1. nissen1502

    Gonna buy my first CIEM's soon, need help

    I'm planning to buy the Custom Art Music One soon and i have no idea on how CIEM's work or anything like that. My questions are: 1. How do i make impressions? 2. Do i need a dac/amp? Gonna use them with my phone which is an android 3. Do custom art have worldwide shipping? 4. How much will...
  2. batboy921

    Question about Music One CIEM

    I was recently thinking about purchasing my first CIEM and was wondering if they came with ear tips or if those had to be purchased? And if so do they need to be custom tips or are there types of Comply etc... tips that will fit? Thanks for the help guys!   Best, batboy921
  3. kwudude

    JH5 vs Custom Art Music Two vs Noble 3C ... etc

    Hello all, I'm looking into my first pair of customs at a budget of ~$500. Currently I own: UE 700 - TWFK armatures, lacking bass extension and mids to me Westone 2 - lacking bass extension and body to me I like a very slightly V-shaped response and easy to drive IEMs because I don't want to...
  4. The Custom Art - Music One

    The Custom Art - Music One

    Custom Art Music One is dedicated for all audiophiles and music enthusiasts looking for a bang for a buck. To challenge 2-way systems and other expensive IEMs with just a single driver combined with advanced acoustic tuning. Sound-wise these IEMs are meant to be balanced across the spectrum...