun mod to relax and relieve some stress.

    As far as the ear guides, I thought there would be holes, but it all worked out. The stock ear guides are basically a silicone skin around a plastic ‘core’ that goes all the way to the inside of the shell (where it’s epoxied into place inside the shell). You can see the end of the black plastic core in this photo:


    Anyways, there is no hole to fill. Once you cut off the ear guide aluminum, the ‘hole’ is solid plastic and requires no work!

    You can see a closeup of the solid plastic core here:


    If anyone else wants to try this mod, lemme know and I can post the wire color guide, so you know which wires are + and gnd. There’s a lot of room inside the shell for the mmcx jack and wiring, so it’s a somewhat forgiving mod. I did only pay $15, so I wasn’t too worried if the whole thing went south (but I’m glad it all turned out).

    I’ve also noticed that the M200 definitely benefits from amping. The drivers are wired in parallel, so you’re driving 4 dynamic drivers at the same time. Without amping the sound is dark and the bass is pretty bloated. With amping the bass tightens up and the treble comes alive (which I assume is mostly coming the micro driver in the nozzle). I’m enjoying it with my new EarStudio as I type this :)
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  3. slowpickr
    Very good. Below is my mod. Not near as pretty as yours ha ha.

    You mentioned tips earlier. The tip below is Spinfit CP155 which works great. I've also found jvc spiral dots to work well.

    You inspired me to listen to these again. I had forgotten just how good they sound with the right tips.

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  4. Slater
    Nice and clean mod!

    Honestly, if the stock cable wasn’t such a tangly mess, I would have just done what you did and been perfectly happy with it.
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  5. waynes world
    Congrats on the ES100! Awesome gizmo.

    Due to Slater's posts, I tried out my M200's again (it's been a while because I'm now addicted to earbuds), but I've obviously got the wrong tips on them because they are popping out of my ears and not sounding the same as I remember. I think I have some spinfits around.. gonna try them.
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  6. Slater
    Re: the ES100, I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for the price to come down, which I was convinced would hit about $50. It never did (in the 1.5 years I’ve been watching it), and only ever went on sale for $75-$80. So I said screw it and just got it the last time is was on sale for $75. I’m very glad I did! It is an awesome gizmo like you said.

    As far as the M200, my guess is they’re popping out of your ears because of the ear guides.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  7. Tommy C
    Wow! Mad skills, man.
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  8. PlantsmanTX
    Yes, indeed.
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  9. PlantsmanTX
    I had a lot of trouble with the KEF M100s, and as far as I can tell, the nozzles on the M200s are even wider. An Ebay seller has had a bunch of open box M200s up for a while for $24.95 plus $4.95 shipping "or best offer" for a while, but I've hesitated, even though they come with Comply tips.
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  10. rebbi
    Re-reading this thread makes me want to revisit my M 200‘s. As I said earlier, I have a pair in an unopened box that I originally bought for backup purposes and have never used. (My original pair finally bit the dust after enduring some less than delicate handling by someone I had lent them to…)
    By the way, if anybody’s interested, here is a review I did a couple of years ago on my audio blog.
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  11. Slater
    Yes, the nozzle on the M200 is giant (~7mm wide). It’s so wide, I couldn’t even fit it in my ears when tying to use the stock tips. And I thought the KZ ZSR and Pioneer CH9T had large nozzles!

    Luckily, other ‘normal’ eartips fit. For example, I’m using Auvio wide bores at the moment. The M200 fits just like any normal IEM once you use regular tips. When using normal eartips, you do have to plan on bending the ear guide to adjust for the M200 sticking out of your ear more (which doesn’t affect me as my ear guides are gone).
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  12. hifi80sman
    Wow, major, major kudos. That's a fantastic mod!
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  13. d3myz
    Awesome work! how do they sound?
  14. Slater
    Thanks mate!

    As far as how they sound - great! The M200 is a very underrated earphone IMO. They sound shockingly like full size headphones.
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  15. maxngck
    Hi all

    Just to check if anyone here manage to get upgrade or a better sounding cable for your M500? I have been looking for long time but to no avail.

    I just taken it out from my wardrobe yesterday to play on my Q5S and it sounded really great. If there is aftermarket cable for replacement, possible to use 4.4mm balanced output from Q5S to drive M500?

    Thank you.
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