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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. dweaver
    I bought the wired Space One at Christmas and now the Motion One and I actually think I like the Motiom One a bit more. Going to have to a review of these I think.
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  2. Tommy C
    Interesting. Better sound quality? I might need to give them a go.
    I see the wireless Space One are also on sale at Visions. Damn it lol
  3. dweaver
    Lol I was tempted by those as well then saw the Motion One and "settled" for them instead.
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  4. Tommy C
    I don’t really have a need for either but if I had to choose I would have gone with the motion one. I don’t use full size headphones outdoors.
  5. dweaver
    I like them outside in the winter for earmuffs. Otherwise I prefer IEMs as well.
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  6. Tommy C
    I have the CAL! and NAD HP50 which I barely use and sound great but no way I’m wearing them in public lol
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  7. dweaver
    OK, I have to say the Motion One is one of the nicest IEMs I have bought in a long time rivaling many wired IEMs I have owned over the years.

    It sounds simply amazing. If any of you like your M200 but suffer from ergonomic issues or wish you had a BT option then the Motion One is going to fill that need exceptionally well. I wonder if they are using a tweaked M200 drivers in this. I can say with 100% certainty the driver is not the same as the M100 as that IEM is no where near as good as this.

    I read about MMCX issues plaguing this model. This issue is brought about by KEF themselves as they give you a wired cable.you can swap on the IEM. My solution is simple, I WILL NEVER USE THAT CABLE! My experience has shown time and again that every MMCX connector will fail with repeated disconnections. Simply accept these as a BT IEM and then leave it alone.

    I will report back on here if these do fail though as then I will start to doubt their build quality.

    These do have a couple warts in regards to things like the cables being a bit finicky worn over ear and the rubberized neck ring making the controls hard to use. But the issues are not show stopping for me.

    I will stop now as I am still in the honeymoon phase and dont want to let my judgement to be to clouded by that fact. But if nothing changes in a week my review is going to be overwhelmingly positive from a sound perspective at the very least.
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  8. Tommy C
    Thx very much mate.
  9. dweaver
    OK, why the heck are these Motion Ones not selling? I am very happy to get them on sale but these SOUND like they are worth their full retail. Sound wise they slay my WI1000X and are as engaging as I remember the XBA Z5 to be. They are not better than or the same as the Z5 but I have not been as engaged by an IEM since my Z5 died, certainly not a bluetooth one!

    I have been using these pretty much exclusively since I got them because they sound soooooo good to my ears. Near perfect bass levels, unbelievable good midrange and treble that is airy but not edgy, and a sound stage that just engulfs me.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  10. Tommy C
    I’m definitely considering. Both the Motion and Space One are on sale.
  11. trellus
    I tried the Space One but they were unfortunately too small for my ears and they caused physical discomfort so I returned them.

    I had the same problem with the M500 causing physical discomfort and sold my pair in classifieds last year.
  12. dweaver
    My ears fit the Space One but just barely so they definitely won't work for everyone. I also have the NAD HP70 and they are definitely softer earcups and slightly bigger so they might be an option. I initially thought the HP70 a bit harsh but I actually enjoy their sound now. It is a warmer signature than the Space One though. The HP70 is definitely big though which some people might find to over the top.

    Another option is the AKG N700NC, which has a more neutral sound and definitely bigger earcup.

    Here are some pics for comparison.
    20190105_140120.jpg 20181227_173137.jpg 20181227_173039.jpg 20181227_173146.jpg 20190105_141103.jpg 20181227_154530.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
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  13. dweaver
    Here is my review of the Motion One
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
  14. Tommy C
    Link seems to be unavailable:frowning2:
  15. dweaver
    Sorry I accidentally linked an edit session. It should work now.
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