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Just got my HD598s

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mcullinan, Jul 10, 2012.
  1. mcullinan
    Very nice.  little dark sounding but I suppose they will open up after a few days of play!
    Coming from HD497s which I thought were very good, these are way better. :)
  2. MomijiTMO Contributor
    Glad you like them! Now go listen to lots of music. [​IMG]
  3. McPatD
    I have had the sr80, the sr80i, and the sr225i. The original sr80 with bowls sounds the most alive of the 3. I am not a big fan of Grado's i series upgrade. How come no one talks about the akg240? I adore those.
  4. McPatD
    Oh and the Hd598 are great for Beatles :)
  5. McPatD
    Sorry my first post was meant for another thread...
  6. MegaMushroom
    Welcome to the 598 club.  Go ahead and try em with some Pink Floyd. 
  7. warrenpchi Administrator
    Uh, what thread might that be?  For I too have adoration for my K240s...
  8. pisoias01
    You need a good soundcard for maximum quality of you could go with any soundcard?
    How are those on Iphone? Great quality in apple lossless format ?
  9. NimbleTurtle
    Dark sounding? You must have been using some very bright headphones previously then... relativity after all. 
  10. mcullinan
    I think it was more closed in than dark sounding since they had no break in time. They are nor dark sounding, but not bright either. Really a nice balance. Very happy. 
    Ha I have been listening to Pink Floyd The Wall.. awesome!
    Great for ambient music too.
    And jazz and blues.
    oh and I was wearing them backwards for the first couple days... lol 
  11. TMRaven
    Nice to know that you adjusted to them.

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