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JVC HA-FXZ 100/200

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  1. autumnholy
  2. Inks
    ha-fxz200_top_04.jpg ha-fxz200_live-woofer04.jpg
    first impression: WTF?
    K, so it seems to be a triple dynamic IEM with the 3rd driver at the very back of the housing, a first?
  3. Swimsonny
    A triple dynamic.... Where are JVC taking us...
  4. autumnholy
    Damn, I don't understand a Japanese word, and the web translation doesn't seem to help.
    TRIPLE dynamic driver? WOW!
  5. Swimsonny
    Well I got that from the images.

    Twin driver + woofer. It uses the same or similar design drivers to the FXT-90 and then has some giant woofer on the back!
  6. autumnholy
    If it ain't bassy, I don't know what's that woofer for.
    I think i've to postpone my wish on AH-C300 now...
  7. nihontoman
    do I need it? no
    will I get it? Hell yeah!
    God, I just love stuff like that :|
    RochRx7 likes this.
  8. tgx78
    FXT-90 on steroid! I want it now!
  9. nihontoman
    now that I reda about the technologies used in the iems, I'm sure I'll like it very much! hope it is priced within 200$ budget :)
  10. autumnholy
    Yeah. I think it'd belong to mid tier. a grade above fxt-90 hopefully.
  11. plasmoic
    both 100 and 200 are 2x5.8+1x8.8 mm drivers...so different tunning?
  12. autumnholy
    I wished I knew Japanese words...
  13. Techno Kid
    That's the strangest looking IEM I've seen but I like the concept.  I hope the mids and highs sound better on these than the FXT90 because if its just an FXT90 with more bass than I can do without them.
  14. nihontoman
    the difference is the housing metal used - the 100 has aluminum and the 200 has brass housings. also, there is silver coated OFC cable on the pricier model, while the 100 has just "regular" I guess... advertised frequency response is also bit different...
    they say that they use this kelton speaker technology, which make sit possible to add a subwoofer that will add some bass to the sound without intruding and overpowering other frequencies.
  15. autumnholy
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