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Jan 20, 2011 at 9:22 AM Post #211 of 221
Hi Subbu,
Glad to hear some interest.
You'll need a parallel LCD with HD44780 driver. I've set it up to use 4 bit parallel mode as I didn't have enough spare pins for anything else.
Pretty busy just now but I'll get the code to you when I have time and also a schematic.
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Hi Folks,
Home again - so if anyone wants a kit please let me know this week.
Sorry for the delay. Please find the pinout below - but crosscheck it with the particular HD44780 LCD that you get, the below is quite standard but not 100% in my limited experience. I've noticed that Pin3 on the LCD varies a bit. From memory I think Pin3 and Pin15 can be used to vary the contrast and brightness.
LCD Pin Description Board Pin Micro Pin
1 GND    
2 +5V    
3 GND    
4 Register Select SW3 13 (PB1)
5 R/W SW5 14 (PB2)
6 Enable SW7 15 (PB3)
7 NC    
8 NC    
9 NC    
10 NC    
11 DB4 LED1 16 (PB4)
12 DB5 LED3 17 (PB5)
13 DB6 LED5 18 (PB6)
14 DB7 LED7 19 (PB7)
15 +5V (    
16 GND    
  Source Select SW SW1 12 (PB0)
Code/hex to follow!
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Howdy folks,
I'm  home at the moment, if anyone wants a kit let me know within the next 24 hours!!  I'm testing the LCD firmware a bit more just now, it looks pretty good so I think I'm going to release it.
I also made a power supply control board which makes the LED on my on/off switch sleep like an apple LED and controls some relays. Remains to be seen what kind of audio performance will result from using relays however.
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Dear Jambo,
I have been trying to get the WM8805 working in hardware mode to connect it to a TDA1541(A) using SPDIF as input.
I have trouble getting it into I2S 16 bit mode (in hardware mode).
If you could provide me with a schematic with your solution, I would be very greatful.
Kind regards,
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Greetings Jambo DACcers, I hope you're all keeping well! Hard to believe so much time has passed since I started this project, but I fired up my own DAC board a few weeks ago and it still amazes me the sound that comes out of it, the dynamic range and the precision of percussion are what strike me most, so I thought I would check in. I used an Opus power supply for mine in the end, which is excellent, and I never quite got around to putting it in an enclosure! I DO have a couple of boards still here and (I think) all the components to populate them - if you'd be interested you can drop me a line. I will need to add a few years of inflation to my postage charges though!!

It is interesting to re-read a thread like this and see where your own mind was nearly 15 yrs ago - it's clear I had plenty of spare time on my hands. It is also clear I seemed to enjoy making life hard for myself. Now that I have a full time job (nearly 15 yrs with the company I joined in 2008) and two very young children, I feel I've forgotten a lot about electronics!

So much has changed in that time - changes with the main parts supplier on the board - Wolfson were acquired by Cirrus Logic in 2014 - possibly something that was always going to happen, they were fiercely competitive with them. I hope everyone affected was treated well. I also saw that Cirrus are in the process of discontinuing the WM8740/41/42 chips - I'm not clear if they are replacing them with equivalent Cirrus parts or actually keeping the Wolfson ones and renaming them?

The way we consume music has changed hugely too - so for my own use of the DAC (and just playing around) I have some updates in mind:

  • All my links are broken - I'll re-publish all the schematics, user manual and gerbers (I actually kept the latter to myself first time around).
  • I will change the micro to ESP8266 or ESP32 (32 is better but I only have an 8266 board here now..). The I2C interface to the WM8805 is available on some vias so just need to tie in there. I really should have put these on a header. This will add heaps of memory, processing power, wifi, and will make firmware updates easier.
  • I am in the process of modifying the LCD code to support LCDs with an I2C backpack thus reducing complexity and wiring for adding an LCD.
  • Find a way to neatly use the WM8805 pins inputs RX4-7 to allow more inputs (maybe). Again, it would have cost me nothing to put these on a header so not sure why I didn't do it!
  • Via above additional inputs, add some kind of wireless audio support. Either:
    • bluetooth - currently looking at CSR8675 boards as a likely candidate. Recommendations for alternatives welcome - must be SPDIF out...
    • Chromecast - ideas welcome on how to add Chromecast support - though simply sticking a Chromecast Audio in the (future!) box is an attractive option.
    • Spotify connect - has anyone done this? I am looking at Cspot on Github which provides a Spotify Connect endpoint on an ESP32 chip (one reason for changing to this chip above!). Output seems to be I2S only, I could do with SPDIF really (of course the WM8805 can be a hardware solution to this but not as implemented on my board sadly). Squeezelite-ESP32 is a similar solution.


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Really nice spec'd DAC. WM8741 one of my favorites. ECP Walnut and Corda Soul both great implementations and two of my favorite DACs. Very curious to hear this one someday.

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