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JH5 vs Custom Art Music Two vs Noble 3C ... etc

  1. kwudude
    Hello all, I'm looking into my first pair of customs at a budget of ~$500.

    Currently I own:
    UE 700 - TWFK armatures, lacking bass extension and mids to me
    Westone 2 - lacking bass extension and body to me

    I like a very slightly V-shaped response and easy to drive IEMs because I don't want to bother lugging my Fiio around. I will be listening straight out of a Nexus 5. I also have a Westone EPIC cable lyring around waiting for my CIEMs, because after using the Westone 2 I can't imagine using any other cable.

    The JH5 seems to be regarded as a safe choice round these parts. Custom Art is new but reviews have been great, and the silicone seems to be a plus in terms of comfort. Noble has sparse but good feedback.

    What should I pick between the three... or are there more around this price range that I am missing? Thanks in advance for your feedback
  2. tf1216
    Did you check this out yet? http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/breaking-mold-survey-entry-level-custom-ear-monitors
  3. kwudude
  4. Ivabign
    What continent are you on? When deciding on a price sensitive CIEM (i.e. trying to stay around $500, etc...) shipping costs and potential refits and shipping costs again, need to be taken into consideration. Noble's labs are in China - JH is in Florida - Custom Art is in Europe....
    Also import duties can be as much as 20% or more of cost (I have heard horror stories of even higher costs) - so location of lab does make a difference...
  5. kwudude

    I am in North America. JH is in Florida and I believe Noble is in the states as well?
  6. alpha421
    No, as stated by Ivabign.  All custom Noble products are made in China/Asia even though they do have a CONUS presence in Cali, but I believe only the universal Noble products can be shipped from there (California).
  7. Ivabign
    Noble's lab is in China - that's where the manufacturing takes place.
  8. goodvibes
    If you're not in a hurry, JH always has a black Friday sale that gets then down to $320. They also now have a better silver color cable that may be possible to request. I thought it snapped things up a it and should be great on the 5. A version of the Roxanne cable that will be for regular models. If not, I trust that review and would seriously consider the 1964 V3. Joker liked it as well.
  9. Spyro
    In 12 years on Head-Fi, JH5 is probably the best money ($400) I ever spent.  It is a poor mans JH16 at 1/3rd the cost and I owned them both at the same time.
    It is a big full sounding IEM.  Clarity beats all the Westone's up to W60.  Decent midrange, great bass, great treble.  If you had to pick a fault if you would even call it a fault is it lacks that vastness or holographic sound of the triple, quad and other multi-drivers.  Other than that it is pretty faultless.  I'd be hard pressed to think there is a better sounding dual driver at any price on the planet.
    I've had mine for 5 years now, original cable.  I work out with them regularly and have taken a beating but still sound like the day I bought them.
  10. sebb
    Hi all,
    I was considering a new pair of IEMs (W30 in particular), but I'm now more and more leaning towards customs, based on my reading here.
    JH5 and 3C probably are my last two on the list. Looking for a V-shaped signature, easy to go unamped from an MP3 player. I'm upgrading from UM2, and I'd like less of that low-medium bump.
    JH5 pros: cheaper, US based, but I don't know about the sound signature
    3C pros: V-signature, but do I need to send my impressions to China ?
    They both are great deals obviously, I can't go wrong, just want to make my choice based on their sound signature. Thanks for any input/advice that would halp me make my choice !
  11. majmin7
    Can anyone respond to sebb's questions, above?  I have the same exact questions about sound signature.  
    Though this does raise an interesting question about amps: why not do your EQ in a digital player?  Since today's music is stored digitally, digital amplification should be mathematically ideal.  In contrast, analog amplification should (at best) fall slightly short of achieving a particular EQ boost.
  12. Spyro
    I currently own JH5 and W30.  My love for JH5 is well documented here.  Great dual driver IEM  but it is NOT V-shaped.  It's pretty balanced.  It is very close but I prefer the sound of the W30 over JH5.  They are actually pretty similar soundsignatures but the W30 has a LITTLE BIT larger soundstage, better textured bass and higher treble extension.
    I could only recommend JH5 over W30 if fit was a big issue.  Know nothing about the 3C.
  13. Rub-A-Dub
    I know this thread is a couple of years old, but I'm now thinking of buying my first CIEM. Basically a toss up between the JH5 Pro and the Noble 3C, but also considering a few universal IEMs around the same price range. Here in Japan the JH5 Pro sells for just under $700, the Noble 3C is just under $600. I listen to a wide range of music genres including rock, electronic, jazz and acoustic. Seeing as the Noble 3C is the less expensive of the two CIEMs, is there any point in still considering the more expensive JH5 Pro? Thanks.
  14. Rub-A-Dub
    Have Noble changed the names of their CIEMs recently?
    Looks like this on the Japanese site:
    3C = Trident C
    4C = Savanna C
    5C = Dulce Bass C
    6C = Django C
    Kaiser 10 = Still the Kaiser 10!
  15. dulty
    Yep, new Aluminium housings for all!!! [​IMG]

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