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JH Audio JH5pro thread

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  1. swilly
    So! I got them, and yes they sound good (sorry for just scraping over this, but there's an issue I must address).
    When I open my mouth wide open, the left side loses its seal, but the right side retains it. However, when I sit there with my mouth relaxed normal-like, everything is fine. I think this is because my mouth wasn't as wide open while I was doing the impressions for the left ear....
    Do you guys think I should go get a refit? I might give the headphones more time to really get a feel for what they're like fit-wise, but for now, that seems to be the only problem.
  2. pizzafilms

    Yes, go for the refit. They shouldn't lose seal when you open your mouth. And, if you're paying this much for customs, they should be damn close to perfect.
    You also might want to give it a couple of days as you get used to them. When I first got mine, I thought that the right one was a tiny bit too tight, but after a few days the difference was barely noticeable. But then again, if you're first impression was that strong (losing seal), you'll probably need a refit. 
    My audiologist did both ears at the same time while I bit on the bite block. I would recommend doing it just like that so it's consistent. Print out the impression spec sheet from the JH Audio website and give it to the audiologist. Your ear canals change shape quite a bit depending on how open your mouth is. Put your pinky in your ear and open/close your mouth and you'll see what I mean.

  3. riceball


    How wide are you opening your mouth? Can you talk fine without losing the seal? If you can I think you should keep, cause if your seal is good to begin with, I'd be worried about the likelihood that it won't fit right when it comes back, unless you can feel what part of the monitor is not fitting right, cause if your not specific enough it seems the fit always comes back funny for everyone. But if you know whats wrong for sure you should get that fixed.
  4. rawrster
    @swilly: I'd definitely go for a refit. You probably have to get another impression but since you can get a 2nd one for free there's nothing to worry about. I had mine 50% off the second time but it was better than nothing. I can open my mouth as wide as it can go without it losing seal. The first time I did impressions the audiologist told me to put the bite block in around 20 seconds after he put the putty like material for the impressions and the second time the bite block was in my mouth before he put the material in and it made quite the difference. The 2nd time it was a deeper and a better fit.
  5. swilly
    @Riceball: sometimes when I talk, the left side loses the seal :frowning2: So yea, I don't have to open my mouth that much for the left side to lose the seal. But when I do leave my mouth like it normally is when I close it, things seem fine, probably a hair loose on the left side still. It's at the point where I'm trying as much not to move my jaw around so as to not lose any seal. That's probably not a good thing :frowning2:.
    @Pizzafilms: Yea, my audiologist had no biteblocks, so I bit on my fingers instead. However, the problem is I don't know how many fingers a bite block probably is.
    @Rawrster: Hmm, thanks for that tip. I'll probably bite on my fingers before she puts it in, and not remove the fingers until BOTH ears have been injected and are finished.
    Yea, I'm listening to them right now, and I can feel that the right side is "tighter", probably something that I could get used to, but the left side seems problematic. And hey, I want to smile when I listen to these, don't I? As it is, the left side pops out when I smile...
    I've scheduled an appointment for tomorrow to get a remold. Of course it's great that I'm getting free remolds, but the main issue is that I have to drive about an hour to get to the audiologist, so there's the "hidden cost", and is the reason why I hoped these would've fit perfectly. Oh well, there's that extra cost for amazing customs, no?
    Thanks for the help guys.
  6. pizzafilms
    The bite block I bit on was about 2 fingers tall...about 1.5 inches, and it should already be in place when they shoot the silicone. 
    Give your fingers a break...find something around the house to bite on.
  7. riceball
    I didn't realize if you can get another impression for free you should definitely get another impression and send them in together, especially because the seal is easily broken.
    Edit for taking so much space
  8. riceball
    Question for those much more savvy than I about this hobby as I'm still learning, do you think these cans benefit a lot from an amp, if so what portable amp would you recommend with these that is sub 200?
  9. swilly
    Out of my Sony's they sound fantastic, though with a fair amount of hissing. I'm not actually sure why, (the phones being easy to drive + something about my mp3 player's power? Someone clear this up for me too!)
    Oh, and thanks to these, I've found just how bad my computer sounds as a source; the sound card is garbage... haha
  10. rawrster
    Sony dap's are pretty well known to hiss with some exceptions. The JH5 are pretty sensitive so I'm not surprised they hiss out of your Sony dap. Not much you can do about it.
  11. swilly
    What about them causes them to hiss? Is the internal amp too weak, and causing this issue?
    And also to answer your question further Riceball, Gregor and Solid Snake3 have mentioned a bit earlier in this thread that the JH5's sound fantastic amped or unamped.
    Edit: Holy crud, I had no idea this hissing would be so maddening, especially on those quiet classical pieces...
  12. Superfrag
    My fits were perfect the first time, thankfully. Got them done through Frances Miranda/Rockstar Ears..
  13. justyourboy
    I always see people biting the bite block like in the tallest way but my audiologist told me to do it the other way so instead of my mouth being open like 1 inch it's more like .8 inches Hope it doesn't friggen screw up! If anything they'll make my pieces too big because my canals are wicked small i'm told!
  14. riceball
    @ Swilly
    Yea, hissing is the probably the 2nd worst thing when listening to music, 1st being crap quality files
    @ Superfrag
    Damn, that's super lucky, how do you like them?
  15. SolidSnake3
    On the hiss issue, I get a tiny bit of hiss out of my Ipod Classic 7th gen however it is minimal enough that it is a non-issue when listening to music. My Clip+ is as close to dead silent as I have found in a portable. The JH5's are quite sensitive in that I get incredible amounts of hiss out of my laptops headphone out. Before with my CK10's and Eterna's the hiss was bad but not crazy. I plan on getting a DAC sometime soon anyhow although I really don't use my laptop as a source much.
    I have confirmed that my left ear impression could use a bit tighter seal. It's not bad but it seems like just a millimeter thicker would be awesome. I can get a perfect seal on the left ear if I push the bottom part of the custom in a bit farther although it loosens up if I move/walk around too much. The right one is absolutely perfect though. The left ear was actually molded first and I think I waited a few seconds to open my mouth while with the right it was already open. 
    Might try the nail polish thing on the left as I don't know if the millimeter or so is worth sending it all the way to JH the more I think about it.
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